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Paul Mampilly is a well-established American investor who has appeared on various news channels to advice on matters of investment. Mampilly also established an investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited, which was a success. His newsletter has an extensive reach with over 90,000 subscribers. Through his newsletter, Paul has assisted some individuals to gain the confidence and knowledge that they need to make well-informed investment decisions.

Mr. Mampilly was born in India but moved to the United States while he was a young man. He gained an interest in investment, finances as well as Wall Street in general. In 1991, Paul started working as a portfolio manager at Banker’s Trust. Since then, he occupied various prominent positions for financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland as well as ING. Although he is successful, his success had a humble beginning.

Mr. Mampilly has a remarkable record of personal investments that he has made for himself. In 2012, he had a 2,500 percent profit by investing in a drug treatment which was developed by Sarepta Therapeutics. He made a wise decision to invest in the product while it was in its early stages and earned a big profit as a result. Paul makes his decisions based on the current market trends as well as research and is therefore in a position to offer the necessary investment advice needed.

Peter Thiel believes that entrepreneurs provide the path of progress where they discover the needs of the people in the market. For instance, if the people become tired of high energy costs and pollution, entrepreneurs will try and find alternative energy sources. The act of replacing old products with new methods is called creative destruction. Joseph Schumpeter acknowledged that real economic development came from innovation. If the entrepreneur’s business is successful, he earns a profit while the investor earns claims.

Paul Mampilly is a financial mastermind. Over time, he has used capital markets to create an enormous amount of wealth for himself. He can foretell the successful innovations of the future. Paul understands that industries can rise and fall due to human behavior.

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Nihi Resort is the talk of the town and rightly so. In fact, when Travel & Leisure included the five-star resort in the magazine’s revered list of 100 best hotels in the world, the resort received rave reviews from the magazine’s audience who voted overwhelmingly for the hotel as the number hotel in the world both this year and last year.  For related article, hit on forbes.com.

Nihi Resort (formerly Nihiwatu) has a rich history and modern tourists associate with facilities with an inspirational past. J. Christopher Burch and James McBride are the current owners of the resort, but it was not always so as the two bought the facility just five years ago from Claude and Petra Graves. The former owners arrived on the island in 1988, and after several years, they built a beach hotel. Although the Graves’ business initially picked up well, in the mid-90’s business on the island declined; the then Asian financial crisis and social problems afflicting the Sumbanese people were cited for the downturn. The Graves had to do something or else their business would collapse. In 2001, they founded the Sumba Foundation which would solicit for funds from visitors, businesses, and humanitarian aid efforts; the funds would then be channeled to uplift the locals. The Graves settled on disposing the property alongside hundreds of acres of unprotected land to Burch in 2012. Additional article to read here

Burch and McBride envisioned a unique resort that would appeal to adventurous tourists. When the hotel changed hands, the duo closed it for three years during which renovations worth over $30 million were implemented. Apparently, the hotel benefited from McBride’s expertise as a renowned hotelier as the revamped resort is breathtaking.

Nihi Resort consists of 27 private villas, tree houses with individual plunge pools, and Raja Mendaka (Chris Burch’s private home) to boot. Burch’s private home which costs $14,175 per night is an embodiment of luxury; it consists of a master villa and four other villas all tastefully designed with auxiliary facilities such as private pools.

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The island of Sumba is considered a surfers paradise. Nihi Resort exists to make surfing even better in the island. The hotel offers surfing lessons for $250, and surfers get to enjoy the famous “Occy’s Left” wave for $125. What’s more, only ten surfers are allowed at a time to minimized crowding.  More about the resort on businessinsider.com.

Burch’s business interests range from fashion, technology, and recently hospitality. He is an avid investor who never misses an opportunity to invest. Hop over to this.  For an overview of his diverse investment,  His investment firm, Burch Creative Capital, funds promising businesses in diverse industries. He is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital.

Check of his creative vision and output visit http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/portfolio/

Michael Lacey is a 58-year-old American mathematician. Mr. Lacey is very knowledgeable and composed his thesis at the University of Illinois about Banach spaces on the area of probability. He was also able to solve a difficult problem about empirical characteristic functions related to the law of an iterated logarithm. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Since receiving his Ph.D in 1987 he had also acquired positions at the University of North Carolina and the Louisiana State University. Along with Walter Philipp, Lacey had given his central limit theorem proof as being almost sure. Mr. Lacey had also worked on several other areas such as probability, ergodic theory and even harmonic analysis.

From 1989 to 1996 Michael Lacey had a position at Indiana University and received his Postdoctoral Fellowship in the National Science Foundation. During his position at that location he started his study of the Hilbert transform which is bilinear.

This transform was solved in 1996 by Christoph Thiele and Lacey and both of them were awarded the Salem Prize.

Currently, Michael Lacey is at the Georgia Institute of Technology as a Professor of Mathematics and has been there since 1996. Mr. Lacey had earned the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004 while working with Xiaochun Li. He had also become a fellow of the American Mathematical Society in 2012.

Michael Lacey has written many articles on arXiv. Some of them include Sparse Endpoint Estimates for Bochner-Riesz Multipliers on the Plane and On Convergence of Oscillatory Ergodic Hilbert Transforms. He has also composed many articles on the Non-arxiv.

The Oxford Club recently held a Private Wealth Seminar at the Four Seasons Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico and they’ve developed an answer as to how much of one’s portfolio should be in stocks at the time of retirement. Several factors come into play such as one’s age, state of health, monthly expenses, and the size of the portfolio.

Americans are living longer during retirement than ever before and this must be part of the equation. If you have two or three decades to invest while you’re working then a portfolio that’s heavily invested in stocks is a good thing. However, retirees are faced with the prospect of having too much money invested in stocks. A bear market can present great buying opportunities for younger folks still saving for the golden years. Retirees, on the other hand, when faced with a bear market and the need to liquidate stock holdings are faced with a serious decline in their portfolios. This is where retirement rebalancing comes in to provide a framework for this crucial consideration.

Retirement rebalancing takes an alternative approach and considers stock holdings last. First, retirees should determine how much they need in low-risk vehicles like bonds and cash to meet their monthly expenses. After this determination is made then it is recommended by the Oxford Club that five years worth of living expenses be set aside. This is a conservative figure designed to outlast any bear market which helps retirees avoid selling stocks at market lows. The next step is to live off the reserve funds and replenish them from stock holdings when the market recovers and reaches new highs again.

The Oxford Club is a private international organization of investors and entrepreneurs. Their goal is to help their members achieve financial independence with investment opportunities that the mainstream ignores.

The Investment U arm of the Oxford Club is an excellent purveyor of financial education materials which help their members thrive. They offer courses, conferences, and videos by the Oxford Club to help them on their path to financial freedom.

This year cabinet trends are having customized or personalized cabinets made for your kitchen. Many companies have so many styles and wood grains that they have something to fit every budget and taste. This means you can have them custom designed the way you want it. We have all type of woods, and laminates to choose from.

Many kitchen cabinets are using clean and simple designs. It makes a small space larger and streamlines larger areas. This is the basis of modern design and it is a good idea for anyone that wants to modernized their kitchen or bathroom with cabinets.

White cabinets are still a top choice that consumers choose for kitchen cabinets. Many people pair the white cabinets with high gloss white appliances or stainless steel in the kitchen. Another color that is popular and blends well in the kitchen is gray. You can match gray cabinets with colorful wall paper and bright colored stools, chairs, or tables.

Cabinets should have a functional design and now they do. They are beautiful but inside designed to organize and hold food items and pots and pans in your kitchen. Many are designed to save space in small areas and still be functional.

Horizontal cabinets are popular and some wide cabinets look good in larger kitchens. High tech options are becoming more popular with consumers adding charging stations and tablet holders. Black and white shaker style cabinets have added more designs causing a rise in popularity

At Siteline Cabinetry every concept starts out as a simple design. We have no warehouse of prefabricated cabinets. That means that your design can become a reality. We offer a variety of materials and styles so your cabinets reflect your kitchen design.

Our custom Siteline cabinets are build by master craftsmen so the quality is guaranteed. We have cherry wood, mahogany veneer, maple, elder, knotty pine, and other woods. Your cabinets are just one step in remodeling your kitchen. We build them from scratch so you will get a custom designed product.

The craftsmen do not start working on the cabinets until your order is placed at the factory. We work quickly and have great results. Contact us to learn more about kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

The success of a family business does not come on a silver platter. You have to strive hard just like anyone to maintain the business and grow it. For José Auriemo Neto, this is the story of his life. Having taken the mantle of leadership from his father Fabio Auriemo as the President of JHSF, a Brazilian real estate company, Jose has seen the company grow to become a brand to reckon with. He had to start by mastering the responsibility which comes with managing such a big company in the country.

As the President of JHSF, Neto’s work is very demanding as he has to oversee all the activities of the company and his day starts early and ends late into the night. He has to keep traction of JHSF’s projects in order to ensure that quality standards are observed in all facets of development.

According to Zeco, as he is popularly known among his friends, the success of big companies is “90% perspiration and just 10% is inspiration”. José Auriemo Neto’s entrepreneurial and leadership skills did not just come out of the blues, it is something he had always exhibited even when he was just an adolescent. For instance, just at the age of 17, he founded JHSF’s parking segment Parkbem.

José Auriemo Neto has seen the Company advance towards luxury market. Some of the major projects that Auriemo has done include the Parque Cidade Jardim shopping complex which saw the world’s major brands such as Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Hermes open shop in Brazil. Others include the Punta Negra Shopping Mall in Manaus, Bela Vista Shopping Mall in Salvador among many others. He also oversaw the construction of Brazil’s first private executive airport situated in Cidade Jardim Corporate Center.

His success is not only limited to business. Jose is a successful family man as well. He is married to Mariana Landman Auriemo, and together they have two beautiful children, Olivia and Antonio.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jos%C3%A9-auriemo-neto-8b1910148/

Gregory Aziz began from humble beginnings and slowly rose to become a notable CEO. Presently, Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer and President of National Steel Car. Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car is Canada’s largest freight car manufacturer. The company was founded in 1912 by John Gibson alongside other investors. Within no time, National Steel Car grew and started receiving orders from major rail firms such as the Canadian Northern Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway. National Steel Car’s business has been booming since its inception especially during World War II. It was in 1994 that James Aziz took over the firm as the Chairman and President.


More About Gregory Aziz

Born on April 30, 1949, Greg Aziz attended the Ridley College and later moved to study at the University of Western Ontario majoring in economics. Upon graduation, Gregory joined Affiliated Foods where he gained vast business experience. During Greg Aziz’s tenure at Affiliated Foods, the firm grew to become a leading importer and exporter of fresh foods.

Gregory James Aziz later joined the banking industry where he worked for a decade. In the early 90s, Greg Aziz grew a desire to grow National Steel Car into a great railroad freight manufacturer. Not long after that, in 1994, Greg Aziz acquired National Steel Car from Dofasco.


Evidently, his vision for National Steel Car has been achieved. Since he took over as the Chief Executive Officer, the firm has grown tremendously. Within his first 5 years, National Steel Car grew its manufacturing capability to 12000 cars per annum. This is up from the previous 3500 per annum. He achieved this through team-building and giving emphasis to the engineering capabilities of both the employees and the entire firm.


Since Greg James Aziz took over, National Steel Car has received numerous awards due to its excellent job. Gregory James Aziz is not only a successful CEO but a philanthropist as well. Together with his wife Irene, they sponsor the Royal Agricultural Fair, which is the biggest agricultural show in Canada. Undoubtedly, Greg Aziz will help grow National Steel Car even more.

Gregory James Aziz did not anticipate becoming the CEO of one of the largest freight railway car companies in the world, but Greg Aziz has flourished in his role with the National Steel Car company. Mr. Aziz received his education in economics at the University of Western Ontario and put it to good use working in his families’ business, Affiliated Foods. Greg worked for years in his parents’ business, helping expand the business until Affiliated Foods became a major supplier of fresh foods from the European states for distribution across the United States and Canada.

Gregory J Aziz moved on from his parents’ business in Canada to gain more experience working in New York in finance during the 1990s. While working in the banking business, Mr. Aziz organized the sale of National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. Greg Aziz’s vision was to transform the lagging steel car business into the leading freight car manufacturer for North America. With his new vision in place, Greg has increased production from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars in just five years and has provided more jobs for the Hamilton community, from 600 in employment up to around 3,000 all using the principles of honesty, integrity, and hard work to motivate and guide.


After a few years National Steel Car got the reputation of being honest and showing integrity when completing deadlines for customers. Those principles have flowed over into how the company takes care of its employees and community. Gregory Aziz is committed to making Hamilton and Canada a better place through the business and personal charitable contributions made to community, both local and national. National Steel Car sponsors several local charities including the United Way and Salvation Army plus several smaller local charities. The corporation also sponsors the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, and helps provide for the needy with National Steel Car’s major food drive. Find More Information Here.


Mr. Aziz and his wife also personally give of their time and money to charity organizations and financially support the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, one of the leading fairs in Canada. To read more about Mr. Greg James Aziz and National Steel Car.

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In 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi became president of Bradesco. At the time, the bank had lost its market leadership position to Itau Unibanco. Rather than focusing on competing for rankings, he concentrated on achieving growth, efficiency, and excellent customer experience and service across all the bank’s location.

Marilia-born Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi earned an undergraduate degree in philosophy and postgraduate in socio-psychology from the University of Sao Paulo and the School of Psychology and Politics of Sao Paulo. By 1969, Bradesco began working as a clerk in the Marilia branch. As years went by, he rose through various ranks and assumed the role of director of marketing in 1984. As head of marketing, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi overhauled Bradesco’s publicity and approach to the media. Later 1992, he was president and executive director of the bank’s private pension company until 1998.

He became president of Bradesco Seguros, the bank’s insurance arm in 2003. During his tenure, the bank registered double-digit growth in the department; the department currently accounts for the banks 30-35% incomes. Also, Bradesco Seguros became the top company in the sector in Latin America, and the net earnings increased by 10%. Between 1999 and 2005 he served on the board of directors. He is also among the people who championed for segmentation of the bank’s services

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the fourth president and succeeded Marcio Cypriano. He underwent a rigorous selection process before appointment as president. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took over at a period when the economic environment that was unfavorable coupled financial sectors difficulties abroad. Analysts forecasted that Bradesco’s branch network expansion would slow down and that the return on equity would average 21.3% in 2009. His primary challenge was to grow the bank’s reach and influence in the market to increase its competitiveness. Options for growth through mergers and acquisitions at the time were scarce. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s strategy was to pursue organic growth and make operations efficient at all levels. Bradesco also intended to review its rates and open more branches.

After his appointment as president, he initiated a corporate university that would nurture and grow leaders at all levels of the bank and develop a basis for promotions. Through forums conducted within the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi encouraged participants to make contributions to the bank’s strategic plan, share ideas and perspectives, and provide solutions. He enabled the growth of market professionals who are all rounded and result oriented.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi facilitated the acquisition of HSBC Brazilian subsidiary for 5.2 billion dollars in 2015. The transaction, one of the largest in the country in the year, increased Bradesco’s dominance in private finance particularly among the affluent client base. Bradesco’s asset value rose by 15.9 % and reduced the asset gap between it and other players in the sector. The bank took over HSBC’s retail, asset management and insurance business units, branches and clients. Bradesco’s branch networks increased by 18%. Also, the acquisition was in line with the bank’s strategy to increase sales of personalized financial solutions to large corporations and wealthy individuals. According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the deal enabled the bank to achieve growth that was possible only after six years of organic growth. It would take the bank about three years to fully integrate the HSBC business units to their model.

The Money recognized Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance. At one point, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was linked to the Finance Ministry position but declined the invitation offered by the President. He is optimistic about Bradesco’s performance in the future. The bank will continue to pursue growth strategies and improve internal performance as it aims to become a force to reckon within the market.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://fotos.estadao.com.br/galerias/cultura,luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi-e-lucilia-diniz-ofereceram-jantar-em-torno-do-prefeito-joao-doria-e-sua-mulher-bia-nos-jardins,30901

Podcasts are nothing new, but they’ve recently gained an enormous following. Since the rise in listeners, PodcastOne, the largest podcast network in the world, began developing new features for their app. Recently, they announced some of the features that their new app will have.

Many of the features allow listeners to interact with their favorite hosts. The new app also offers videos along with traditional audio recordings. Fans will be able to contribute to discussions via the app, instead of using other apps to communicate over social media. The app also offers exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes videos of programs.

PodcastOne was excited to announce the virtual reality feature. They’ve been working on bringing listeners high-quality VR videos for a few years. They even teamed up with Mandt VR to ensure that their virtual reality was of the highest quality. So, the two companies have shot over 1,000 videos.

Mandt VR installed the latest virtual reality equipment in every major PodcastOne recording studio. Most of those studios are housed in the company’s New York, Beverly Hills, and Burbank buildings. Mandt VR also taught PodcastOne staff members how to use their mobile equipment so that hosts can film VR footage while traveling.

The head executive of Mandt VR, Neil Mandt, talked about what it was like working Norman Pattiz, founder and CEO of PodcastOne. Norman Pattiz is a big name in the media industry. Many think of him as a pioneer and a legend. Mandt was honored to work with a man who embraces advanced technology.

Thanks to Pattiz’s expertise, PodcastOne is the largest podcast provider in the world. Though podcasts are fairly new, running a media conglomerate is nothing new to Pattiz. He created a network library with over 200 shows, many of which are the most popular on the internet. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/norman-pattiz

Norman Pattiz’s career is one of the most historical in the entire world. He’s done so much that people don’t think one man could do. He built several hugely successful media empires that provide TV, radio, and podcast shows to numerous countries around the world.

Last year, Forbes honored him in the Global Change Makers issue. He’s most recognized as the founder of Westwood One and PodcastOne. Both companies have shows hosted by some of the world’s most celebrated celebrities and experts. Learn more: http://www.laweekly.com/location/norman-pattiz-auditorium-hamilton-high-school-6170801