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Betsy DeVos is lives with her husband in Michigan. Together, they have given over $1 billion. In 2013, she gave $90 million to educational services, health causes, and community services. A percentage also went to faith organizations, and some to the others.


She has long been a proponent of various kinds of education development for teacher training. This reduced the amount of kids that missed class, which are typically lower income children, and minorities. The number it was reduced was 30%. Betsy DeVos believes that making these children feel wanted and included is better for the community at large.


Working with a number of churches, she helped people access driver licenses, get jobs, and have access to healthcare, housing, and other kinds of social programs. Often times, it was just a simple shower that they needed. Other times, meals were provided through ministries and faith organizations. One woman, Mel Trotter, received the aid and was able to get an apartment and a job within 40 days of getting help.


Since 1993, DeVos has chaired the Education Freedom Fund. It gives scholarships to kids with little means in Michigan. That way, they can choose the school they’ve always wanted to attend. By paying for $7 million of the donations with her own money, she actually matched what the Children’s Scholarship Fund donated.


DeVos was the chair of “Kids First” which helps parents have better education opportunities for their kids by getting vouchers from their taxes. Other charities she is involved with are Children First America and Choices for Children. She is on the board of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which assists the above issues and even hospitals, higher education, and economic groups.


With Betsy DeVos’ help, many kids in Michigan have received their college degrees in a variety of business subjects. Many even go on to graduate school, getting their MBA. She hands out awards for kids who show an entrepreneurial spirit, offering a scholarship for such performance. Of course, it isn’t just education initiatives that DeVos is involved in. She also believes in Grand Action. This is something that seeks to get business leaders together with government officials to work together and solve Detroit’s tough problems. Thanks to this action, the downtown area of Detroit has been changed and it is safer to walk down the street than it ever was before.


Long gone are the days when states had the money for schools and social services simply handed to them. Today, those in business must work hard with those in the government and everyday community to create real, lasting change. That is just what Betsy DeVos has done and continues to do. Her husband and she continue to support society in new ways.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the President of the Bradesco. He was born in October 1951 in the town of Marilla, Sao Paulo. He attended Sao Paulo school of letters and sociology for a postgraduate degree in sociology. He started working in Bradesco at the age of 22 in 1969. With 40 years’ experience, he holds many positions within the Bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed at the Department Director in 1961 within the bank and later Managing Director in 1998. In 1999, he was appointed the Executive Director.

With his outstanding experience and hard work, he became the Group CEO and also the executive member of the Board of Directors at Bradesco, this was on March 10, 2009. He holds other distinct and distinguished management positions in Bradesco. Through his participation and activities in the insurance, he has received many awards and honours. In 2003 and 2009 he was awarded the Insurance Person of the Year in the whole of the insurance sector. His dedicated career in the Bradesco Institution made him being nominated as the President.

During the mid-1980s while serving in the marketing department in Bradesco banks, he assisted the bank a lot in its public relations exercise. Through his hard work and dedication, the bank was drawn closer to the media industry which in turn adopt the advertising strategy as well as conventional marketing.

Today, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is among the people who are considered very influential especially in the insurance and banking industry in Brazil. Additionally, when he assumed the presidency of the Bradesco Bank in 2003, he managed to turn the institution fortunes around. As a firm believer in the outstanding growth, he managed to outsmart his chief competitor in the banking industry, Itau Unibanco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as a master strategist engineered the taking over of the HSBC Branch in Brazil with a prize of about $5.2 billion. This idea makes the Bradesco bank to regain the leadership position in the marketplace which had fallen.

His success and the organic management style is the core responsible for the achievement enjoyed by the Bradesco in the recent years. The main aim of the Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi in the company is the acquisitions of many customers. The recent movement is the initiation of the client acquisition program which is targeting a large market base of more than 100 million by 2025. In 2009 till today the company had received more than 27 million customers alone who are living in Brazil. This outstanding achievement has proven that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a manager, business leader and also an entrepreneur.

Many people across Brazil consider his efforts, experience and input in the development of the marketing industries and insurance sector as the backbone of the country`s economy. His achievement in the insurance and banking industry are very many, for example in 2008 he assisted the bank to double its assets to more than $78 billion. During the first year as the president of the Bradesco, the return of the bank on equities alone rose to 29% from 22%. Also, the Bradesco contribution to the performance of the group increased from 26% to 35%.

He is the fourth president of Bradesco Bank since its 70 years in history. The leadership style of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi depends on extending the needs, feelings, desires and likes by offering services to the clients which match with his requirements. The knowledge he has in engineering, economy, management and accounting has helped him in the comprehension of the intricacies and needs of the Brazilian banking and insurance sectors.


Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur and one of the first hoteliers to deliver services branded in London and has been involved in more than 25 projects; he has been in the industry for more than two decades. Being the current chairman of Splendid hospitality group, he is in charge of the growth strategy of the team. Splendid covers the 292 bedroom Hilton London Bankside,256 bedroom Conrad London St James, the grand hotel and spar York and 336 building Inn, Webley. Mr. Shiraz came from Kenya and arrived in the United Kingdom in 1969, where he trained as a chartered accountant and after that moved to KPMG. He has a right eye for business opportunities, and in 1985 he was the co-founder of Sussex health care which currently consists of 18 care homes with more than 500 beds.

The Splendid hospitality group owned by Mr. Shiraz established itself in the United Kingdom economy through design, construction and quality services operating all over the country. The team receives support from other brands such as IHG, Choice, Accor, and Hilton. The organization recently added to its wings the Ibis York Center, Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel, and The New Ellington in Leeds. The group received an award for the hotelier of the year from the Asian Business Awards.

Mr. Shiraz is one of the co-founders of Sussex health care, which is an independent regulator of health and adult social care in the UK. The services provided are safe, effective, compassionate, and high quality. The organization’s team has a board supported by an executive team. The board ensures the club is run successfully and sustainably while the executive team oversees the business objectives. The group registers care providers, monitor, and inspect rate services and protect the people using their services. The organization values excellence in nurturing with care, working with integrity and working together as a team. The group recently started offering new services for people with autism and young people leaving school with problematic learning due to physical disabilities. The services provided are ensuite services, kitchen and dining area, game rooms and large sitting rooms. These services will be on the new multi-purpose built units which are enabled by modern technology. The facility location is outside Horsham in West Sussex.

Shiraz recognizes the need to give back to the community and its thus he takes part in the cities charitable organizations .he hold a position in the National Council, the moderator of the national conciliation and arbitration board and source convener.

USHEALTH is a provider of individual and family insurance policies in the United States of America. It was founded in 2009, making it an exceptionally new organization for being an insurance provider, and all, as most insurers are around for decades, if not well over a full century.

In order to keep its clients choosing among the best insurance policies available on today’s ultra-competitive market, USHEALTH Advisors pays its insurance agents, account managers, and contracted insurance agents more than most competitors. Read more: UsHealth Advisors Memphis, TN

For example, Glassdoor’s research indicates that the average account manager makes $52,000 per annum. Insurance agents make slightly more than $70,000, with contracted insurance agents bringing an astounding $85,000 home to their families.

Everyone that works for USHEALTH Advisors convenes together under the philosophy of HOPE, helping other people everyday. Those that fit under HOPE – in other words, those who make insurance policies more affordable – include staff, contracted insurance sales personnel, and management.

USHEALTH Advisors offers several types of insurance, all of which have rates that can be locked in for a year and one-quarter – that’s 15 months at a time. People who choose to open policies from USHEALTH Advisors will find that they will never have to talk to robots or “call waiting systems” as many other insurances require – simply dial USHEALTH Advisors’ toll-free number and experience customer service on a personal level with other, real people.

According to group plans, people with similar characteristics put money forward in a pool. Most of the time, constituents don’t know anything about each other, except they might share ashtmaNor another.

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Daniel Mark Harrison has made headlines in a wide range of industries. His compelling career profile is summed up in a 2015 article, which was written by Isabella Kamiska, in the Financial Times. Isabella described Daniel Mark Harrison as a journalist, serial entrepreneur, author, Bitcoin 2.0 enthusiast, Editor-in-chief, publisher, factory banking inventor and Blockchain evangelist. He is a direct descendant of The House of Harrison, the bloodline behind money-printing business, Harrison & Sons, which is FTSE-listed. De La Rue acquired the company in 1997. Isabella’s description of Harrison reflects an outstanding career of a man who is committed to duty and excellence. Harrison is the chairperson and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison Co. (DMH&CO), a company that he fully owns. DMH&CO manages family assets in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Daniel Mark Harrison has been able to achieve much success in his career due to his strong educational background. He holds a BA and an MBA from the esteemed University of Oxford and the renowned BI Norwegian Business School respectively. Harrison is also an alumnus of the prestigious New York University where he earned his master’s degree in journalism. Through education and working experience, he was equipped with adequate skills and knowledge to navigate and achieve success in diverse industries.

The shrewd entrepreneur works as a managing partner for Monkey Capital, a block chain and fin-tech venture capital with high quality operations. In addition, Harrison co-founded Stanley Court Ltd, Thailand, an investment and asset brokerage company. The executive held a managerial position at Minisuco Ltd, Shanghai, a leather and furniture manufacturer. Daniel Mark Harrison worked as head of private clients at St. Helen’s Capital Plc. He has great authorship skills. To this end, he has contributed to various mediums, including CoinsSpeaker, where he is in charge of the editorial team. Harrison is credited for growing its readership.

The executive is the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Marx Rand. The executive was a columnist at the Motley fool. The renowned publisher is responsible for great pieces like Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World and The Millenial Reincarnation. Over the years, he has delivered excellent results, thus building a solid and admirable profile. He has been featured on various business news channels, including CNN and Bloomberg.


Daniel Mark Harrison is holds incredible respect both in the cryptocurrency and business industries due to the pronounced strides he has made in the sectors. Many describe him as a jack of all trades not limited to an author, entrepreneur, businessman, Blockchain evangelist among others.

He is a renowned chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison Co. which works as a family office with dynamic operations and workstations in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. As the manager and the owner of this family office, the main mission is to assist and look after the progress of his personal and family assets.

As a diverse person, he is said to flourish in any responsibility given to him. For instance, as a managing partner of Blockchain funding firm monkey capital much has been achieved through his efforts. Since he became part of the managing team, the company realized vast of a unique blend of high-quality operations and compelling projects.

As a journalist, his competence was recorded through the contributions he made while at the Blockchain networks a company he manages and founded. Since the period he has been there, the company has established a recognition of being among the six companies with a five-star rating. The company got the rating while an interview between Daniel Mark Harrison and Chris Waltzek who is a syndicated radio host.

Harrison has also been an editor in chief at Coinspeaker where his achievements are also remarkable. Since he joined the company in April 2014, there has been an increase in readership to over 450000 per month. In his era also, he has managed to broker unlimited number of stories among them, “The End of CoinDesks Proxy Index?” Which is the most famous of the times? More to this he has also managed the editorial team and supported them with optimization of their sites.

His contributions have also been successful as a head of private clients where he was marked as the largest individual revenue generator. As the largest corporate financier, he managed to develop pitch books, executive summaries and private placement memoranda for public listings. This saw the equity sales of the company rise from £250,000 to over £2 million annually.

In conclusion, with the knowledge about both Spanish and French language, his main causes that he cares about include Arts and Culture Education, politics, science and technology and human rights.


Greg Aziz is the chief executive officer of National Steel Car. He has served in the railroad manufacturing company since 1994. Gregory J Aziz values the efforts and contributions of every staff member, suppliers, and customers of National Steel Car. The success of National Steel Car is attributed to the determination, dedication, and trust of all stakeholders. James Aziz is an astute leader whose primary focus is on the crucial things for the greater good of National Steel Car.


Before joining National Steel Car, James Aziz started working at his family business shortly after completing his studies at the Western Ontario University. His family owns Affiliated Foods, which is a food business that is doing well in the industry. James Aziz later relocated to the New York City to work in investment banking where he served for some years. Gregory James Aziz is a family man who is married to his wife, Irene. The two are blessed with two children. James and his wife participate and sponsor many activities in Canada. James Aziz is well-known for his success in business leadership.


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About National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a leader in the steel car manufacturing sector in North America. Its effective use of technology, excellent customer relationships, passion, innovation, and dedication has enabled the company to remain successful effectively. National Steel Car has maintained its excellent reputation over the years. The leadership of Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car has seen it receive TTX SECO awards for over one decade consecutively for being the leading company in steel car engineering and manufacturing. The company has focused on the production of quality products, which explains why it has remained on top of the game. As a customer, you can be sure that National Steel Car will not disappoint you when it comes to meeting timelines. It is the only ISO certified railcar company in North America. See This Article to learn more.


National Steel Car focuses on a better tomorrow through its continued determination rather than relying solely on successes it has made in the past. Its future focus is on offering innovative solutions and services in the railcar sector. James Aziz’s leadership at the company has enabled it to work with the Hamilton community with an objective of making their lives better than before. National Steel Car has employed more than 2000 Hamilton, Ontario residents, and it is a significant participant in the food drives. It is also a sponsor of the Theater Aquarius and Hamilton Opera among other charities.

Christopher Burch who is commonly known as Chris Burch is a renowned billionaire. He recently acquired a small resort in Sumba Island and invested in it generously. In just three years, the resort was at the top of the industry talk and was now a five-star resort known as Nihi Sumba Island Resort. In 2017 and the previous year, the resort was the voted the first globally. It has earned other awards like the one from the Telegraph among others. Chris has had a hand in various businesses that are very successful including C. Wonder, NextJump, and Little Duck Organics among others.  More to read on this.

Before investing in Nihi, Chris had various success stories in the hospitality industry. Almost a decade ago, he had previously overseen the transition of Faena Hotel, which is now a five-star hotel. Petra Graves and Claude were the owners of Nihiwatu, now Nihi. The resort had undergone a couple of hardships before they opened up their options to letting investors in. James McBride went to assess the situation of the resort and whether it was a viable investment for Chris. With the beautiful atmosphere of the island spotted by McBride, Burch could not resist investing into the resort. McBride was also part of this development as a managing partner. He was in charge of marketing the brand and developing concepts to grow the resort into an outstanding international resort for surfers, since it was by the water mass, and other people.  More to read on

The resort still religiously supports the Sumba Foundation which supports the local community in various capacities. The jungle that surrounds it is a major tourist attraction. The type of accommodation offered at Nihi ranges from treehouses to villas. All the rooms are encompassed with some local designs and decorations to keep up with the traditions. The luxurious resort offers other amenities like swimming pools, outdoor activities, the spa and a library among others.  Additional article on

Based on, Christopher Burch studied at the New York-based Ithaca College for his undergraduate degree. While he was there he started selling colorful sweaters that were made from wool with his brother and sold them on their campus and other campuses as well. Chris makes investments across different industries from financial, technology, hospitality and consumer products among others.  Learn from his shared insights, click

Chris the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is also a co-founder at Tory Burch, a fashion brand. He is a strong believer in marketing brands and that is one of the reasons his businesses are successful. The renowned businessman has spearheaded over 50 companies into their success through his research in the behavior of consumers and innovative practices.

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Gregory James Aziz was born in April 1949. He is one of the prominent businessmen in Canada. His contributions in the engineering and manufacturing sector in North America is something worth writing about. Greg Aziz is not your ordinary entrepreneur. He is super talented in turning operations of a company around. Greg Aziz is the key pillar behind the resurgence of the oldest corporation in the country known as National Steel Car Limited. This is a corporation that has been operational for more than 100 years. Since it was established in 1912, it has continued to serve the people of North America with dedication and commitment.


How did Gregory J Aziz become the leader of this cooperation with such a long history? To start, of let us look at his origin. Gregory Aziz is a Canadian born in Ontario. He attended the local school in Canada that include; Ridley College and University of Western Ontario. He is a holder of an economics degree. Greg graduated from Western Ontario in 1971 and started another phase of his life that saw him take on huge business investment challenges.


The first challenge was his family owned food company. The company known as Affiliated Foods supplied fresh food in Canada. To help the company expand, he came up with measures that made Affiliated Food the largest importer and supplier of fresh food in Canada. His impact on the operations of the business was felt after just a few years of operations.


The second challenge was working in the U.S investment banking sector. As an investment advisor, he had to research and offer his clients sound financial advice to help them make right investment decisions.


The third and the most important one was working with the National Steel Car Limited. This was a company that dealt with the manufacture of tank cars and railroad freight cars. When he bought the company, its fortunes had declined massively. To many, it did not look like a sound business idea, but to James Gregory, the corporation presented a good opportunity to transform its operations and make it the best in the region.


Greg J Aziz pumped capital into the corporation. He specifically concentrated on some areas that included: human resource, the equipment and customer service. After Aziz had set the company’s operations rolling, the outcome did not disappoint. National Steel Car improved on all department. Production went up as so did the human resource. The customer service of the company was also advanced to take care of the clients first.


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When it comes to buying Beneful dog food, many people choose to purchase the products at Walmart. Although the competitive prices offered by Walmart alone are a great incentive to purchase Beneful dog food there, their large selection of Beneful products is also quite appealing.

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Sometimes, there are Beneful dog food coupons that can be used in conjunction with cash-back apps at Walmart. By utilizing them together, the consumer can experience some significant savings on the foods their dogs love to eat.