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Talk Fusion was proud to add another award to their collection this past summer. On August 15, 2016 the company’s Video Chat product was the winner of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award, given out by the Technology Marketing Corporation.

Talk Fusion is the brain child of Bob Reina, a man with 20 years of network marketing experience. The company’s revolutionary system can basically help anyone promote their business through their many ways to connect with people including Video Chat, Video Email, Fusion On The Go, Video Newsletters, E-subscriptions, Video Auto Responders, Video Blogging, Video Sharing, Connecting with others to host things like webinars, and the patented Fusion Wall.

The Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award honors and recognizes products that have been shown to exceptionally improve video, voice, and data communications as well as making big improvements over the past twelve months. Talk Fusion’s Video Chat service is the company’s top product. Rich Tehrani, CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation, stated that Talk Fusion deserved this award because they are leaders in their industries and their products represent some of the best solutions available on the market today.

Talk Fusion uses the power of WebRTC technology which allows users to communicate face to face on nearly any device. The apps are available in both the iTunes and Google Play Stores. This is the second award the company has received in 2016 that honors and recognizes their continued momentum and success behind their communications services.

Talk Fusion stated that this was simply the beginning. Their IT team is hard at work on big plans for the future of their services, and as always, they are striving to always stay ahead of the curve. This award is a testament to all their hard work in creating an innovative product, and they are proud to be a part of this company.

For more information on this award and Talk Fusion, head to this PR Newswire article.


Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur who has made significant accomplishments. He is based in Joao Pessoa, Brazil and has substantially invested in the city. Santiago has built two major shopping malls in the city, which are known as Mangeira Shopping and Manaira Shopping. The 58-years-old has been dedicated to making sure that his enterprises offer exceptional services to the clients. His entrepreneurship career kicked off when he started investing in the Café Santa Rosa. Santiago later established a cartonnage business, and he was still young at that time. His company first developed utilitarian and decorative products from cardboards. It then started utilizing advanced technology to create better products and sold them to various entertainment businesses. His success has made him be appreciated as one of the top entrepreneurs in Joao Pessoa.

The businessman has spent most of his life in the Joao Pessoa City. He acquired his education at a local institution, which is known as the Pio X-Marist College and later majored in business at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Apart from entrepreneurship, Roberto has been involved in sports such as kart and motocross where he has been awarded several medals and trophies. His cartoon business earned him significant profits that he used to venture into real estates.

Roberto’s Manaira Shopping Mall was built about 27 years ago. Its construction took two years, and it is regarded as a landmark in Joao Pessoa. Manaira Shopping has an exemplary environment that is characterized by exceptional fun, entertainment, calm, and comfort. It has also been built in a location that has the superb sunset views and a magnificent beach.

Roberto Santaigo has ensured that Manaira Shopping has unparalleled entertainment facilities. They include cinemas, ballrooms, a gym, and a 1200 square meters electric amusement park. The mall’s theater has state-of-the-art amenities, and they include a stadium-like hall, VIP rooms, and 3D screens. Clients also receive services such as soft drinks, snacks, popcorns, and alcohol. The mall’s electric amusement park has been fitted with top-notch machinery. Its other outstanding feature is the Domus Hall, which is a concert space that is on its rooftop. It has the best infrastructure that includes sound equipment and air conditioning. The hall is one the largest ones in the city, and it can accommodate over 10,000 people in a concert. Manaira Shopping’s gourmet place offers excellent cuisine at its food court and steakhouse. It also provides a relaxing environment for families and friends to meet and have fun.


Brian Bonar is one of the most experienced and renowned investors based out of San Diego, California. He is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Dalrada Financial Group. The company offers many customized financial services to its clients, including insurance, business process outsourcing, and finance management.

He is also the Chairman and CEO of Trucept that offer insurance products and temporary staffing solutions to its clients in San Diego. It is the passion and commitment towards his company that has helped it reach the top position that it is today.

Apart from that, he is also known for sharing his knowledge through talks and shares his experience with others to help them out. He has held different senior positions in companies such as Allegiant Professional Company, IBM, QMS, Bezier Systems, ITEC Imaging Technologies, Smart-Tek Automated Services, and others.

Brian Bonar earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He then went on to complete his graduation and then doctorate from Stafford University in the UK. He started his career as a procurement manager at IBM and went on to work with the company for four years successfully leading a team of about 100 engineers.

He then joined Rastek Corporation as the Vice President Sales and Marketing where he worked with customers from different parts of the world.

Later on, he joined Adaptec as Sales Manager and worked closely with many leading Korean and Japanese printer manufacturing companies. In 1994 he started his own company named Bezier Systems that is known to have launched the first SCSI printer. Brian later joined Allegiant Professional Business Services where he was responsible for sales and marketing of their products.

His vast experience working with different companies have helped him develop skills that are not possible for everyone to acquire in a short period. Some of his skills include strategic partnership, marketing and sales techniques, business planning, competitive assessment, start-up management skills, corporate development, contract negotiations, private equity, outsourcing, management consulting and more.

Brian has always been eager to learn and improve his skills in every position that he served in throughout his career. He does not shy away from sharing his experience with the world and trains younger executives in the field from time to time to help them learn and develop skills, which would further help them become better professionals.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector and is appreciated and admired by all his colleagues and clients for being a thorough professional as well as true gentleman. He has been awarded the Executive of the Year in Finance Award at the Cambridge’s Who’s Who annual award ceremony.

This honor is provided to those who have accomplished excellence in their respective fields and help others to achieve success.

The heavy rain that we experienced last October has caused problems with the drinking water at the High Camp and Gold Coast Camp in Squaw Valley. The contamination has been limited to the new water system, and no public drinking water has been effected. Squaw Valley Public Service District and the Placer County Environmental Health were notified after routine testing showed that E. coli and coliform bacteria had been found in the water. At present, there have been no health problems reported. All the restaurants at upper mountain will remain closed till the issue is resolved. Likewise, skiers are not allowed to drink the water. However, top-to-bottom skiing is being allowed.


The water has been treated and continuously tested and is showing some improvement. At present three of the four well show low levels of coliform bacteria, but no E. coli.

In a statement released by Squaw Valley’s upper mountain management team they said,

“The safety of our customers is paramount to us. We take this issue very seriously, as we do all safety issues at our resort. While this is being resolved, our guests at High Camp and Gold Coast Camp will have normal and full access to our facilities, including free bottled water for drinking.”


Officials are continuing to monitor the water quality and while the levels are going down they are not at present safe for drinking and cooking. Regular use of water should return soon. Till then, it should be safe to use for limited bathing.

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Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

Securus Technologies has made life a lot easier for inmates who had found it difficult to stay in touch with their loved ones. Unfortunately, as many inmates have experienced, keeping in touch with loved ones can be quite difficult while in jail. Many have found that it is difficult to go even a few days without talking to their loved ones. Securus Technologies offers an opportunity in which people can keep in touch with their loved ones via video conferencing regardless of the situation that they are in, which in this case, is being jailed in a correctional facility.


If you are unsure about whether or not utilizing the video conferencing program that is available from Securus Technologies is a viable option for you, then please do not hesitate to go to their website to look at pricing and correctional facilities that program is offered at. Many are not aware of whether the correctional facility their loved one may be jailed in offers the program or not. Thus, the company has gather a list of correctional facilities for its website for potential users to sort through to see if they can indeed keep in touch with their loved one via video conferencing.


BBB, which is an acronym for Better Business Bureau, has accredited Securus Technologies as being a viable option for anyone who wants to utilize its program for keeping in touch with jailed friends or family members. Thus, it has received the certification that it needs to be considered as being a good option for optimal qualities of communications. One should not have any worries about whether or not their video conferencing will be hacked into or not because the communication protocols are conducted safely and securely. No other forms of video conferencing exist for inmates in which they can keep in touch at such competitive prices. Sign up for an account today!


Flavio Maluf is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Eucatex Group. Mr. Maluf made his first connection with the family business when he came on board in 1987 and operated in the company’s trade area. Flavio Maluf served in the Sales Department for nearly a decade before heading to the industrial department of the enterprise. He also became an Executive Partner of the company before being endorsed as the President of the Eucatex Group.

The Eucatex Group was established in 1951 as a marketer and producer of insulation and liners produced from eucalyptus wood fibers. The company currently serves its products to furniture manufacturers and other large construction agencies. The company is divided into two segments on; They include the Furniture Industry and the Construction Industry. Eucatex’s Construction segment manufactures laminate, floors, partitions, paints, and doors. Its industrial furniture part deals with Tamburato, MDP, and wood fiber plates. These products are manufactured from eucalyptus wood using advanced and high technology.

Flavio Maluf commenced on a comprehensive strategy to modernize the company during his tenure as the Eucatex president. He initiated several company projects and opened many branches all over Brazil. The CEO also improved the company’s trade by making major product exports in over forty foreign countries. Flavio Maluf led to the company’s growth with major profits made from the increase in the product market of the business. The company product markets increased by a thirty percent proportion in 2014 with a record of multi-million profits in the same year.

The company opened new industrial agencies in the Salto, Sao Paulo state. This industrial plant on manufactures Medium Density Fiberboard and Thin High-Density Fiberboard. The industry also produces recycled plant materials that are made from wood residue. Eucatex aims to reduce environment pollution through recycling and to avoid depositing the wood waste on landfills. This ecological effort has led to Eucatex being widely recognized as an Environmental friendly company. The company received the ISO 14001 Certification at which acknowledges companies that conform to the environmental protection standards. The Certification is also an evidence of responsible handling of industrial products and value for the environment.

New Year is one of the human moments when Americans take their time to select New Year resolutions. It is times when people make for their losses in the past year and make resolutions to create a better future. According to many people, New Year is one of the moments when you determine what happens to your environment in a manner which depicts market value and stability. For this reason, you will get a better result through investment and economy. According to a survey conducted by the Fidelity Investments Research Company, over 50 percent of consumers determine to spend less of their money on purchasing commodities in a world environment.

New Year also presents an opportunity for all to make better results in a dynamic world. For them to achieve much during the year, they must have a particular plan. For the uninitiated, the world of investment can be very overwhelming. Because it deals in numerous working capabilities which are uncertain, a careful study is always paramount to determine the chances of success in any investment platform in the United States. Furthermore, people always want to engage in the complex security exchange investments because they believe they have higher returns without a sweat. While they appear to be very lucrative, it is one of the best ways to lose all your money and become poor.

Always work to develop high-end facility development entities which are elongated to work in a better environment to develop a future in sustainability. The School of Law in the Columbia University trained Sam Tabar to become one of the most sought individuals in the United States. He is also incredibly talented at what he does. According to him, it is paramount for one to consider carrying out a market survey before engaging in a risky environment.

Forex trading is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. While this is true, you must first engage in a training session to help you get a better knowledge of the trends in the market. For this reason, you might consider using a pioneer to train you. Most people, in the recent past, have turned to the commodity trading markets.


Fashion has been termed as a dynamic field that keeps on evolving each and every time. In the fashion world, people have developed different types of clothes that have been worn over a long period of time depending on the customer preference. This has necessitated the development and emergence of many fashion houses that have contributed in setting up a multinational industry. Kate Hudson and Don Ressler are some of the leading contemporary fashion personality that has impacted positively in the current generation. She has been involved in developing software that has received a lot of recognition from the players. She established Fabletics which is an active ware brand that has been accepted by many people across the world.

The company has grown to employee many people and has expanded its market range to over 1million VIP members. This has been her breakthrough into an internationally recognized personality. Fabletics parent company TechStyle has gained a lot in terms of profit since the formation of the subsidiary company. The company is valued at over 1billion dollars which has raised its stake in the global limelight. Fabletics has some standing principles that it employs to maximize customer satisfaction, for instance through vertical integration, the company ensures the clothes are ready with eight weeks of manufacturing.

The company also strives in creating meaningful relationship with clients. This is done through ensuring they capture the right kind of VIP people by asking some questions to qualify people to become members. The company has also derived ways of always letting the person always feel like coming back for more. This is achieved by providing the best clothing that will leave the clients yearning for more.

Don Ressler has hinted at increased growth at the company depending with the increased number of people using the yoga pants ware. The company’s projects the value of its clothing and distribution to hit over 100billion dollars by 2020. This is one major milestone that will see the company to be among the top most producers and distributors of t-shirts and jeans across the United States of America. The company has continued to increase the number of its VIP yoga collection every year.