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Medical jobs are in high demand right now because there is so much health care that needs to be offered to the people of America, but there are a lot of graduates who do not know how to get jobs. People move to no areas with no prospects, and there are even more people who are stuck in a job they hate. Brian Torchin makes sure that people get the jobs they want, and he pulls a lot of the strings on his own.

The HCRC staff is led by Brian when he helps people get jobs, but that is only part of what he does. He knows how to help people interview well once they go out for new jobs, and he knows how to make the process easy.

He also publishes stats about the industry that tell people how many jobs are out there, and he lets them know what it is going to be like if they are interviewing for the first time in a long time. Brian knows the history of the industry, and he can help older workers learn what the difference is between then and now. That is a really important thing for people who have had the same job for a long time, and he also knows that he needs to keep updating that information for everyone who wants it.  To showcase the heights that are possible to reach, Indeed is a great example of what Brian has accomplished in his career.

He knows that there are a lot of people who need help, and he wants to make sure that people get their questions answered before they go for their next interview. The basic tenants of his program are that all people can get a job they like when they have been given the best resources. There are a lot of people who need help, and Brian tries to give them all the answers they need before he sends them to jobs or on interviews. Mr. Torchin also produces Vimeo videos that many have found helpful as well.

The decisions that Kyle Bass has made in the past have never failed to amaze those who know of him. Although he did correctly predict that the mortgage crisis was going to occur in 2008, the rest of his decisions have been terrible and immoral.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, a lawyer, politician, and former President of Argentina, has been known to make many poor choices when it comes to economic policies. But no matter what, Bass has stood behind her. The sovereign debt in their country has gone into default twice in thirteen years, helping a once very affluent nation to go into debt. Bass never failed to stand behind her and her actions, even criticizing the creditors that were court-ordered to receive money from Argentina. No one has been able to fathom why he would continue to back a woman who has been well-known to make very poor choices that have resulted in national debt issues for years.

But one major instance with Kyle Bass has stood out more than others, and it was reported on Many remember the issues General Motors had with millions of their vehicles, including faulty airbags that wouldn’t deploy on impact and defective power steering. GM knew these problems existed and yet did not make any effort to fix them until people started getting hurt and even killed, as the problems caused 13 deaths. Bass, who had stock in the company, went on national television to defend GM and their shady practices. He claimed that the injuries and fatalities that occurred were more the fault of the victims than General Motors, saying many people were probably drunk when the accidents occurred. He even said people should have been wearing their seatbelts instead of admitting GM should make cars that protect their drivers no matter what the situation.

It gets better, though. Bass and a partner, Erich Spangenberg, came up with a scheme to bilk the pharmaceutical companies out of millions of dollars. Unfortunately, their plan also caused many people to go without their needed medications when the pharmaceutical companies had to raise prices to cover their losses.

The Coalition for Affordable Drugs is a front company for Bass and Spangenberg that they use to exploit funds from the big pharma companies. They would make sure certain stocks would fall. Then they would challenge the patent of the drug, causing delays and price increases. He insisted he does this to make medications more affordable and to lower overall health care, but has even admitted that he was interested in the capital gain he could make.

At the moment, Bass is looking into the oil companies. It is probably safe to say he is simply looking for a quick way to make a buck.

Derogatory comments or posts can have a huge negative impact on your profile. Most people are not aware of the reputation damage that can occur until they make a mistake.

University of Missouri assistant professor, Melissa Click, had a terrible experience when she was filmed requesting that student journalists be removed from the protest. Her choice of words was wrong and she acknowledged that. But the damaged had already been done. The video went viral and things started to get worse for her.

There was only one way to repair her reputation and that was, starting a reputation repair campaign. After three months of silence, Melissa contacted a highly reliable online public relations firm, Status Labs, and asked for help.

Status Labs has provided efficient and effective reputation solutions for a long time. Their clients include institutions, businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals and others who are in need of reputation repair, reputation monitoring or reputation management service.

Status Labs has a team of qualified SEO and digital content specialists. These experts use proven techniques to remove negative information from search engine results pages and promote positive content. Their proprietary techniques work perfectly to ensure that their client’s reputation is restored.

Your online reputation is one of your most valuable assets. Your online reputation is what people find when they search you. If you are in need of reputation repair or if you simply want them to monitor or manage your online reputation for you, get in touch with them through their website. Have a look around their site, become familiar with the various services they provide, and then contact them to discuss your needs and your expectations. Status Labs has top notch resources and the expertise to get excellent results.

Keep in mind that every situation is unique, and the amount of derogatory content will determine how long it will take to achieve the results you desire. In order to provide peace of mind throughout the process, the team at Status Labs has a system in place to keep you updated with the progress of the project.

Do you have somebody you love very much and you would wish to see them offered the best care? An Assisted Living community is the place where that care will be provided for. An Assisted Living communities are residential facilities that are designed to serve the elderly by assisting them with their day-to-day living activities. However, for you to be guaranteed that the best care will be provided, you need to choose the best Assisted Living facility. Rated highly in the whole of United States, the Manse on Marsh community is one of them.

The Manse on Marsh is a retirement home that is located in San Luis Obispo, CA. The facility is owned by Chris Skiff and it has been in operation for more than 15 years. It is strategically located close to local shopping centers, coffee houses, restaurants, ice-cream shops, bookstores, churches and other essential facilities. It is among the leading communities in the whole of United States offering an exquisite Assisted Living. The rates of the community are very competitive and they are tailored to suit your individual needs and budget.

The other facilities that can be enjoyed in this community include personal laundry, a Lifeline alert system, chauffeured transportation, regular check-ins on the residents, medication assistance, residential parking, wheelchair accessible showers, and many more others. An Assisted Living facility like the Manse on Marsh is less expensive as compared to a nursing home facility and it is definitely the best option for the person you love to be taken care of, something originally covered on SeniorHousingNet.

The community also has fitness and wellness centers that are meant to keep those who stay in it fit. Other amenities that are available are beautician onsite, vegetarian, activities offsite, devotional services offsite, indoor common areas, activities onsite, outdoor common areas and devotional services onsite. The community also accepts pets such as cats and dogs and pet care services are provided. The staff include nurses on staff, visiting podiatrist, visiting physical therapist, visiting speech therapist and visiting occupational therapist. They are awake for 24 hours and serve the residents any time they are needed. Smoking is allowed outdoors for those who do smoke.

The residents enjoy lots of options, peace of mind and confidence all combined together to give a mind-blowing experience. The community was set with the aim of providing the residents with optimal quality of their retirement life. The overall quality of the facility is just amazing in addition to compassionate staff who make the residents feel at home away from home. Your aging loved one will make friends and will continue enjoying life in the facility.  The list of awards that The Manse on Marsh has won, on the website, really showcases how far they’ve come in their mission to provide a higher level of care to residents.

FreedomPop is a company that has achieved a great deal of success in a very short period of time. Since the company’s initial debut in the budget mobile phone market, the number of subscribers has grown and grown. About one million of those subscribers are in the United States. In the United Kingdom, about 250,000 subscribers signed up within four months of the company’s debut.

A new round of venture capital (VC) funds are slated to drive even greater expansions. The CEO of the company, Stephen Stokols, has given an online video interview to discuss the impressive growth of the company.

Most recently, the company has raised $50 million in new funding. Several interesting projects are in the works. A Wi-Fi mobile phone is in development, and many are looking forward to its arrival. Probably the most interesting of all news coming out of the new round of funding is the intention to expand service into 25 countries. Currently, all the deals are being put in place, and these countries should all be available to customers soon. Additionally, a global hotspot is being devised. Those wishing to save money are going to find the hotspot’s ability to wipe out roaming charges.

One may wonder how a service that offers free phone, data, and text is able to earn any revenue. CEO Stokols points out that people are so thrilled with FreedomPop’s service, upwards of 45% choose to upgrade to paying services.

The Stokols is mentioned in a RCR Wireless article, and the RCR YouTube channel has the full video.

Martin Lustgarten has been able to thrive in the financial world because he has made some great plans for his career. When he started the Lustgarten Martin financial investment firm in Miami he was planting seeds. He was making a name for himself, and he has continued to use his reputation as an authority in investment banking to bring in more clientele.

Lustgarten knows about the various aspects of asset management, and he knows how to raise money. In the business industry this just about all that matters. There has to be someone that is able to help raise money, and there has to be someone at the other end of the scope that is willing to help clients manage it correctly. Martin is able to handle both of these matters, and that is why many of his clients look to him for assistance in these areas.

Investing banking is a lot different from traditional banking because these banks help companies that may be involved in mergers. They also have the ability to help individuals that are trying to get the maximum returns on investments. The investment bankers like Lustgarten have established lots of accounts with companies, but there are some individuals that will acquire the services of Lustgarten.

Investment bankers have a role in managing in assets for companies and individuals. The investment banker has a big part to play in how the money will flow throughout an organization. They do some equity research, but this is merely another facet of the business that they are in.

They can help clients build a better portfolio. This is what many people have experienced when they acquired help from Martin Lustgarten. They discover that they have been doing it wrong on their own. Investment bankers can show investors what they are doing wrong while establishing the guidelines for doing what is right.

Easter Seals Dixon Center is one lucky organization to have recently established a partnership with Fore Front Capital Advisors in their mission to change the lives of militants and veterans. The charitable organization will first receive 3 million which will help in all their empowerment programs like creating awareness, empowerment, training on available jobs, health and wellness of the veterans and training on caregiver services. Most of the retired militants and veterans end up in desperation after long time service and devotion to the security of the United States of America. They end up poor and disrespected and not involved in the community at all.

To make them more productive Fore Front Capital Advisors in union with Easter Seals Dixon Center will work to find individuals and private organizations who will give the post veterans and militants job opportunities. This will empower them financially, help their families out of poverty and even make them active participants in the community. Brad sees this as a nice opportunity for business for the military community and the veterans and that by supporting Easter Seals Dixon Center financially they not only protect the future of the charitable organization but they will help in turning around the future of militants and veterans after a long time service to the states. Reifler also sees it as a good business opportunity for Fore Front Capital Advisors.

Wikiedia indicates Reifler is the Chief Executive Officer of Fore Front Advisors a company advising about commodities market and foreign exchange which is very versatile, but he has been in the field for more than 30 years making him the greatest expert in the field. Brad Reifler is the founder of Fore Front Capital Advisors; he founded the company in 2009 and since then has been advising and helping middle-income earners adopt new strategies of investment especially due to restrictions imposed on the high investment world. The first company he founded in 1982 was Reifler trading corporation, and it majored in global derivatives but later sold it to Refco. Later he founded Pali Capital, which he operated for 13 years making over $200 million of profit. He even expanded the company to major areas of the world like Singapore, Austria, Latin America, United Kingdom and the United States.

CrunchBase writes Reifler attended Bowdoin University and studied bachelors of political science and economics.  He is highly concerned that the billionaires only contribute to 1% of the whole economy, but they are given more priority than the middle and lower class that make the 99% of the whole economic productions. In his company Fore Front Capital Advisors, Reifler is concentrating on giving opportunities to the lower and the middle class.  Check out Brad Reifler’s 5 tips for investment article that set a new standard on Reuters for financial investment strategy.

Prior to 2010 nobody had an inclination as to who, billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch were. Most people had however, heard of their major conglomerate Koch Industries which is based in Wichita, Kansas. Charles Koch took over Rock Island Oil after the passing of their father. He then renamed the company Koch Industries in remembrance of him.

It has only been since the 2008 elections that the American people began hearing about Charles Koch. Many rumors had circulated that the brothers were opposed to President Obama’s election into office. The truth is their political agenda spans two decades of trying to reshape the American government. The brothers are fiercely opposed to corporate welfare as well as a host of other legislations which have been enacted. During the 1970’s Charles and David Koch founded the Cato Institute and began funding various think tanks and free thinking groups on many university campuses. Charles is a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity organization. He pledge while studying at M.I.T where he majored in engineering. He holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, a masters in electrical engineering, and a doctorate in chemical engineering.

Charles has many philanthropic pursuits such as founding the Koch Industries Foundation, the Charles Koch Institute,and the Market-Based Management Institute just to name a few. Many of the foundations were established with the purpose of promoting social progress and well being through the dissemination of Liberty. This agenda has been applied to their interactions with the GOP. The Koch Network has the same purpose of promoting free thinking

As stated by Bill Moyers, “On occasion, Charles Koch leaders may disagree with actions taken by Republicans, but over time they are using their financial resources and organizational capabilities to draw GOP candidates and officeholders toward their preferred positions. GOP candidates and officeholders want and need Koch network resources — money, activists, publicity, access to donors — and in return they offer access and fealty to top Koch policy priorities, whether or not those priorities are popular with voters. The Koch network can leverage the institutional brand and resources the modern Republican Party has built up over the past century to win elections for network friends and influence legislative bodies in Washington, DC, and states across the country.” This may in the end destroy the political playground they have created if Donald Trump should win the election.

Keith Mann is becoming one of the best known individuals in his industry. Mann is so well known because of his talent in pairing executives with companies. He is especially gifted at finding a perfect fit between an executive and an investment firm. In 2001, Keith Mann began working for Dynamics Associates. Keith slowly worked his way up from manager to vice president. One of the reasons he was able to work his way up to the top is because of his idea to start concentrating on investment firms. Previously Dynamic Associates had been concentrating on matching executives with average businesses. Keith Mann saw a big gap that they had left in the financial and investment world. It was in 2002 that he decided to start matching executives with hedge funds. After a few years this started to also include private equity firms. They have now managed to match more than 2 thousand employees to companies and they have created close partnerships with firms that rely on DSP to find them who they are looking for.

Because of his success in his field of work, Keith Mann has become a very charitable person. He has also become a big advocate for education. Due to this, he recently gave a significant amount of money to start a college fund at a New York charter high school. The high school is one of the infamous Uncommon Charter Schools. These schools were created in order to make the achievement gap smaller by creating a high achieving institution for low income students. These schools are now all over New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

In a recent article by the Business Wire, Mann’s donation was noted. And the school’s excited was also noted. A college counselor at the school was thrilled that now another student will have the money to get a degree from a 4 year institution.


A renowned dental surgeon, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Dr. Avi Weisfogel looks to society for help in raising $2000. All proceeds to the GoFundMe campaign he’s launched will fund an Operation Smile endeavor. Avi Weisfogel active involvement in such an intervention isn’t questionable. In fact, Weisfogel explained the tragedy of children surviving unextraordinary ordeals because of serious facial deformities. Operation Smile aids the victims facing such a predicament and continues to sponsor treatment for these patients. The international charity has already performed 220,000 successful free corrective surgeries.

Facial deformities somewhat deprive children of a normal life. They frequently become an item of public ridicule. This silent emotional scars literally takes away any hope of a healthy life. Operation Smile needs additional support to continue helping these children. With volunteers, particularly a network of leading surgeons, health professionals, nurses and emergency care practitioners brought together by Operation Smile; treating these forgotten patients is possible. Now, these compassionate agents are lending their expertise out of sheer generosity. Kathy and Bill Magee founded Operation Smile in 1982. The two started helping needy Filipino children and some 30+ years later, the charity has become a global phenomenon. The organization collaborates with local hospitals and health centers globally to provide the best on-site medical care.

New Jersey-based dental specialist, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has personally sponsored Operation Smile initiatives. Currently, he attended the prominent Rutgers University in New Jersey where he earned his Bachelor’s in psychology and biology. He later studied dentistry at NYU (New York University) and earned a DDS degree. Avi’s specialization in sleep therapy actually motivated the creation of his successful Dental Sleep Masters intervention. While he’s explored sleep apnea patterns extensively, Dr. Weisfogel is passionate about sharing what he’s learned with fellow dentists.

Before Dental Sleep Masters, he established Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. He’s been managing this private practice for 15+. Interestingly, Weisfogel received multiple accolades for his superior expertise. In fact, he’s been awarded for “Best Dentist” designation for several consecutive years.

Two years later, he introduced “Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient,” focused on dentist edification in the interest of expanding their limited knowledge of sleep apnea and treatment. Finally, he conceived the idea of patenting the ultimate program, Dental Sleep Masters. Avi Weisfogel officially introduced Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. It’s another therapeutic intervention dedicated to helping experts administer treatment.