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Jeff Yastine is the Editor of Total Wealth Insider owned by Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing nee The Sovereign Society is one of the largest published advisors of investment advice in the world. The investment platforms include information on small-mid-cap stocks, option plays, commodities, natural resources, and cheaper domestic companies and their profitability status. In 2015 Mr. Yastine began work at Banyan Hill Publishing as its editorial director. His background included years of experience as a stock market investor and global financial journalist with PBS Nightly Business Report.

His recent publishing blogs included a subject on the online Amazon and its Whole Food platform. Jeff Yastine forecasted that the Amazon-Whole Foods merger would not work. One of the reasons is the quality of the food, like its less than fresh fruits. Not relying just on complaints by consumers on their fruit, Amazon admits that the merger did not go as smoothly as everyone had hoped. As predicted by Jeff, other indicators for the Amazon-Whole Food struggle involves innovation in new packaging, unique product offerings, and competitive lower costs. Unfortunately, per Jeff’s forecast for the Amazon-Whole Food stocks compared to Walmart, their stock is up only by 18% versus Walmart’s 30%.

Through Jeff Yastine and his aegis of Banyan Hill Publishing, individual investors are invited to dive into the investment industry. Even though this can be as risky as using a financial advisor and it is unconventional, the open access platform of Banyan will guarantee better investment options. Banyan Hill Publishing gives you honest insight into experts and their true strategies to grow your wealth. The Banyan Hill Publishing platform offers not only Jeff’s expertise, but that of hedge fund managers, business managers, and financial planners.

Jeff Yastine promises the followers of Banyan Hill that under his leadership and the continued financial support of the publication, that investors will survive and prosper no matter what Wall Street or other financial institution’s forecast. His predictions have amassed investors who nearly hang on his every world because he predicted and reported on the year 2000 real estate crisis, oil spills like that in 2010, the financial impact of climate change like Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and many of national events that impacted investment opportunities. Due to Jeff Yastine’s acumen in investment methodologies, he has received many awards, like the Business Emmy Award, the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism.

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Stream Energy recruited a new financial expert to their ranks to serve as the company’s Chief Financial Officer and Vice President in 2017. Mr. David Faranetta has had a few decades of experience as an executive and has become quite accomplished in the world of finance and financial strategizing.

As the CFO of the company, the job of Mr. David Faranetta will be growing more and more essential for the prosperity of Stream Energy. The business has set its eye to expansion and concluded the year 2017 by becoming available in one more state. CFO and VP David Faranetta carries the responsibilities for the financial strategizing of Stream Energy, taxes, accounting reporting, treasury functions, and so on. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

Before joining Stream Energy as the new CFO and VP, Mr. David Farantta skyrocketed the customer satisfaction rate and annual profits of its former employes TXU Energy. The business started receiving a full 100 percent of satisfaction rate and 30 million dollars of yearly income. That feat earned Mr. David Faranetta a wave of recognition among financial experts.

CFO and VP had David Faranetta received his higher education from the Moravian Colege based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He achieved a bachelor’s degree in Economics. After that, he moved on to obtain a master’degree in Business Administration from the Lehigh University. The academic institution has been recognized for having one of the most prominent colleges of business in the United States of America. View Stream Energy at

The Chief Executive officer of Stream Energy Mr. Larry Mondray expressed his excitement over the addition of Mr. David Faranetta to the leadership team. CEO Larry Mondray stated that the expertise that CFO and VP David Faranetta has amassed would be most valuable to Stream Energy in its future of growth and be leading in the market.

CEO Larry Mondray became a part of Stream Energy in 2016. He immediately placed a strong emphasis on growth and scaling the business. Before assuming the post of CEO, Mr. Larry Mondray used to occupy a variety of position at companies such as CompUSA and CSK Auto.

Up to date, Stream Energy is available in New York, Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and more.


Cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular and fascinating industries on earth. There is so much creativity and ingenuity that goes into every job of this flamboyant practice. Have you ever heard of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center? Have you ever heard of Jennifer Walden? Well, if you answered no to the questions, then you’re not alone. Jennifer Walden is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Austin, Texas. This extraordinary woman has come a long way over the course of her professional career. Walden Cosmetic Surgery & laser Center is her very own practice, and it offers a wide variety of services. This includes:

  • Botox
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Chin Implant
  • Liposuction
  • Otoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Forehead Lift
  • Wrinkle Reduction by Injection
  • Breast Reduction
  • Cheek Implant
  • And many more

This only scratches the surface of what this amazing medical center can provide. Dr. Walden grew up in the city of Austin, Texas, and she is the daughter of two medical/dental professionals. After graduating from Anderson High School, she would attend the University of Texas. This is where she earned an undergraduate degree in Biology. Dr. Walden would go on to attend the University of Texas Medical Branch. She graduated as the salutatorian of her class, and she earned her MD. She relocated to New York City and obtained her fellowship in aesthetics surgery. This fellowship came from the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. Before moving back to Texas, she had accumulated seven years of work experience in The Big Apple.

Dr. Walden has reached the mainstream by appearing in numerous high-profile publications such as Shape, New York Magazine, Self, Bridal Guide, health, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, MD Monthly Magazine and more. She has also appeared on prominent television shows such as Dr. 90210, ABC News and E!.

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As an energy and mining expert, there are many things Matt Badiali can learn about through the investments he has made. He wants to show others what they can do to help and how they will make all the right choices when it comes to their investing. For Matt Badiali, this means he has to show them what they can do and how they can help each other with the investments they make. All of it goes to show Matt Badiali is dedicated to the people he serves and to others who are a big part of the community he has worked in for years.

While Matt Badiali is able to provide people with information on mining, perhaps one of the biggest things he does is suggest investment strategies. Recently, he has seen a lot of changes in the prices of platinum. The prices are going up and there is more of a demand for platinum in the area he is in. Matt Badiali tries to always make sure he can help people and he suggested using platinum as one of the easiest ways to actually help others. It has given him the chance to make the industry better and make things easier on those who are a major part of it. View Matt Badiali’s profile at LinkedIn.

Since platinum continues to go up and people are learning more about the things that will work the best, Matt Badiali wants to make sure everyone knows they can invest in different metals and usually make their money back. Metal goes up regularly even if there are times where there are dips in the price of the metal. It is affected by different things in the economy and can generally be considered to be a sound investment no matter what people are looking for or what they are doing to get that metal. Visit Matt Badiali at to know more.

For Matt Badiali, this means he needs to try and help others through the things they are doing. He wants them to have the opportunity to give back to the community and give everything they have in a way that allows them to try different things. Matt Badiali has always done his best to make sure he is giving the best investment opportunities. He wants people to realize there are new things they can do and new opportunities they can experience if they use energy and mining investments to reach the goals they have for themselves.

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A cancer diagnosis can feel like a blow to any family. Patients and loved ones can feel overwhelmed beyond belief. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America they create a roadmap to provide patients and caregivers the education needed to make informed decisions as they proceed. They treat the whole patient, not just the cancer. The personalized treatment plans incorporate not only cancer fighting tools but also help with the mental, emotional and spiritual needs that they know arise for patients and families. On the cutting-edge of the latest research, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers the standard protocols of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery but also approaches such as advanced genomic testing and immunotherapies. They offer integrated care aimed at managing the side effects of cancer treatments and educating patients to differentiate between treatment side effects and cancer advancement. Dedicated to the improvement of cancer patient experiences and outcomes, Cancer Treatment Centers of America creates a team of multidisciplinary doctors for each patient, depending on their needs.

As important as the medical side of treatment is, there are of course other concerns facing patients and loved ones. All of your medical records can be gathered ahead of time and sent to your caregivers for you. Patients are scheduled for appointments ahead of time so that delays and gaps in treatment are kept to a minimum. If needed, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has services to arrange for a patient’s travel and lodging so you can focus on getting better. There are wholesome and affordable meals served onsite for patients undergoing treatment. Support is available for caregivers, to help with their needs, as everyone navigates the journey to wellness together. This integrated care and attention to detail can help everyone involved stay focused on what really matters, beating cancer.

The saying goes that if you can’t beat them join them. And, for most situations in life this is true. But, there are times in the business world when leaders of companies don’t want to beat them they just want to join together to get more done. Securus Technologies and JPay combining their collective expertise and inertia seem to be the right idea when it comes to the ladder. The CEOs of these two businesses Rick Smith and Ryan Shapiro are more than happy to give the world an example of how merging can be a good deal. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

When JPay and Securus Technologies come together not only do they reap the benefits of cooperation, but correction facilities and the law enforcement professionals who operate within them benefit as well. JPay is a leading business and pioneer when it comes to providing service to correction facilities. They are credited with introducing modern amenities into prison systems such as electronic payment, emails and a host of applications centered around education and entertainment. They do this in more than 33 states from coast to coast in the US.

Rick Smith Securus is very excited to compliment the services that JPay provides, and together they can solve just about any tech-based problem there is eithin correctional institutions. The goodness fall out of this collaboration does not just affect professionals within this field. The inmates, their loved ones and anyone else they try to communicate or do business with outside of their confines are sure to find such intercourse easier.

Of course, team-ups of this size and scale do not just happen overnight, and there is plenty of red tape involved. That’s what makes the JPay Securus Technologies team such a big deal. Nothing quite this delicate and massive has been performed on a tech basis like this before. Read more on

Putting the broad strokes aside, it’s good to see and understand the details that are the result of this merger. The whole purpose behind JPay acting as a subsidiary of Securus Technologies is to ultimately reduce the revisit rates of inmates to prisons while making their adjustment to life outside an easy one to suffer. The good people of JPay already know all about this process, however working alongside with Securus means that they can now reach their projections and goals and fraction of the time.

Both of these businesses are surely getting something out of the deal. For Securus, it’s all about being able to bring new and innovative solutions to correction officers throughout the year. So while JPay make sure that the inmates have what they need to get the best out of their time spent in prison and adjust to the new life in society when their time is up, Securus gets to better serve the officers watching over them. This is what is known as a win-win scenario in a field where it almost feels like an uphill battle all of the time.


Troy McQuagge is the CEO of the year and Gold Winner of the prestigious One Planet Award. This award honors professionals and businesses who display professional excellence. Industries from all over the world can submit nominations for the award. Eligible entities include for-profit, non-profit, public, private, and new start-ups. The One Planet Awards recognizes individuals and companies for professional excellence in the areas of new services and products, team success, marketing, PR, corporate communications, and more.

Troy McQuagge joined his company, USHEALTH, in 2010. His first goal was to rebuild its distribution agency and his endeavors were successful. His overwhelming success led to his being named CEO. During his tenure, the company has experienced tremendous growth and profitability. As such, the individual health insurance industry, which his company represents, is highly competitive and demands the very best from those companies that compete. Read the article at to know more about Troy McQuagge

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is based in Ft. Worth, Texas. Small business owners and individuals benefit from the innovative insurance products and services offered by the company. The company distinguishes itself by providing superior customer service in all aspects of its business.

McQuagge is a thirty-year veteran of the insurance industry. Decades ago, he began his career with Allstate. You can tell that McQuagge is a people-person that understands success is helping benefit the lives of other people. As such, he is honored by his company and the industry in general. He sees his job now as continuing to help his company grow.

Small business owner insurance can help protect individual assets of in case of emergencies or damages that occur. The insurance serves to help the economy by encouraging people to start their own business. At present, there may be 24 million or more small and private-owned business in America. Hopefully, this number will continue to grow as it now stands that small businesses employ a healthy percentage of those who are employed.

McQuagge serves as an excellent role model. His hard work, education, and commitment to excellence has served him well. Most importantly, it is his commitment to offer a service that benefits individuals and small business owners that helps him stand out. He is definitely an individual on the move.