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Are you planning to invest in the real estate field and need someone to guide and advise you? Do you want to hire a reputable real estate consultant to help you purchase property in Brazil? Maybe you have researched JHSF and its Chief Executive Officer, José Auriemo Neto and are wondering how to get started.

JHSF is a highly regarded real estate firm in Brazil. The company focuses on commercial and residential markets acquisitions, shopping centers and development and management of high-profile hotels.

José Auriemo Neto is one of the leading real estate professionals in Brazil. José Auriemo Neto has been involved in purchasing and selling residential and commercial properties for many years. José Auriemo Neto is well versed in all aspects of the real estate field.

José Auriemo Neto has a great reputation for providing excellent service in the Brazilian real estate arena. He has helped numerous clients to purchase and sell real estate property and comes highly recommended in the Brazilian real estate industry.

When looking for property for sale, for example, it is imperative to only search for sound properties. You need to ensure that the foundation or structure of the house is in excellent condition and it only requires minimum work or minor repairs to upgrade the plumbing and wiring.

Investing in properties, whether residential or commercial, is tedious and requires great expertise. It is advisable to get the right training before venturing into this field. Without proper training and adequate knowledge of how to proceed, you’ll find it extremely difficult to reach your goal.

You can learn what works and what to avoid, by getting coaching or training from a reliable source like José Auriemo Neto. Also José Auriemo Neto can teach you how to develop a strategic plan that will help you handle your business successfully.

José Auriemo Neto takes the time to explain industry terms and he has the passion to ensure your success. If you truly want to profit from the real estate business, or if you want to purchase property for your own use, then contact José Auriemo Neto for proper guidance.

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Gregory James Aziz, a businessman, is the President, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Chairman of National Steel Car. The company is leading the way in rail freight car manufacturing and engineering companies in the world. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car has more than 100 years of excellence in the industry and is committed to quality.

Aziz’s education includes attending Ridley College and he was an economics major at the University of Western Ontario. He joined the family business after college and took on the family operated company, Affiliated Foods in 1971. The company expanded over the next 16 years and became a leading importer of fresh foods. After the food business, he took on several investment banking opportunities from the late 1980’s through the early 1990’s. Greg Aziz organized the National Steel Car purchase from Dofasco in 1994 and the goal was take the once great, but foundering company to greatness once again.

Under Greg Aziz’s leadership, the company invested in the staff through team building measures. The company was able to expand its capabilities from 3,500 freight cars per year to more than 12,000 freight cars per year. The staff also grew from 600 employees to almost 3,000. The company is the only freight car engineering and manufacturing company that is certified and has maintained the designation for more than 18 years.


Another part of the success of the company, according to Gregory Aziz is to also raise the bar to make sure the company focus stays strong. It is important to always have an efficient system in place and remain true to the core values that have brought success. It is also essential to maintain a high level of trust with the customers and provide on time delivery every time without fail.


Greg Aziz is committed to his community and he has inspired such commitment within the National Steel Car team and their families. It is important to support programs that offer a way to strengthen neighborhoods and communities and help others find a better way of life and enhance quality of life.


The company and Aziz works with the Salvation Army, United Way and the Theatre Aquarius. The company also supports food drives for local food banks and members serve as board members for several local organizations. Gregory J. Aziz and his wife Irene sponsor and participate in the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair each year. It is one of Canada’s most prominent and popular agricultural fair. Visit This Web Page for more information.

Gregory Aziz is widely considered to be the brains behind National Steel Car’s prominent rise to excellence. With over a century worth of experience, National Steel Car has undoubtedly become a pioneer in the manufacture of railroad freight and tank cars. According to Gregory James Aziz, meeting the diverse needs of its customers has always served as the company’s cornerstone. This essentially means that National Steel Car strives to deliver innovative and diverse solutions to its customers.

Unlike its competitors, National Steel Car frequently insists on challenging its service delivery in an attempt to raise the bar higher. To do this, National Steel Car focuses on its strengths with a keen emphasis on efficiency. Gregory J Aziz reiterated on the company’s hallmark in maintaining a deep sense of purpose that is consistent with its core values. Such an impressive policy has ensured that the company builds the highest-quality railcars that are consistent with prompt performance. Such a vision has significantly raised the company’s reputation as North America’s leading entity certified ISO 9001:2008.


National Steel Car’s recent annual TTX SECO award speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to meeting satisfying customers’ needs. Having been certified as a reliable institution, the company’s valued relationships with suppliers strengthened beyond the unrivaled commitment and integrity of its team members. The key to developing quality railcars lies in effectively pursuing the following components:


  • Honoring past traditions with profound determination
  • Moving forward with unwavering commitment
  • Adopting a keen focus on quality ad excellence as trendsetters in the industry


Greg Aziz’s Profile


Greg Aziz currently serves as the President, CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car, a prominent railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing enterprises. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, NSC has become synonymous with developing groundbreaking freight cars in North America and beyond. See This Page for more information.


Prior to holding such an esteemed position, Mr. Aziz spent ample time developing the family wholesale business widely known as Affiliated Foods. For over 16 years, Affiliated Foods has become synonymous with importing high-quality fresh foods from South America, Europe and the United States. Having gained adequate experience and expertise, Aziz moved on to pursue investment banking opportunities in New York during the early 1990s, which proved to be a remarkable business move.

While at New York, Greg Aziz developed a keen interest in overseeing the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco. Such a lucrative purchase was intended on transforming a prominent Canadian company into a North American multinational corporation. While at the helm, Aziz is credited with employing over 3000 employees who developed more than 12000 cars by 2000.


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The subcategory of organic snacks brought by Livio Bisterzo in the market has been witnessing tremendous growth over the recent past. In actuality, product sales such as those expanded to 153 percent before the end of October of 2016. As per specialists in the business, this is just the start.

About HIPPEAS Brand, these items contain a lot of fiber and protein; however, they are not heavy. They have a huge number of calories and don’t have any Genetically Modified Organisms. They are likewise certified organic, kosher and gluten-free. In particular, these snacks are exceptionally delicious!

Leonard DiCaprio was engaged with the health food genre prior to investing in Livio’s organization, and he was likewise a great environmentalist. Just as of late, Leonardo made an interest in Love in the Wild, which is a manageable seafood brand. He was attracted to Livio’s organization due to offering people with plant-based snacks.

Leonardo’s dedication to the environment is well-established. In the year 1998, he started the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation where the key recipients of this establishment are biodiversity and habitat conservation. Likewise on the agenda are conceivable solutions to the environmental change matter. Toward that end, Leonardo is likewise a U.N. Emissary of Peace for Climate.

Leonardo DiCaprio is certainly devoted to wildlife and the preservation of the planet. He gives services to various boards of associations that advance these causes, including Oceans 5, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the National Resources Defense Council, the World Wildlife Fund and National Geographic’s Pristine Seas.

Livio Bisterzo has been a business visionary for quite a while. His start was in the year 2003 with an organization that was associated with youth culture, occasions and showcasing. In 2015, he found what is currently his enthusiasm. The originator of Green Park Holdings has his base in the entryway of healthy snack food sector. His organization’s motivation is to bring foods that are better for you to the market; however, he likewise needs to have a constructive outcome on society.

Livio Bisterzo dwells in Los Angeles with his significant other and three kids. Before he went to the United States, he dwells in Great Britain where he learned at the University of the Arts. Subsequent to becoming a whole-time business person, he propelled consumer products businesses, lifestyle businesses, events business, and hospitality businesses.

Learn more by reading Livio Bisterzo And His Earth-Friendly Snack Supported By Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jim Larkin was an activist and trade unionist who was born in 1874. He was brought up in one of the slums in Liverpool, and for that reason, Jim did not experience much of the formal education. For Larkin to supplement the little income of his family, he had to look for some odd jobs during his youthful age.

Due to his dedication and hard work, Jim Larkin was appointed the foreman of one of the Liverpool docks. Since he was a committed activist and socialist, Jim wanted workers at Liverpool docks to be treated fairly. This is one of the reasons he joined NUDL. Learn more about Jim Larkin

In 1905, James Larkin deiced to become a full-time unionist. However, his approaches on strikes did not please NUDL (National Union of Dock Labourers).

Most of his strike methods were sympathetic and involved boycotting of goods from the Liverpool docks.

In 1907, Jim was transferred to Dublin. Still, he did not give up on union activities. While in Dublin, he founded a trade union known as ITGWU (Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union). Jim founded the union with the aim of bringing together all of the Irish workers, both unskilled and skilled.

At some point, Mr. Larkin acted like an activist with no limits. He formed the ILP (Irish Labour Party), which was responsible for numerous strikes that were experienced during the 1913 Dublin Lockout.

During this period, more than 100000 workers were on strike for more than eight months. The strike gave good results because they won the right to fair employment programs.

At the beginning of World War I, Mr. James rallied demonstrations against the war in Dublin. He also sought for funds from the United States of America to fight the United Kingdom. Some of his wars were successful others were not. In 1920, Jim Larkin was convicted of communism and criminal anarchy.

However, he was pardon by the British and deported to his country of origin, Ireland. While in Ireland, James Larkin managed to form the Worker’s Union. In 1924, he was recognized by the Communist International.

In the same year, Jim created a popular trade union known as WUI (Worker’s Union of Ireland). In 1945, he joined Irish Labor Party (ILP) with the aim of helping workers achieved their working benefits. However, death removed him from his real mission in 1947.

National Steel Car (NSC) is one of the oldest manufacturers of railroad freight cars in North America. The NSC has been in existence for over a century now. NSC is the leader in the manufacturer of railroad freight vehicles. In the early years of its existence, NSC was barely known. However, the company produced quality products to its customers.


The National Steel Car was put on the world map in the 1990’s when Gregory Aziz acquired it from the Dofasco. Greg James Aziz had a vision of expanding the company to cover the entire North America. Since its acquisition from Dofasco, NSC has experienced tremendous accomplishments, which have helped to put the company on a global map.


When Greg Aziz acquired the company from Dofasco in 1994, the company was only producing 3,500 new cars annually. Greg came up with new policies where he sought to increase the production to cater for the increasing demands of the customers. The expansion strategy put in place by James Aziz saw the annual production rise from 3,500 to 12,000 by the year 1999. Due to the increase in production, the company also had to increase its workforce. That saw the company’s number of employees rise three-fold within the same period. Today, with the measures that Aziz has put in place coupled with the effort of the employees, the company produces new railroad and freight cars in thousands annually.


As the leader of the National Steel Car, Gregory J Aziz has put in place measures that help to keep the company at the top of their game. The company has committed to producing quality products and offering exceptional services to their customers. It has helped them to grow the number of customers they serve and also to gain the reputation of being a top leader in the manufacture of rail road and freight cars. NSC is the only company of its kind in North America to be ISO 9001:2008 certified. Under the James Aziz leadership, the company has received the coveted TTX SECO quality award for the last two decades.


Besides the enormous success, NSC has continued with its commitment to upholding its traditions while reaching out for opportunities as they arise. James Gregory Aziz, the CEO and the Chairman explain that NSC will continue to uphold its core values, which are quality and excellence. The National Steel Car has continued to play a significant role in the community including sponsoring charities and other non-profit organizations.


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Why do some businesses fail in other succeed? Actually, a better question might be this, what actually does it take to make sure that a business has longevity? One such business that has defied all odds is the National Steel Car company, which has been in business for more than one century. What did it take for this company to get there? What kind of things can you do to replicate such success? My recommendation would be to look at the chief executive officer, Gregory James Aziz, and copy what he did.


Greg Aziz began by learning the theory of Economics during his time studying at Western University. It was from the wisdom that he gained from those professors that he was able to model successful business at the national steel car company.



One of those methods that he modeled was to always encourage the people in his company to push the line. In other words, he always wanted them to see advancements. A company that is no longer as good as the competitor is a company that will soon go out of business. However, on the other side of that coin, a company that is able to produce a better product than their competitor will be a company that will flourish. Gregory J Aziz made sure that his company was the latter.


The next method that he used was to model for them the process of efficiency. James Aziz knew that time was money. The more products that you could put out as a company, the more money would show up in your bank account. To combine both quality and quantity, was a sure recipe of success. Read More about Aziz Here.


The last method was to enforce the pillars that made his business successful. The first pillar was to empower and thank his faithful workers. Greg Aziz spent time mentoring them and by doing this, they found themselves loyal to him. The second pillar was to instill into the hearts of everyone there a vision that they can and that they will succeed. The last pillar he focused on was the customer who kept them in business. Greg Aziz took time to hear from them what they desired for the Railcar Industry. They he would fill that desire with his product. By doing this, he was able to put National steel car on top of the Railway Industry in all of North America.

Having grown up in Switzerland, Mike Baur has lived a life worth reading about for inspiration. The now renowned businessman studied at the University of Rochester and the Bern University where he graduated with degrees. At the age of 16, he started out his career in the banking industry. With a high anticipation of success, Mike put his best foot forward as he climbed through ranks in different companies.



Mike Baur Banking Career:



Mike Baur was employed by the Union Bank of Switzerland, UBS, in the 1990s. As a young motivated and hardworking man, still, in his twenties, he earned himself an advisory position that was very important at the Bank. His work was to advise high-end investors in Swiss. In 2008, Mike resigned from UBS and soon after got a job at Clariden Leu. He held a position there for almost 6 years. With his vast experience, he had an urge to help entrepreneurs in the technology industry. He decided to use the skills he had earned in this industry and expertise to pursue his passion.



The beginning and running of the Swiss Startup Factory:



In order to fulfill his passion of helping entrepreneurs in the technology business, Mike Baur began Swiss Startup Factory. It was in 2014 when he took up this journey. He partnered with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to start an incubator program that offered training and mentorship for young entrepreneurs in Switzerland. If a startup looked feasible, they provided funding to boost the business.



Furthermore, some startups gain access to free offices for a period of three months as they attend the training offered by Swiss Startup Factory. They gain a platform for networking and marketing their products and services. The training also enhances their thinking capacities and enables them to identify potential investors for their businesses. The company encourages its trainees to join the pitching contests to win funding to boost their startups. Mike Baur was a juror for one of the main pitching contests.



Think Reloaded Formation and Expansion:



Think Reloaded is also a brainchild of Mike Baur. Its main focus is advising clients financially. Mike served as the deputy to the investing managing director. The company joined forces with SSUF to provide the best services for their clients. Mike’s main task is to organize fundraising and financing in this company. SSUF promotes the development of the technology industry as well as the economy of the country through their involvement in the startup businesses.



Mike Baur is a famous entrepreneur who uses his strong banking background to invest in startups and to help in growing them.

In 2012, a newcomer entered the world of bottled water production and has made quite a splash ever since. Ryan Emmons, at age 22, put two and two together when he realized how wonderful the water tasted that he was drinking when he visited his family in Hilo on Big Island in Hawaii. The water was rain and snowmelt runoff from the Mona Loa mountain top.

It was filtering through thousands of feet of volcano lava that was adding minerals rich in electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Combined with an ideal 30 mg of silica, the water has a soft silky taste. This combination of natural minerals creates an alkaline water that not only tastes good but has health benefits for the body.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was born in 2012. The company is based on health, eco-friendly, and ethical sustainable principles. Even the packaging is eco-friendly, made with recycled plastics that are BPA-Free and produced with a low carbon footprint. Ryan Emmons, founder plus CEO of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, is proving that companies can produce healthy products, preserve our environment, and contribute back to those in need, as a sustainable business plan.

The growth of his company is a phenomenon in the trading area. It is listed as 414th on the top 500 companies listed by Forbes with a 4000% growth in just the past five years. Most of his peers in the bottled water industry are matured in age and experience, so it has been an uphill battle for this young entrepreneur to get their attention, but the Waiakea growth is hard to ignore.

Pump Aid and Waiakea have partnered to bring clean water to rural parts of Africa. Pump Aid has installed over 3,200 Elephant pumps that are based on a 3,000-year-old Chinese design. Waiakea donates about 5% of their revenue to this charity with the goal of providing clean and healthy water to areas that need it the most.

Waiakea is creating a standard in the corporate world that is sending a message to its peers and the public – ethical and naturally sustainable products are profitable and preferred by consumers.

Sleeping is an often overlooked activity among most people. As a result, a number of people rely on beverages such as coffee to stay awake for a number of hours. While many people downplay the importance of sleep, not getting enough can have some very negative consequences. When a person is sleep deprived will begin to experience health problems and also have their appearance diminish. People who don’t get enough sleep will often have puffy and bloodshot eyes. It can also result in wrinkles on the face. As a result, getting enough sleep is essential to both being and looking healthy. While sleep deprivation is a common problem, a number of medical professionals have looked to help address the negative effects of sleep deprivation. One of these medical professionals is dentist Avi Weisfogel.

Over the last several years, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has spent a lot of time researching the effects of sleep disorders including sleep apnea. During the last several years, Dr. Weisfogel has found out that many people suffer from the condition known as sleep apnea. As a result, he has looked to find ways to treat and cure the condition. He first found out about this condition when he was a practicing dentist and then looked to start up his own company called Dental Sleep Masters. With his experience and knowledge, Dr. Weisfogel has been able to establish himself as one of the leading experts on sleep disorders and how to treat them.

Avi Weisfogel has had a long and successful career in dentistry and entrepreneurship. Before he began his career, he received his education. He attended and graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in biology. After completing his degree in biology, Dr. Weisfogel then attended the New York University College of Dentistry. Once he received his DDS degree, he then worked as a practicing dentist for a number of years before starting up his own practice. With his independent practice, he established himself as one of the top dentists in the entire nation. When he was working as a dentist, he discovered that a number of his patients were suffering from sleep disorders.

After finding out that a number of his patients were suffering from sleep disorders, he then founded Dental Sleep Masters to find a way to address these conditions. With Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel researches and educates both patients and a number of dental practitioners about them. As a result, he has been able to help find ways to enable patients to improve the quality of their lives by combating sleep disorders.