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Just like the two side of a coin, Bitcoin has an upside and a downside. The upside is that because it is a decentralized currency it has no central administration governing it, thus making it private and secure. The downside, according to Ted Bauman, is that it takes a lot of time to process transactions, thus making it an inconvenient mode when you are in a rush.

Bitcoins get generated through a process known as mining. For every transaction to get completed one has to wait for the mining process to run through and this can take even more than 40 minutes. Therefore, this means that as more people adapt to the use of bitcoin as a currency in its current state, the lines of people waiting to get served will only get longer. Bitcoin can only process about 6.5 transactions per second. Compared to the more than 1,700 per second operations run by credit cards, the cryptocurrency leaves a lot to be desired.

One solution to the problem of the bitcoin wait time as suggested by Ted Bauman is to reduce the amount of data that needs to get processed during a mining process. Either that or an increase in the number of mining blocks so that more data can get processed at once. As a cause of action, two new technologies got created, one known as a Hard fork which handled new transactions by making larger systems from old operations thus increasing the speed of data processing. The other technology, branded segregates witness, worked by transferring bits of data to a place where it does not need verification. As a result, this reduced the security of bitcoin and more people soon opted for a hard fork.

Hard fork technology brought with it Bitcoin Cash, a cryptocurrency in which bitcoin owners were all awarded some Bitcoin Cash equivalent to the number of bitcoins owned. The popularity of Bitcoin Cash increased while Bitcoin transactions value decreased. Being at its lowest when segregated witness technology was utterly wiped out. Bauman can only advice bitcoin enthusiasts to watch out for the new technologies that crop up because someone might just come up with a permanent solution for bitcoin.

Ted Bauman is currently the Editor of The Bauman Letter and Plan B club at Bayman Hill Publishing. He moved to South Africa from his hometown, Maryland, USA, to attend the University of Cape Town where he attained postgraduate degrees in Economics and History.

Ted Bauman stayed in South Africa for 25 years and got recognized as one of the engineers behind Slum Dwellers International, an organization currently operating in more than 33 African countries offering aid to slum dwellers.

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With Bitcoin prices blowing up more than 1,500 percent over the past year, many financial experts believe that the cryptocurrency bubble is nearing its end. Ian King, however, believes that this is only the beginning. These days, everyone knows about Bitcoin, but very few people own any and far fewer understand the revolutionary technology behind it. King believes that this will change very soon. As, while Bitcoin has seen unparalleled growth, it’s still not too late for the average investor to get a slice of the crypto pie. Read more about Ian King for more info.

Crypto Has Gone Mainstream

In only a few short years, crypto assets have gone from a libertarian pipe-dream and cryptography oddity to a global force rising in value faster than almost any other asset. This kind of growth shows immense value for investors, but it’s only the beginning.

With the recent development of applications which truly open crypto up to anyone, it’s easier than ever for the average person to invest in this digital gold. With Apps such as Coinbase surpassing even YouTube in downloads, investors are now able to invest with only a few taps on their screen. The market is opened twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and doesn’t rely on a middleman to handle transactions. Accessible and powerful, it’s no wonder that crypto has become so large.

Wall Street Arrives Late to the Party

Most of the time, it’s the average investor that’s late to the party, but this time, it’s the rest of the financial world. With governments and corporations beginning to hire blockchain experts in order to integrate this intriguing technology into their operations, crypto is no longer simply something for cryptology enthusiasts.

Wall Street, usually quick to seize financial opportunities has finally arrived at the crypto party, bringing in a fresh influx of investment funds, and strengthening the market. Bubble or not, crypto assets are here to stay.

About Ian King

Ian King is an entrepreneur and a prominent figure in crypto asset trading. With decades of experience in investment and trading and unrivaled passion for the crypto market, he’s uniquely qualified to give insight into the market. Recently, he’s worked tirelessly to help the average investor make it big with crypto.

Currently, in the process of creating a course on crypto trading for Banyan Hill, the publication which he writes for, he aims to help bring crypto into the mainstream and to get it into the hands of the average investor. Visit:

Hope and faith often go hand in hand, and this belief encouraged Troy McQuagge to create the HOPE program for people living in the USA. Helping Other People Everyday, or HOPE is a cleverly coined name for the people who work as independently contracted agents of USHA, the health advisory unit of the USA.

The mission of HOPE is both clear and concise; the program aims to make a positive impact in the lives of other people on a day to day basis. This mission is upheld by the staff and management of USHA, and since 2010, this program has been turning the tides in favour of other people, often those who are forgotten by most. Read more on about Troy McQuagge Son

Troy McQuagge, created this program and is the President of the US Health Advisors as well as the central firm. The project commenced operations with their partners at that time, Phoenix of New Orleans, to aid in the rescue of people adversely affected by Hurricanes like Katrina. Not only did they accept the mammoth task of re-building houses in some of the worst-hit districts but they also actively engaged in volunteering thousands of hours to restore various sectors in various areas of New Orleans.

The next initiative taken together by Troy McQuagge and HOPE was to purchase new merchandise equalling thousands of dollars to donate to The Crisis Nursery, a charitable shelter for children that operates in Phoenix. This noble deed involved giving the shelter shoes, baby formula, children’s clothes and a myriad of other supplies. This goodwill program has also accepted a series of other projects in the last few years.

The HOPE project is based on the belief that establishments that earn money from people should give back to the people, and should not focus only on financial growth but also personal development. Troy McQuagge son believes with conviction that companies have souls, they belong in the core of the firm, that is in its people, both the decision makers and the employees. Troy McQuagge also stands by his views that by giving others things without any agenda and helping them by serving the greater good, whenever and where ever possible, this approach can be a very noble way of living both one’s life and business. Read:



Glen Wakeman has an excellent record in all areas of his professionalism. He is a renowned mentor, writer, investor, inventor and business person. After working for two decades in business and finance, Glen has gained high levels of knowledge and skills. Glen utilizes these resources to mentor upcoming business people and others who look up to him.

As Glen was working to achieve his success, he worked for various companies. One of them of was GE Capital. He appreciated working for this company because it also exposed him to diverse cultures. Most of the places Glen has worked have been outside the country. Working abroad taught him how to embrace the dynamic business environments.

Since 2015, he has been the CEO of LaunchPad Holding LLC. Most of his work entails helping upcoming generations. He desires seeing them develop their full potential and maximize it ( By doing so, these young business people will help their companies grow. In addition to mentorship, Glen assists those with business plans. Since he is a writer, Glen knows how to customize strategies and business plans.

An important lesson from Glen is optimism. He is not discouraged by his challenges. Glen perceives challenges as an opportunity to become better. This lesson is mainly important for his mentored. Young people are easily discouraged when they meet challenges often. Glen is where he is now because of mentorship and his resilience to continue pursuing despite the challenges.

Glen Wakeman shows a great deal of generosity and will to help others (ChronicleWeek). Not all successful people take time to mentor and help budding entrepreneurs or professionals. When people pull through, they get busy trying to remain at the top and achieving other new goals. Passing on skills and knowledge ensures that future generations will maintain a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

Glen Wakeman should inspire his peers in business to create time for mentoring and helping upcoming professionals in their field. It enhances performance and quality in delivery. Mentoring others is not a loss to the one mentoring, especially if they are already good at it. Young people should also be ready to receive and learn from mentors.

Mark Holterman, was raised by a Wisconsin, farming family. He attended Yale University earning a Bachelor of Science in biology. He was granted a Medical Degree at the University of Virginia. Dr. Holterman took a residency in surgery at the University of Virginia Health Science Center and was accepted at the University of Washington’s Children Hospital and Medical Center’s fellowship program in pediatric surgery and is a member of the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Pediatrics (Peoria.Medicine).


While received has science and medical education and turned his attention to science and worked in a National Institutes of Health program and was trained in medical science. He conducted his research at the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal for two years as a research associate.


Dr. Holterman has acted as a peer reviewer for medical research published in medical journals, published his own peer-reviewed medical science articles, contributed to medical websites and has written chapters in medical textbooks on immunology.


As an educator, he was sought after by many institutions around the world as a lecturer. Presently, at the University of Illinois, Dr. Holterman is a full professor teaching both pediatrics and surgery.


Dr. Holterman is also a talented businessman and is the CEO of Mariam Global Health the investment firm. The purpose of Mariam is to provide solutions to the healthcare problems identified in global healthcare. Its business goal to is bring to the market innovative medical technologies.


When Dr. Holterman attended the University of Virgina, he met Ai-Xuan Le a Vietnamese, a medical resident. He went on to practice as a surgeon. Both Dr. Holterman and Dr. Ai-Xuan Le, who received her medical degree from Texas Christian University, are trained as pediatric surgeons.


Dr. Holtterman is a philanthropist devoted to the healthcare of children. He co-founded The Hannah Sunshine Foundation. This charitable organization treats chronic illnesses in children.


As pediatric surgeons, both Dr’s. Holterman and Le, began an international philanthropic association named the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). When they went to Vietnam, Dr. Holterman witnessed a healthcare system that struggled to provide adequate treatment, especially to Vietnamese children.

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Perry Mandera graduated from Chicago public schools in1975 and quickly enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corp. Reserves and he where he was assigned to the motor pool and he learned to drive trucks. Mr. Mandera was honorably discharged from the Marine Corp. Then, in 1980, at the age of 23, having gained some experience by previous employment with various companies in the transportation industry, Mr. Mandera started his first transportation business. He sold it five years later, in 1985. During this span of time, from 1984 through 1988, Perry Mandera decided to give politics a try, serving as the youngest person to ever be elected as Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago from 1984 thru 1988.


This led Perry Mandera to become the founder and owner of Custom Co Inc., a full-service transportation industry game changer. Thanks to Perry Mandera’s ability to look into the future needs of the transportation sector, his hard work found manageable fixes for these needs and has made him and Custom Co., Inc. trailblazers, recognized and respected, not only in the United States but globally (Tumblr). They provide safe delivery of commodities 24/7/365 and include satellite tracking, and warehousing services, all provided by Custom Global Logistics, LLC, a segment of Custom Co., Inc. Custom Co. not only transports across the ground and seas, they also provide air express transportation, when called for.


Perry Mandera and Custom Co., Inc. is recognized for its many services by being awarded the Pat Summerall Award, which specifies The Custom Companies and Perry Mandera as Champions of the Industry. Mr. Perry has many other awards and titles, not only in transportation, but also in his charitable contributions, helping children, aiding in disaster relief, and more.


Perry Mandera is also a champion of children and others in need ( He has been President and CEO of Custom Cares Charities, Inc. since February of 1986. This organization provides direct help to those in need and also helps other charitable organizations in their provisions when needed. Mr. Mandera is an avid sports enthusiast and coaches many adult and children’s sports.


The advances of technology help to create a different society as we consider what type of services to use and through which brands. There are advances in energy plans like phones, electricity and other facets that are becoming revolutionized by what digital technology can enable for our world. The work consists of putting together the unseen space that wireless tech creates.


What this means is that you can skip the long lines at the doctor’s office. You don’t have to visit a store to recharge minutes on your phone or pay your electricity bill. Being digital in society means that many of the things we once had to do can be done by the work of energy. This is the basis of Stream Energy and the role the agency plays in modern society.



The Consideration You Now Have To Make


The considerations to be made start with a quick look at the brand Stream Energy is. Their name implies an emerging lifestyle where many of our daily needs are accomplished by what energy can do alone. These aren’t necessarily automated features that operate on their own. Instead, the infrastructure built by agencies like Stream Energy help to shortcut life processes.


The company does this by being a mediator to the many energy facets we use in our daily lives. If it can be done through a wireless connection, it can be done with Stream Energy and at rates so affordable, you can actually live with them. Affordability is part of the considerations you have to make and to change your life for the better by making things more simple.



Do It With Affordable Services At Stream Energy


Your local service providers include a number of utilities that you might take for granted (GazetteDay). The advancement of phone technology or power saving electricity is revolutionizing how companies are built and how average people like yourself have access to energy. Today, energy seems like an ancient concept, but we have to respect the role it plays in society.


You might be paying too much if you haven’t looked at the energy use you have or how it can be minimized. Minimizing the financial damage begins with a new type of integration that comes with the Stream Energy brand and its wide selection of energy outputs. The agency is connected to a modern world and will enable you to thrive with society also (


Christmas is one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, and you may be scrambling to find the perfect present for the loved ones in your life. In addition to making your relative or friend happy this holiday season, you’ll also feel great when you give the gift, and science shows that this is actually good for your mind and body. You can also get the same health benefits when you give your time and resources to others in a charitable fashion.


Studies have shown that giving actually makes us happy. Michael Norton conducted a study concerning this with his colleagues at the Harvard Business School in 2008. The study revealed that when a person gave money to someone else instead of spending it on themselves, the giver felt happier. This also occurred with participants who thought they would be happier if they kept the money.


Jorge Moll and his colleagues conducted a study to confirm this as well. In 2006, Moll and his contemporaries at the National Institutes of Health discovered that when people donate to charities, the part of the brain that is associated with pleasure or social connection is activated. This is commonly referred to as “helper’s high” or the “warm glow” that people feel when they are charitable.


Additional evidence that giving is good for our health comes from Stephen Post, a professor of preventative medicine at Stony Brook University and author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People (Terra). Post also shares that people give to others, they can better manage chronic illnesses, including multiple sclerosis and HIV.


Dough Oman of the University of California Berkeley also conducted a study in 1999 that proves the health benefits of generosity. He found that when elderly people volunteered at two or more charitable organizations, they increased their lifespans by 44% over a span of five years as opposed to elderly people who did not volunteer. Elderly individuals who spent their time volunteering for the benefit of others were able to outlive non-volunteers, even if those who volunteered were smokers, had poor diets or didn’t exercise regularly.


As you can see, being more generous has the ability to help us live our best lives. Giving a gift or volunteering your time and money to a great cause could help your brain and body to function well, which has positive effects on you, your family and the community.

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This information will focus around a geologist and mining expert named Matt Badali. Something Badali is famous for is by writing a newsletter regarding natural resources. This newsletter is called “Real Wealth Strategist”. He released in it May 2017 with Banyan Hill. With this newsletter, he composed a system of committed readers who are very excited for his stock recommendations for natural resources.

However, Badali says writing about that specific topic needs a specific skill set. Since natural resources can be really speculative and cynical, Basically, the only way to invest successfully in this field is by comprehending the other fields of science, companies, finance, and markets. Also, Badali has been invested in assisting readers to look for absolutely the best investments in natural resources, energy, and metals as well.

Badali, also has some strategies he uses. He thinks of it as taking those who read his newsletter on a journey. One thing he does is point back on actual experiences that cause his writing to be more “real”. He performs this by talking about his journeys to countries like Switzerland Singapore, Hong Kong, and Peru. Finally, if Badali wants to write on a new subject he goes out and tries to find it. It assists him in writing compelling and real stories. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about  Matt Badiali

Matt Badali has a habit which helps him feel more productive in his job. One thing that also has helped him consistently hit his deadlines is by doing one thing at a time. He is good at blocking distractions and also focusing on a thing to complete it. Also, one thing Badali regrets not doing is taking advantages of internships. He would work free for companies that caught his interest. Finally, something Badali encourages people to do and has helped him at the same time is read. Reading is something he does is by reading magazines and newspapers to put together strategies and ideas.

Now some general information about Matt Badiali. Badali is located in Fernandina Beach, Florida. His first job was a geologist who had a teaching job at the University of North Carolina. One day he got a job from a financial expert with fame who asked him if he could help in investing in the sector of mining, energy, and mining. That job would take him around the world to visit companies to make sure that they were doing what they wrote down on paper.

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Shiraz Boghani is a successful entrepreneur who lives in the United Kindom. He is a founding partner of Sojourn Hotels LLP which owns and operates 19 hotels in the UK. He serves as the company’s chairman of the board. He is also a co-founder of a healthcare company called Sussex Health Care Limited and is a partner of the firm. He co-founded Sojourn Hotels over 30 years ago and during his career he has won several awards.

One of Sojourn Hotels most recently built hotels Hilton London Bankside with cost £121 to construct. Among the other hotels that Shiraz Boghani operates are the New Ellington in Leeds and the Holiday Inn London-Wembley. He is considered one of the pioneers of the hospitality industry when it comes to hotels that offer limited services in the United Kingdom.

Shiraz Boghani was named in 2016 as the Hotelier of the Year. This award was presented by the Asian Business Awards. This was presented to him due to his excellent leadership skills as well as his considerable success in the hospitality industry. The judges were comprised of experts in the hospitality industry including among others Jitesh Gadhia who is an investment banker and AMG’s Executive Director Shailesh R Solanki. When he won this award Shiraz Boghani thanked the management and employees of Sojourn Hotels who he said made this win possible for him.

Born in Kenya, Shiraz Boghani first emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1969. When he arrived in the UK his first job was at Chartered Accountants. They trained him to be an accountant and he used this experience to advance his career by joining a larger accounting firm, Thomson McLintock & Co. The first business he founded was Sussex Health Care in 1985. Under his leadership, this firm now operates 18 assisted living homes and can support up to 500 people.

Shiraz Boghani is also a philanthropist. Among the nonprofits he is involved with are the Aga Khan Foundation, Aga Kahn University, and other Aga Kahn nonprofits. He assists these organizations both with his business expertise and leadership abilities as well as financially.