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Freedom is what freedom pop offers their customers. The process is simple. Go online and log on to the FreedomPop website. Click on order a phone. Look at the list of phones available. The price is also on the page. After you order and pay for your phone you are one step closer to freedom from cell phone bills.

Most cell phone companies offer a contract for you and your family. It is laid out so perfectly and looks so reasonable. The fine print of their contract does not catch your eyes until you receive your first astronomically high bill. Oh no, it costs to cancel their contracts too. Before you know it, you owe them hundreds and they are about to ruin your credit. This does not happen when you go through freedom pop. FreedomPop gives you phone service without the costly contract.

Question: What do you do when you are traveling away from home and you can not afford two cell phone bills?

Answer: Go online and purchase a phone through Freedom Pop then set up free phone service on the phone. The only cost is the price of the phone.

Question: What is the best phone for a teenager learning to be responsible?

Answer: FreedomPop is great because it offers free monthly cell phone plans.

Freedom pop is the best way to give your children a phone without the worry of them running up your bills. There is a great peace of mind when the phone is set and you do not have to keep tabs on the cost. Teenagers love to use text messages. They love to use Facebook and snap chat. The cost of this entertainment is free. Heading online is free as well. 500 MB of data is included in the free service. For $19.99 a customer can have unlimited access and the ability to surf the web at 4G Sprint LTE speed.

This is the best and cheapest way to stay in touch. Parents can keep up with their children by adding a tracking application on the phone. The application will give a parent the peace of mind to know that their kids are safe. Parents never have to worry about losing their children in a crowd or worry if they are walking home late from school. Freedom pop gives the family the chance to cut out the worry for $20 or less per month. check out applications on the google store here at

Check out this review of FreedomPop to learn more

If there is anything that could take someone far, it is love. Sanjay Shah Denmark has a lot of love for his family. This gave him the motivation to go very far in his life. When he was working for banks, he used the ability to provide for his family to be motivation for success. While working long hours at the bank and commuting could be enough for anyone to be content, Sanjay Shah wanted more for his family. Therefore, he has started his own business with the skills and education he had gained in the financial industry. His venture, Solo Capital has turned out to be a success.

As a result of his success, Sanjay was able to go on to other ventures which eventually allowed him to put together events that his family can enjoy. This is one of the greatest dreams that one could experience. Sanjay has the ability to earn a huge income while being able to support his family. Sanjay’s motivation has paid off for him. He has not only proven himself to be successful in his field, but he has also shown himself to be able to provide fun entertainment for many other people besides his family.

One thing that Sanjay Shah has is a sense of what others want. He is willing to provide events that feature artists that many people have come to love. Among the artists that have played at his Autism Rocks platform are Snoop Dogg, the late Prince, Flo-Rida, Lenny Kravitz, and plenty of others. He will continue to run the concerts with the intention of offering people the best entertainment and encouraging to make donations to autism research. He himself will continue to fund the universities that are looking for ways to improve on the treatment of autism research.


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Marc A. Sparks is an epitome of success with a golden heart. He believes in treating people with respect, honesty and fairness. His success is based on passion, faith, tenacity, sense of urgency and focus. Having no formal training other than the high school education, the successful venture capitalist believes in a keen instinct. He is a risk taker who is never afraid of losing as he takes every challenge as a lesson to understand one’s responsibilities and to be humble.

The author of (you can get it Amazon), They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success, has had a share of successful and unsuccessful ventures. Marc Spark started an insurance company which built a billion dollar market but later collapsed. His software company, on the other hand, sold products worth millions.

The entrepreneur has spearheaded several start-ups in telecommunication, real estate and capital investments. He owns Timber Creek Capital LLP a private equity firm with a portfolio of companies. Some of the companies include Bonn Air, Haul Fox, BlueJay Wireless and Spark Tank.

Spark Tank is a firm that empowers social entrepreneurs. Through a social innovation challenge, Marc Sparks has helped several non-profit organizations. Mommies in need emerged the winner of the second round. The organization provides nannies at no cost to care for the children of mothers with major surgeries, high-risk pregnancies and cancer. Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

Families to Freedom was a finalist and is involved with transporting children and mothers who have experienced domestic violence to places of recovery. The other finalist was House of Eli, an organization that impacts skills for future independence to boys who are out of the foster care system.

The first round social challenge winner was Dogs matter. The organization offers temporary foster care to pets of alcoholics and addicts who are in recovery. The patients undergoing treatment have peace of mind as their pets are taken care of. House of Eli was a first and second round finalist.

Metro Relief was a finalist, and the organization provides homeless people with what they need through their mobile soup kitchen. They also provide transport to addicts and the homeless to rehab facilities and also help in the registration process. Spark Tank looks for organizations with unique services and those with a strategy of how the grant they get will assist the programs of the organizations.

Marc Spark is committed to making the world a better place and this he does through charity works. The Samaritan Inn is a shelter for the homeless who are housed in 160 residents for about five months. The residents are enrolled in programs that help them become independent.

Marc is also involved with other charitable organizations such as American Can Academy, Habitat for Humanity and Sparky Kid’s Foundation among others.

The philanthropist and businessman enjoy hiking, fishing, biking, hunting, adventurous travels and golf. Marc Spark is truly an inspiration to many.