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For the last week, Raj Fernando shared an article by the Harvard Business Review at Scoutahead. The successful companies find, simply stated, and take their time to gather valuable insight and information from their employees. However this is done on a regular basis. Not just intermittently.

For this reason, check in with your business can be moralizing. However, this is good for business. In this case, you must decide which is important. According to a piece produced at the HBR, “When John Measures Employee Morale on a Weekly Basis.” This was a study conducted by Globoforce to ascertain the fact that nature would be engaged by true differentiators to attract employees. According to the study, high-end cultures were predicated on appreciation and recognition.

For this reason, companies that want to retain and recruit the best employees promote an outward and inward appreciation and respect culture. For the companies, they are looking for the people that deliver the best results.

By tracking the metrics such as quality and speed, the elements of motivation, most teams achieve between three to nine-fold increases in productivity-related development work delivered within few weeks. For this reason, the employees can reduce the time taken to bring new features and products to the market.

During the summer period, Scoutahead will be prepared for its official launch. They want to change its agreement-phase. However, this is going to take the company one mile ahead of the rest. With the principles of privacy and anonymity at the core, that’s why Scoutahead was built. Users are confident that the information given suits them perfect.

For this reason, Scouahead has been developed as a tool people can use without the knowledge of their workplace or company. This is the latest technology that makes it fun to engage with their choice of communities. There are numerous features that are about to make Scoutahead a one-of-a-kind company’s informational engine. Students, individuals, and employees will greatly benefit from the enterprise.

Raj Fernando is the current Chief Executive Officer of Scoutahead. He is also the former president and founder of Chopper Trading Company. Raj is a serial entrepreneur based in Chicago, United States.


Norka Martinez started singing when she was eight years old. Since then, she has managed to become one of the most liked musicians in the Latin music community. She is liked for several reasons including her ability to sing hope-themed songs, her unique voice, and style of music.

Unlike other musicians who venture into the music industry to make money, Luque’s main aim of entering the music business was different. She realized that the world was filled with negativity and she wanted to change it through music. “We as artists have the great responsibility of bringing a positive message to our fans because the lyrics in our songs transport them to the deepest levels of their emotions…,” Martinez said in an interview.

About Norka Martinez Luque

Norka Luque was born in Caracas in February 1985. She spent most of her life in this city (she attended preschool and high school here). From her profile, we also learn that she started participating in art competitions while in high school. It is listed in her profile that Norka Martinez Luque took part in junior competitions such as “School Festival of Gaitas,” and the “Golden Voice.”

Ms. Martinez had supportive parents who encouraged her to pursue her dreams. They enrolled her in an arts school where she took dance, instrument and singing lessons. Additionally, they encouraged her to complete her academic education.

After graduating from high school, Luque relocated abroad to further her studies. She joined a French business school where she earned a degree in business administration. During her time in France, she performed in nightclubs to revitalize her interests in music. Additionally, she joined a band by the name Bad Moon Rising.

As they toured different cities, Luque got the chance to meet new people, and establish connections with the major stakeholders in the music industry.

Personal crisis

When Ms. Martinez ventured into professional singing, she was already battling epilepsy. In 2014, her condition worsened, and she had to take some time off to undergo a brain surgery. In 2015, she had a successful surgery however she had a long recovery process. This recovery process saw her gain so much weight that negatively impacted her career.

Despite all these tribulations, Luque is now making a comeback with the song “Tomorrowland.” She has also unveiled a new single titled “Ese Es Mi Carino.” She featured the widely known singer Angel y Khriz.

Find Ms. Martinez on Facebook to learn more about her life and upcoming events.

Some countries are relatively free. Citizens have a little bit of choice as to what they can do. For one thing, if there is an issue in the country, the citizens can gather around to vote on something that will influence how the issue is handled. However, this is not the only model of country rule.

There are some countries that are run by dictators. Often times, these countries also run slave labor for people. One of the main problems with dictatorships is that a lot of dictators have power trips and they treat others as if they are inferior.

According to Forbes, for those that are oppressed by dictators, there are people that are working very hard on destroying the dictatorship that has been put in place. Among the people that are involved in the fight for human rights is Thor Halvorssen.

He is someone that is very passionate about what is being done about human rights. He is so eager to fight for the rights of others that he has put together his own foundation known as Human Rights Foundation. With his foundation and his career, he is working very hard to take on the battle for the rights of the oppressed.

Thor is not only working to bring forth human rights to everyone, but he is also gaining the help of people from all walks of life. Among the people that is helping out with the cause are celebrities. There are also other celebrities that are bringing different human rights issues to the attention of Thor.

One of the reasons that Thor is one of the most trustworthy human rights activists is that he works with an intensity and energy that is rarely seen with human rights activists. Thor is very effective at not only empowering people, but also getting involved in the fight for human rights.

Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Millions of people have been eagerly waiting to embrace the 2020 Lovaganza celebrations that will unite the whole world by featuring different cultures and communities. Lovaganza has promised to offer an experience that has never been seen before in the world by organizing celebrations that will rock the whole world through entertainment and a strong message of unity and love. Through the celebrations, different communities across the world will be allowed to showcase their unique cultures.

It will be an experience that everyone across the world should not miss due to the awesomeness it is set to offer. Lovaganza made the announcement about the official opening of the celebrations on Tumblr. The company decided the celebrations will be premiered in 2020 May and will continue until September the same year. Following this announcement, many people across the world have requested to have the celebrations a bit earlier, but the company gave valid reasons for keeping the announced dates.

Initially, Lovaganza had planned to hold the celebrations in 2015 but following careful review, the company realized it would be difficult to achieve the effect they wanted. It is about preparation and the technology used to make the event glamorous. If Lovaganza decided to have the global celebrations in 2015, there would be little room to prepare and the marketing process would not be as effective.

The technology aspect of the program also contributed to them pushing the dates since they wanted to include cutting-edge concepts and modern entertainment technology, something they have considered for the 2020 celebrations. The celebrations are set to offer entertainment that is unique and for this reason, Lovaganza has invested in immersive 3D screens.

Promoting the celebrations
Few people know about the celebrations and those who have heard about Lovaganza are yet to understand the motive behind preparing the entire world to celebrate the event. This is why the company came up with the Traveling Show, which should move across the world sharing information about what people should expect in the main celebrations. The show will use trilogies and previews on that will help people to understand what the celebrations will offer to the world.

To make it interesting, Lovaganza show will use entertainment and modern technology to offer high quality presentations. This is an event like no other and everyone should prepare to attend to help in the mission the company has launched to unify the world though entertainment.

One thing that could be said about dreams and aspirations is that st some point, they have to make money for the individual. However, in order for anything to make money, it needs to be marketed. This is one of the reasons that people need to learn some tools so that they can have an easier time profiting from anything that they are passionate about. There are many types of ways to market something. Among the ways to market are texting, audio and video. While many marketers could use all of these methods, there are email marketers that have found themselves stuck with using text. This is until Talk Fusion came in.


With Talk Fusion, people are now able to add video to their email. This is one of the activities that were deemed impossible. However, the founder and creator of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, believes that anything is possible. He has taken the time to find out how to come up with a solution that makes it possible for people to add video to their email, therefore, making it easier to market their products and services. This has resulted in something that is a huge success because it not only changed email marketing, but it has also influenced the way people communicate with each other.


Bob Reina is an entrepreneur who admires and respects entrepreneurs. He has been through the struggles of trying to get a business off the ground. Therefore, he is making an effort to not just help people that are in unfavorable circumstances, but also people that are working very hard to change their circumstances. For one thing, he admires people who are trying to start a business because he understands the risks that are involved. He also knows that people that start successful businesses create jobs.

Securus Technologies has been a leader in providing criminal justice and technology solutions for inmates. Their primary goal has been to improve the experience of prisoners during the time they spend in the correction facilities. Their services range from public information, conducting investigation, monitoring products and services, biometric services, verification and incident management services. The Dallas-based company have availed their service to close to 3,000 correction facilities where 1.2 million inmates have benefited from their services.



GTL made another allegation claim for damages and injunctions against Securus Technologies. The claims were made regarding the patent 7,256,816. However, the right position with the patent has not been clearly validate; it is there not possible for GTL to make any claims of such injunctions. GTL went ahead to insist that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board had preserved patents used by the company. However, Securus Technologies defended itself stating that the claims were unfounded and that the latter ruling can only be made in the court of law.


GTL further made an inaccurate claim when they decided to contend with innovations made patentable as indicated by the PTBA. Securus Technologies corrected this stating that they were only allowed to protect any innovations by going to court. GTL’s plan to go to court is an indication of how serious they are to convict Securus on infringing patents. They can, however, be rest assured that the jury may not be ready to listen to such claims and any such evidences anytime soon.


Concerning GTL’s press release, Securus Technologies CEO stated that he is willing to take on a challenge with GTL. He has offered such a challenge multiple times, but GTL has not responded yet. Securus Technologies beats GTL regarding its patents, the kind of technology and the number of engineers and technical personnel.

It is not uncommon for people to make the decision to move to New Zealand. They often want to move there because of the many benefits that come with living there or many of the benefits that they think will be there once they move there. It turns out, though, that some of those benefits may not actually be a reality.

People who want to move to New Zealand think that they don’t have to pay taxes there. They think that the country is low-tax or no-tax and that it is one of the many tax-free countries that are listed as tax havens. People who live in New Zealand and who have studied the tax laws there know that none of this is true and that they will not be able to benefit from any of the tax-free options once they make a move to the country.

The confusion probably came from the fact that New Zealand is a tax transparent country. It is somewhere that has a lot to offer people but it does not have free taxes. New Zealand’s tax transparency means only that they are required to list all of the taxes that the country has. They publish annual lists on what the taxes that people paid were and this allows them the chance to show off what they have for taxes. It only gives people a guide to go by when they are making the decision to move to New Zealand and should not be a reason for living there.

Since Geoff Cone is from New Zealand, he knew a lot about tax transparency before he even had a chance to become a global attorney. He wanted to make sure that other people knew about it. He often educated them on the different options that New Zealand had and many of these options included a great economy and beautiful backyards, but none of them included people being able to live without having to pay taxes on the money that they make when they are residents and live in the country that they are in.

When it comes to tax-free living, Geoff Cone knows how to do it. He made sure to always find the best tax options for himself. This gave him a chance to save money and also allowed him the opportunity to make more without being burdened by high taxes. Geoff Cone knew that tax-free living was possible. He used the tax haven list and found a home for himself in one of the countries that offered tax-free living. He was able to do this for himself and he is also able to do it for all of the clients who come to him and want to live tax-free.