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NewsWatch TV is a go-to source for news about technology, having broadcasted their content through the AMC Network and ION Television since 1990. Many of us have either cut the cable cord or rely more on the internet for our media diet, I watch Newswatch TV through their website: NewsWatchTV.com. While NewsWatch is an award-winning magazine-style television show it is also a website that also features blogs and podcasts.

NewsWatch is a media leader in reporting on upcoming technology and I have come to rely on their reporting around the latest apps in their AppWatch feature. What makes the site irresistibly clickable is the celebrity guests and entertainment value present. Not just leaders in tech appear but stars such as Chris Pratt and Julianne Moore have been interviewed for the show. Many of us will keep coming back to NewsWatch TV because it is such a valuable resource that always seems to be two or three steps ahead of industry and technological trends.

NewsWatch has a history of partnering with and elevating the products and companies that are leaders in the world of technology. Whether it is the app that seemingly came out of nowhere or an established industry leader like Intel, Newswatch is there ahead of the curve with the latest news. Checking out some of the testimonials from their industry partners, I found the story of Saygus to be typical of the experience companies have when they partner with NewsWatch. In a video testimonial, Tim Rush of Saygus gushes about the positive experience he had working on the marketing and promotions of their indiegogo campaign. The partnership yielded great returns, helping the smartphone manufacture raise and exceed the funding goal of their campaign. NewsWatch is a wise choice for partnering to market your app, technology or brand.

Madison Street Capital is an international banking company that serves the middle market. This firm is happy to announce that a famous man, Alioto recently joined the company as a Managing Director of the firm’s Capital Market team. His role will be to advise customers in the technology industry on corporate finance transactions and M and A.



According to Madison Street Capital Chief Executive Officer, the technology has continued to become pervasive and there is an increase in demand from firms within that sector. Therefore as the company prepares to expand there is a need to hire a professional expert to join the company.



Alioto started his career in Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a currency options and futures trader. He was later hired as a registered representative in San Francisco. He later moved to a private finance firm and business management roles with two distinct technology companies. Between 2004 and 2013, Lawrence was hired to perform managerial tasks at VeriTainer corporation. He was among the founding members and eventually he was promoted to serve as the president of that company.



2013lawrence has continued to develop and finance various business interests including film production, medical devices, and energy efficient technologies. Currently, he serves as a board member. He is actively involved in the managing of Kaizen Oil Corp which leverages to enhance oil recovery through an asset acquisition model. He brings significant expertise and skills in business development, finance, government affairs, and corporate development. He has worked both internationally and domestically incorporated companies.



In his official statement, Lawrence said that the M and A transactions present bring a unique combination of challenges and he is excited and willing to help Madison Street Capital to navigate them. He continued to say that the work that Madison Street is doing is vital because they provide middle market corporations with a chance to expand and eventually to become a key technology industry innovator.



 More about Madison Street Capital



It is an international investment banking company that is committed to excellence, service, integrity, and leadership to deliver financial services, financial options, acquisition and merger expertise, valuation services and others to privately and publicly held business. These services position customers to succeed in the worldwide marketplace. When undertaking a new investment, the customer’s objectives and goals becomes theirs, ranging from successful capital raises, financial advisory, transfer of ownership and M and A transactions. Madison Street Capital sees emerging markets as the major component driving the worldwide growth of the clients and it will continue in focusing assets on these available markets.



In conclusion, Madison Street Capital has earned a lot of customers trust around the globe through unwavering dedication to the outstanding professional international standards. Its dedicated staffs believe that experience makes a big difference.


Visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/ to learn more.


JHSF prides itself in offering quality developments. This has been evident from the number of awards they have received that include Best Environmental Seal of Aqua Award given to Cidade Jardim in 2012. The same year would see them win a number of other awards, which included the PINI award in the category “Planned daring”, the Época Negócios 360 yearbook Best Company in Brazil in the real estate sector and finally the Vitra Building was voted for as one of the 10 best residential buildings in the world by Worth Magazine. The year proved quite successful for them, but this was not the end of them receiving awards.

In 2014 The PINI Award came calling again, this time for the best incorporator of Brazil the same year that the Catarina Fashion Outlet won “Featured in other formats” award at the Brazilian Forum of Shopping Centers. These wins speak of a company whose leadership has been able to look forward and ensure that it’s always achieving continuously.

José Auriemo Neto, the current chairman of the board of directors, has been very instrumental in this development. He has worked with the company for his entire life, joining the company at 17. He would become CEO at 27 and continues to offer leadership to date. He had been able to transition the company’s focus from malls to include other developments, especially by targeting the High -end market.

One of their latest developments the Catarina Fashion Outlet offers the clearest indication of this shift. Paulo Baruki was the project’s architect, and Maria João D’Orey did the overall landscaping. The development is located approximately 60 kilometers from the Castello Branco Highway, which is a short 40 minutes’ drive from São Paulo. The first phase of the project was completed in 2014 while the second phase is expected to open in October 2018. The development will host more than 140 stores which will give more than 200 brands to offer their products within the complex. These brands have committed to offering up to 80 percent discount to their clients as they celebrate the continued growth of the outlet which today is considered an excellent leisure option that brings together great gastronomy and design.

Krishen Iyer is a highly successful entrepreneur who currently serves in the role of Chief Executive Officer with Managed Benefit Services, a firm that he founded. Managed Benefit Services is based in the city of Fresno. Its business focuses on consulting services and marketing services. These services are in the realm of the health and dental insurance industries. Krishen Iyer had a successful academic career at San Diego State University. He graduated with his degree in the area of public administration as well as urban development. His drive to form a successful business led him to found Managed Benefits Services. Krishen Iyer is also known as an individual who loves to give back to the community. He is known for donating to philanthropic causes that deal with global crisis issues.


Krishen Iyer came up with the idea for Managed Benefit Services due to his desire to come up with a way to connect firms that need specific solutions to their marketing needs. Krishen recognized that this was a niche looking to be filled and took the leap. In order to keep the company running smoothly, he is involved on a daily basis with marketing and direct involvement with clients. He usually spends the first half of each day just working directly with clients.


Marketing analytics have been becoming more readily accessible to companies like Managed Benefit Services and this is something the Krishen has become very excited about. The company has been working hard to utilize this data in a way that allows it to come up with a refined approach to consultation. The more advanced that data collection techniques become, the quicker a business like Managed Benefits Services is able to grow and this is the formula that Krishen has used successfully so far. He has also stuck to a gameplan of perseverance and so whenever something doesn’t work just right, he chalks it up to experience.

OSI Industries is famous for all the correct reasons. The institution has an international reputation for producing high quality food products that have been stocked in all supermarkets around the world. Most people have something to say about the products from OSI Industries because they have tasted the products at one time in their lives. Although international food companies face so many hardships while trying to establish themselves in both the local and international market, The company has been having a great time because it has the best leaders. These professionals have handled all the legal battles arising from various countries, and they have ensured that customer satisfaction is the most crucial thing.

OSI Industries has come from far. It started many decades ago, with the first branch in the United States. The Germany immigrant who brought the company into existence knew too well the benefits of serving customers with high quality meat products. Decades later, the firm has maintained the same values, and it has expanded and changed its profits for the better. It has many branches in almost all the parts of the world. The company employs a good number of people from all its branches all over. All of these individuals are offered great compensation so that they can improve their work each day.

This year, OSI Industries has continued to shine and impress its customers. The company Spain branch has announced to the world that it has to make some changes in its chicken production so that the high demand from the customers can be met. The company will now be producing double chicken products so that customers living in Spain and the neighboring areas can be happy. The company management has decided to put in place special measures to make the double chicken production successful.

According to the news shared by the official company website, OSI Industries will be forced to increase its employees, especially those working in the Spain Plant. The new production will require more space for production and storage, and this is why the international company has chosen to increase its space. The company has already started the huge project so that its customers do not get an opportunity to complain about missing the products whenever they visit the shopping stores. The company has great individuals in charge, and they have been making the expansion activities successful. Sheldon Lavin is in charge of the company expansion projects.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

Anil Chaturvedi is a seasoned and well-known banker with decades of experience. He has worked in commercial banking, investment banking and private banking. In 2011, Chaturvedi joined the Hinduja Bank as the managing director. As the director, he was tasked to oversee all business dealings with the corporate advisory board. His role in the department also gave him the responsibility of helping the bank merge globally. Additionally, he helped by bringing in new investors and restructured the bank’s policies.

Academic History Of Anil Chaturvedi

From 1970 until 1973, Anil was attending Meerut University in India. During this time, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in economics. He graduated from the university with honors before enrolling next in the Delhi University of Economics to get an MBA in the area of Financial Management.

Professional Background

Currently, Anil Chaturvedi is working at the Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. His current role at the bank is as Managing Director for the Private Banking section. However, he started his professional banking career back home in India for the State Bank. He was the manager for the bank from 1987 until 1991. While there, he was responsible for creating the bank’s marketing strategies. He was very successful in this task and ended up growing the bank by millions in a short time. The bank named him “Man of the Year” because of his great work in growing the business.

From 1991 until 1993, Anil then worked for the ANZ Gindlays Bank as their VP of operations. Before leaving, he created a very lucrative profit model for them. Most of his success over the years has come from working at various banks around New York. One bank he had a lot of success with was Merrill Lynch. He became their marketing director during his time there in 2011.

Anil Chaturvedi is mostly known for leading many big banks into acquisitions and mergers throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. He is a genius when it comes to creating very lucrative marketing strategies. He has personally seen a lot of success in his many business ventures and is highly desired by many big banks around the world.


GoBuySide is a recruiting platform that makes the hiring process for business easier than ever. Beforehand, businesses would invest money and time in a hiring staff that may or may not bring them the best employees possible. GoBuySide handles the hiring process for many niches, they evaluate and ensure that the people who are accepted in the firm as a viable candidate can do the job.

No longer do businesses have to call a local recruitment agency, one is able to find these agencies online. This gives businesses the opportunity to focus and invest their money in other parts of their business. Also, businesses would have the opportunity to find individuals who may qualify for job positions in remote locations. The introduction of the personal use of the internet allowed the radius of employment to increase exponentially.

The internet has introduced an ease of access to work on assignments which was not possible beforehand. GoBuySide is one of the talent recruitment firms that is paving the way of utilizing technology in order to find the best employees.

GoBuySide focuses on businesses within the finance industry and finance industries are not requiring that people remain in the same location. The impact of the internet on the finance industries that GoBuySide works with are decentralizing their focus on where the person is, yet they focus on what that person is capable of doing. The screening process that people go through with GoBuySide is highly competitive and it is stated that only the top one percent of people are admitted. In the financial industry, it is becoming the norm that people are seeking part-time jobs and gigs that are project oriented. GoBuySide utilizes artificial intelligence and online job boards in order to find people who are interested in a short-term hire. Applicants are able to have control over the people they work with in order to find employment.

The applicants (an example would be a private equity firm) are able to find exactly what they are looking for by utilizing the services the firms like GoBuySide provide. GoBuySide provides a great number of data points that one may use to hire and evaluate potential employees.

Not many people get the chance to appear on a hit reality television series. Not too many people get to experience the joys of going to one of art’s most recognized universities. TV Star Kendall Long is an alumnus of the Academy of Art University. She was one of the well known girls on the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise. On the show, she competed for the love and attention of the show’s bachelor “Grocery Store Joe”. Fans tune in to see the budding romance of these two. Their chemistry is tv worthy and is rather entertaining.

Kendall Long’s success in making it to television is one of the many examples of how students leaving the Academy of Art University and achieve great success in their careers following. The school is well known for prepping talent. That talent goes onto accomplishing many things most people merely dream of. The school has educated the minds of some of the most well known writers, artists, musicians, actors and now reality television stars.

The university’s history goes back nearly nine decades. The school was formed out of the love and passion of two art fanatics that wanted to instill young minds with the tools to release their inner artistic dreams to the world. The university was launched by a husband and wife duo. Richard and Clara Stephens launched the Academy of Art University together. Previously, Richard Stephens had been working at a magazine as their art director. He had the experience, and his wife had the passion. Together, they launched a art culture in a small loft in San Francisco, California. But with the academics the school was providing the size of the loft would no longer due. In 1946, the couple had to invest in a larger loft to accommodate their hundreds of students.

Today, the Academy of Art University stands as a reminder of what passion, talent and hard work can achieve. Alumni have done incredibly well in various art fields. Three generations of Stephens still continue to place their passion and missing into the minds of their students.

Peter Briger, a self-made billionaire, is a charismatic leader who holds the position of a Principal in the Fortress Investment Group since 2006. Peter Briger completed his Bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. He had 15 years of prior experience in the finance sector with Goldman Sachs before he came onboard the massive Investment Group. In 1996, he became a partner in Goldman Sachs. He is currently ranked at 962 in the Forbes list of billionaires, with a net value of $1.2 billion.

During his stay in Goldman Sachs, he worked on developing his skill set that mostly revolve around bad debts, loans, and trading, investment in foreign countries, thus with such immense and enriching experience he joined Fortress Investment Group in the year 2002. At Fortress Investment Group, Briger handles the credit division in the company. He oversees a team of 300 odd individuals, and together they look at assets that are undervalued and illiquid credit investments. Illiquid assets can be tough to convert into cash.

His 15-year long experience at Goldman Sachs aided him in taking Fortress Group to higher levels. He had a major influence on the company going public in the year 2007. Peter Briger makes full use of his position in the company by continuously working towards converting illiquid investments/instruments into cash. The world economy has taken a dip and that highlighted his role in the financial world as he assisted foreign markets struggling with debts, make money.

Apart from the work he does in Fortress, Briger holds top positions in other firms mostly directed towards the benefit of the society. He is a board member of Caliber Schools that aim at pushing students towards success in and after college. He is also a board member of a non-profit organization that helps low-income families across San Francisco. He also gave his support that amounted to $600 million for the maintenance and conservation of Central Park.

Peter Briger has been a top-quality professional throughout his life. With his vast experience and good presence of mind, he climbed the ladder of success and became a billionaire. His knowledge in finance and investments is unparalleled. He is a man of ethics and sees to it that the job gets done the way it is planned without many hiccups. After all the hard work and perseverance, Fortress is handling assets valued at $65 billion.

For more visit: https://littlesis.org/person/37937-Peter_Briger

OSI Food Solutions is one of the world’s largest, privately held food processing companies. Founded in the Chicago area in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, OSI began as a family-operated meat market and butcher shop and in 1955 became the first ground beef supplier for the world-famous McDonald’s. The company is committed to the values of relationships, continuous improvement, innovation, teamwork and integrity and offers food processing services for some of the world’s leading brands in the restaurant and food service industries.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired two European food companies: Baho Food, a Dutch food manufacturer specializing in deli meats and other quick-service food options and Flagship Europe, part of the Flagship Food Group, a food supplier specializing in providing product to UK food retailers. Both Baho Food’s and Flagship Europe’s offerings complement OSI’s extensive product portfolio and enable the company to obtain new clients and extend its reach into the European market. The British Safety Council awarded OSI Food Solutions the 2016 Globe of Honour.

In August 2018, OSI Food Solutions won 12 medals at the fourth annual 2018 World Steak Challenge hosted at the Magic Roundabout in London, including the prestigious gold medal for OSI Germany’s grain fed dry aged Angus ribeye.

OSI Food Solutions is an equal opportunity employer with over 20,000 employees working from facilities located in 17 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States. The company seeks job applicants who will complement its diverse workforce and offers career opportunities to attract both recent graduates and seasoned professionals alike. OSI’s commitment to sustainable business practices is reflected in its concern for social, economic, and environmental frameworks and continuous efforts to improve its sustainability impact into the future.