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In the traditional workforce, the employee has no choice but to play the game. As a matter of fact, the employee often finds himself working job that he is not interested in working. As a result, it seems as if the employee stops living for the hours that he is working. Fortunately, there is an alternative. This is being an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur gets to decide on the type of work he wants to do. One example of an entrepreneur is Bob Reina. He is a very unique entrepreneur because he has thought through what his purpose.


Bob Reina has found helping people to be his motivation. He has looked at the state of the world and has found plenty of people in poverty and struggling. He has also found a lack of opportunity. Therefore, he has worked on ways that he could help bring forth more employment opportunities to take advantage of. This has resulted in the foundation of Talk Fusion. Bob Reina has founded the company and created the app of the same name. The app is designed to help entrepreneurs in their pursuit for business success. Entrepreneurs that are successful are more likely to hire people.


Bob Reina has also designed Talk Fusion for communication. One thing he has seen with communication is that there is a limit in connection. People are either hearing or reading the conversation. However, they are not seeing each other when they talk. Bob has taken the opportunity to close the gap so that people will connect better when they talk with each other. Talk Fusion has solved many issues in the online world. Business owners could use it for marketing. Among the methods for marketing with Talk Fusion is video email. Marketers could more easily sell their product with this method.



Are you looking for the right lawyer for your case? Need to enlist the services of a highly competent attorney for business litigation?

One of the ways to know if a particular lawyer or attorney is right for you, is to set up a consultation so you can interview the lawyer. You will also be able to figure out whether you can work with the law firm or attorney.

Remember that you are trying to select the best legal professional for your case, so take this initial meeting seriously. Pick a different lawyer if you feel as though the attorney isn’t paying attention or listening to you or is not addressing your concerns.

Decide on a legal counsel that you can get along with and not just anyone that consents to take your case. Aside from experience and thorough knowledge of the law in Brazil, decide on a legal representative who you feel that you can be comfortable with.

When it comes to costs, you should bear in mind that an attorney using a flat fee structure will charge one fee for managing an entire case, regardless of the number of hours the case takes. Cases that are commonly taken on a flat fee basis include bankruptcy cases, criminal cases, and domestic challenges such as custody or divorce cases. Cases related to document drafting, are usually dealt with on a flat fee basis, and include drafting a will document or a trust.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has rendered top notch legal solutions for years and is a popular lawyer in Brazil. He has obtained favorable outcomes for his clients in various cases. Ricardo is a powerful business and corporate lawyer and has great expertise in litigation. Some of his clients include entrepreneurs, company executives, politicians, multinational companies, institutions and professionals looking for the best representation in their situation.

Ricardo Tosto has the legal knowledge, preparation and skill necessary for effective representation. He has handled many high-profile cases involving business dispute, breach of contract and other related issues in Brazil. Mr Ricardo Tosto is a remarkable business and corporate litigation attorney and is well respected by his peers.


Capital Group is a popular institution that was founded in the year 1931. The company was first established in Los Angeles, but it has managed to open offices in Australia, Asia, America, and Europe. The institution has grown significantly, becoming one of the largest investment management companies in the globe. The company is privately held, and it believed to have over one trillion dollars in assets under its management.

The Capital Group provides its clients with a variety of products. Some of these include mutual funds, investment services, and many others. The company acts through its famous subsidiary, known as American Funds. The company has a large clientele from different parts of the world.

In 2015, the board of directors in the international company announced that they had chosen Timothy Armour as the Chairman of the Capital Group. The board arrived at this decisions following the leadership succession plan that it had formulated several years ago. Timothy got the position after Jim Rothenberg passed away several months ago.

Before getting the special nomination, Timothy Armour was already working in the organization in several departments. According to reports from the company, Timothy was the director in two divisions of the company, and he had always fulfilled his duties successfully. Timothy has been working in the investment industry for more than fifteen years, and he has a lot of expertise. Armour has also been working with the Capital Group for several years too.

A few months after Timothy’s appointment, Samsung Asset Management announced that it was going to form a partnership with the Capital Group. According to news from the organization, the idea will make the two agencies to penetrate the fast growing international investment market easily.

The headquarters of Capital Group are found in Los Angeles, and the institution has proved to be one of the biggest asset management companies in the globe. Samsung Asset Management chose to partner with Capital Group because it is already doing well in the market, with offices and branches in twenty-three cities in the globe. The company also gives employment opportunities to more than seven thousand individuals in the world. The new partnership will benefit both companies at the end of the day.

Samsung Asset Management is currently the largest asset management agency that is found in Korea. The institution has been recording assets of more than one hundred and thirty billion. The organization is excited about the new partnership, and it hopes to increase its revenue. The signing ceremony took place at the Shilla Hotel that is based in Seoul. Timothy Armour and Samsung Asset Management President attended the ceremony.



Securus is a popular name in many households today. The reason is that the company has facilitated communication between relatives with a loved one in correction facilities. No one wants ever to think of the possibility of a loved one behind bars. However, this is usually a reality among many families. Communication becomes difficult especially during the holiday season. It is a tough time since one expected to celebrate the time as a family. Another problem is the difficulty to take long trips to the prison facility. Correction facilities are never located close to homes. They are mostly on the outskirts of towns making it difficult to travel.


When a friend was dealing with a loved one in a correction facility, I looked for the different kinds of communication services. I wanted to find a company that could help families keep in touch through the video visitation program. I knew that if I could find such a program, it will take away the need of making long trips to the correction facilities. One of the best prison communication services I found was Securus Technologies. The company has been around for a long time. Thousands of users enjoy the services provided by the firm to visit their families. Communication has been made possible through the company’s video visitation program. The program allows you to be connected with your loved one without having to go and meet them face to face.


I find the video visitation program beneficial in many ways. First, it provides a safer and secure method to make the visitation. Traditional visitation placed a significant burden to wardens who would monitor the visitation system keenly. The visitation system allows one to schedule several visits and have a lot of time in one visit. In most times, actual visitations have resulted in contraband in correction facilities. The virtual visitation program makes no room for the availability or exchange of such contrabands. Families too have enjoyed the convenience that comes with the visitation program. Family members no longer have to be searched and wait in the stressful lobbies. Family members can interact comfortably with inmates without the stressful prison environment. Bringing prisoners and their families together has been the most advantageous ting about the program.


Securus Technologies is a leader in providing communication services to correction facilities. The company has always strived to improve the kind of technology used in technology. The result is that it has seen the development of communication equipment. The video visitation program is just one example.



As much as the Internet of Things (IoT) comes with many privileges, it still bears a number of risks. Technology enthusiast and entrepreneur, Jason Hope, discusses the good and the risks about IoT.

The Good

– The health sector will be improved. Being a technology expert whose main interest is in the field of medicine, Hope reveals how IoT will help improve the health of many. First, it will bring a drastic change in lifestyle, helping people lead a healthy one. For instance, he points out the case of one wearing a fitness tracker. With this, you will be able to make better choices when it comes to active living.

– With IoT, Jason Hope believes that businesses are set to improve. A good example is the case of smart freezers. Unlike traditional freezers, which adjust their temperature whenever one repeatedly opens and closes the door, a smart one has inbuilt mechanisms that enable it to hold the temperature at perfect setting. This will definitely increase productivity in areas such as grocery stores.

In manufacturing industries, smart machines are set to take over. These machines are able to communicate through connections. This way, without having to add an extra workforce, an industry can improve the quality of its final product.

The Risks

What bugs Jason Hope (@jasonhope) are the security risks involved with the Internet of Things. He cites a case example of a smart jeep being hacked, living its owner with no control over the vehicle. This was demonstrated in a Jeep commercial. According to Jason Hope, this was just but a demonstration of the risks involved when everything is connected to IoT.

As much as a hacker taking control over your car sounds scary, think about how the hacker overriding your oven’s system will be scarier. This is not far from impossible as cases have been reported where, hackers have spied on children through their connected baby monitors.

The Jeep demonstration did point out the vulnerabilities of the Internet of things, although the risks are more personal. Such vulnerabilities must be addressed. The only solution is to ensure that, the security measures in place are good enough, before bringing IoT to our homes. Before you install a smart oven in your home that you can control remotely via a wireless connection, make sure that you have firewalls that are strong enough not to be bypassed. Security systems such as strong passwords, should also be implemented.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny’s studies focus on aging and cancer. He also lectures at the New York-based Roswell Park Cancer Institute on oncology topics. Blagosklonny is an alumnus of the First Pavlov State Medical University of St Petersburg. He acquired a Ph.D. in cardiology and experimental medicine as well as a master’s degree in internal medicine from the institution.

Professional Career

In 2002, Blagosklonny worked at the New York Medical College as an associate professor. Mikhail Blagosklonny later joined Ordway Research Institute as the senior scientist. As he worked for Ordway Research Institute, he headed the institution’s research strategies. He worked for the institution until 2009 and decided to lecture on oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Blagosklonny also researches on molecular and cellular biology topics. He is one of the founders of Cell Cycle, a journal that covers medical topics such as mitosis and cancer cell cycling. Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3249451/


Mikhail Blagosklonny is passionate about researching on cancer topics. He majorly focuses on cancer therapies that can protect the human cell from damage. He also researches on biogerontology, which is the study of aging in humans. His primary interest in the field is the production of anti-aging drugs.

He framed a hypothesis on how TOR signaling can be used in aging and cancer. In his hypothesis, Mikhail Blagosklonny also stated that rapamycin could be used to increase the lifespan of cancer patients. Rapamycin is usually used in cancer therapies to reduce the multiplication of cancer cells. According to Blagosklonny, besides reducing the spread of cancer cells, the drug can also boost the immune systems of cancer patients. This research has earned him recognition in longevity studies as an advocate for rapamycin.

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Blagosklonny as an Editor

Besides his scientific researches, Blagosklonny works for Oncotarget, Cell Cycle and Aging journals as the senior editor. Oncotarget is an open access journal that covers oncology topics. The journal is usually published by Impact Journals and edited by Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov. Blagosklonny also works as an associate editor for Cancer Biology and Therapy. He belongs to the editorial board as a member of Cell Death & Differentiation.

Selected Publications

Blagosklonny has written more than 270 articles that have been published in several journals. Researchers worldwide have cited his publications more than 25,000 times. He earned an h-index of 83 for his informative publications. He once wrote an article on insulin resistance and diabetic complication that was posted on the PMID journal.

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Doe Deere is the creator of the makeup line Lime Crime, a vegan and cruelty free makeup line. Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008. The unique thing about Lime Crime is that it’s online. Deere was one of the first bold enough to start a makeup line, online.


The other really neat thing about Lime Crime is that the their colors are so bright and vibrant. When Deere was a little girl the ‘in thing’ was nude colors and light reds and pinks that made you look slightly better than you did earlier. Deere always loved bright colors and wanted to express that in her makeup, like she did with her clothes when she was a child. In interviews Deere says how bright green was her most favorite color. Hence the name ‘Lime Crime’.


She is a very sophisticated woman, she wanted to create something to help express herself and others like her. and she did it! even with negative feedback from her peers she still listened to her gut and pushed. During the time of the creation of Lime Crime, a majority of people told her it wouldn’t work, that women want to try on their makeup before they buy it. But Deere, a little after the dawn of Lime Crime thought it would be a good idea to put the makeup on models, so women will know how it would look on them. This idea really took off; later other online companies took this approach as well.


Doe Deere was voted one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, which she was pretty well deserving of. She started a successful business almost all alone with minimal help from others. And not just a generic business but something new most people haven’t tried before, colorful makeup online. All the way from glittery eye shadow palettes to lively lipsticks.


Deere is really an inspiration for young girls and boys looking for hope in the cosmetic businesses world. Lime Crime is mostly online, its rare to find it in stores like Sephora or Ulta; you can find some products in Urban Outfitters. Lime Crime has any exciting color you can think of in eyeshadows, nail polish, and of course, lipstick. This is all thanks to the wonderful Doe Deere and her creative ideas.

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Sam Tabar is an expert in business development, legal affairs and fund raising schemes. He is currently working for FullCycle Fund, LLC as its Chief Executive Officer since his recruitment in December 2014.

Mr. Tabar graduated from Oxford University with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, before joining the Columbia Law School to pursue a Master’s degree in Law. While studying at the Columbia Law School, Sam edited for the Columbia Business Law Journal. He has a certification from the New York Bar Association and serves the New York State Bar as a member of its committee.

Sam began his career in May 2001 working as an attorney for Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom LLP and Affiliates. He left the firm in March 2007 and joined Sparx Group as the managing director. His roles at Sparx involved strategizing the business’s model, planning the company’s development, raising capital, overseeing legal matters and negotiating business deals.

In February 2011, Tabar joined the American Bank, Merill Lynch to serve as its director and head of capital strategy. He was responsible for seeking investors for the company and introducing them to potential fund managers.

In addition to his current job at FullCycle Energy, Tabar is also the Chief Financial Officer of Awearable Apparel since his appointment in 2016. Awearable Apparel is a startup business manufacturing children’s wear with the integration of a device that alerts a parent when the child wanders away. He serves the company with his experienced skills in business strategizing, international marketing modeling and capital fund raising.

Sam Tabar has a public interest in investing in startup enterprises such as Thinx. Thinx specializes in manufacturing women’s’ wear that replaces the traditional products used for menstruation. The company donates its benefits to women and girls in Africa, needing sanitary products. Sam helps the company by contributing to its capital and providing his professionalism in hedge funds, law, and leadership.

Sam Tabar has an active social media presence in platforms such as Facebook https://www.facebook.com/samtabar11 and Twitter https://twitter.com/tabarsam. He engages his followers with topics regarding normal life circumstances, and also on trending world issues. Mr. Tabar is an avid writer on the Huffington Post website, where he shares his views on investment, finance and the legal state of affairs.

FreedomPop is the cell phone company bringing connectivity to as many customers as possible through a place that makes their service available to a wide swath of people. They have opened in the United Kingdom even as other companies view for their business, and this article explains how FreedomPop provides a service no one else is capable of.


#1: Where Is FreedomPop Going?


FreedomPop has its sights set on serving as much of the world as possible, and they cannot do so unless they have access to more networks. They have raised quite a lot of money for new networks, and they are using their funds to build something great. They cannot do the work overnight, but they may bring cell phone service to parts of the world that need affordable service.


#2: What Is Affordable Service At FreedomPop?


Affordable service from FreedomPop comes in the form of a free service and paid services at varying levels. Customers may pay nothing when using the free plan, and they are on a limited plan with limits. Paying more is an option every month when users go over their limits, and they pay less money even when surpassing their free plan.


#3: Offering Service Worldwide


Services around the world are based on networks improved with capital funds from FreedomPop, and every FreedomPop review includes a look at the future. The company wishes to push into as many countries and continents as possible, and they ensure networks are expanded at an appropriate rate. Their services become a battle cry for the strength of their brand, and their move into the UK is only the first.


#4: They Are Wanted The World Over


The company has been asked several times about selling to larger conglomerates who wish to use the power of their networks to reach more people. FreedomPop feels like a public service that offers quite a few people a free phone they may use any time they like, and the phones are perpetually in-service for every customer. Free phones are helpful when customers cannot afford a regular plan, and the company may move on the market because it has the power to change the world.


The finest cell phone service in the world is expanding into Europe beginning with the UK. Their company will continue expanding as long as they can, offering less-expensive services to customers and ensuring a quality signal for everyone.

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Imagine getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or getting up to grab a water glass from the kitchen and fumbling in the dark for each different light switch as you enter each different room, and then, once having reached your destination, switching off each light in each room and hallway until bed is found again, and then tripping over the corner of the bed and stubbing your toe before you are finally under your covers. All of this can be true of anyone’s personal experience for a trip to the bathroom or a glass of water on a typical night.

Truth be told, there was not much that could be done about this predicament before now, but today we have Gooee LED bulbs that can sense human movement in a space and switch lights on and off as that body moves throughout the home. Automated lights guide your way to the bathroom or kitchen in the darkness of night, and then turn off on your way back. The bedroom light can be set to be controlled by a bedside tablet, so that it stays on until you reach the comfort of your own bed, and then you can dim the switch to off, avoiding that stubbed toe. LED light automation is about to become more prevalent in homes as people realize they can easily control light settings with their WiFi enabled Gooee bulbs. The future of lighting is now, and it is Gooee.