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Flavio Maluf is a successful renowned businessman who is based in Brazil. He has manages and leads top business companies in Brazil. He is the president of international companies known as the Eucatex and GrandFoods. His long-term experience in the business industry has enabled him to significantly run both companies. He has enabled Eucatex to grow to greater heights and be recognized both in Brazil and internationally. Eucatex Company under the leadership and management of Flavio Maluf has managed to maintain its image and top position over the years of its existence. It has managed to operate in a friendly environment that has benefited the country and its citizens. It has also managed to offer employment opportunities for the Brazil people and raised the living standards of the people of Brazil through salaries and wages. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Eucatex Company that is under Mr. Flavio manufactures several items including tiles, paints, doors, wall partitions, among many other products. The company uses eucalyptus trees to make these products for the people of Brazil. Despite selling their products in Brazil, the company also exports their products to other countries. Their uniqueness and creativity in making their products have enabled the company to sell out and be recognized in other continents such as the Europe, Asia, and America markets. Following the great personality that Mr. Flavio holds in the business sector, he is considered as a business advisor for other organizations both in his country and in other countries as well.

In one of his articles, Mr. Flavio emphasized the importance of taxing companies. According to Flavio Maluf, taxing does not aim at bringing any business down but instead, it helps the business to grow and be able to keep up with the changing market trends. He also urges business corporations to partner with other organizations, look out for sponsorship so that they can be able to expand their businesses and be successful. The success of Mr. Flavio Maluf in managing the two firms is due to his achievements in academics. He graduated from one of the most highly known universities, FAAP in San Paulo. He is also a blogger and is considered an influential person in the corporate world. View:


Jeff Yastine is a well-respected financial journalist and investment advice columnist. He began his career by receiving a bachelors degree in journalism. He immediately began to work in the financial sector of journalism as a financial journalist. He first began to reach prominence during his time as a correspondent for PBS publication The Nightly Business Report. At the time The Nightly Business Report was the most widely viewed nightly business broadcast. It was during his time as a correspondent for the PBS publication that he received an Emmy nomination and entered the national spotlight for his work as an investigative journalist on America’s infrastructure system.

Today he is most well-known for his work as an investment advice columnist for Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He has created a viral video in which he discusses Direct Stock Purchase Plans and popularized the term Kennedy Accounts. He is also a regular contributor to several newsletters including his popular newsletter Total Wealth Insider. Read this article at

In addition to his views regarding Direct Stock Purchase Plans, he has also given advice to American investors on potential investments in the cybersecurity industry. Over the last few years, concerns about the security of our nation’s cyber infrastructure have caused a significant increase in the amount of money in this industry. Jeff believes that this represents a great investment opportunity as it is likely that the industry will only continue to grow as the world becomes increasingly connected.

The growth of this industry is being fueled by the scandals regarding Russian hackers in the American election as well as issues within American accompanies such as the data breach that occurred at Equifax. In the recently proposed budget by the US government, a total of $14.9 billion has been devoted toward cybersecurity. This is a 14% increase from 2017. Jeff Yastine believes that in the coming years the spending will only continue to grow larger as cyber infrastructure becomes and more integral part of our nation’s corporations and government.

The average American company has increased its budget for cybersecurity by 10% in the last few years. In some cases, it has been even larger. As cash continues to flood into the cybersecurity industry the stock valuations for cybersecurity companies will only continue to increase. This represents one of the best industries to invest in for future growth. Already Jeff Yastine has been able to generate a 19% return over six months and one of the companies that he has invested in. Visit:


When you see the name Banyan Hill publishing you have to think of a banyan tree. A banyan tree is very unique as that the branches grow by clusters and they also become additional trunks. With such magnificence, manifold natural disasters such as storms are prepared for and are survived by the Banyan tree. This is what makes an organization such as Banyan Hill publishing phenomenal today. Let’s take a look at one of the editors, Mr. Ian King, and see his preeminence with Banayan Hill publishing. Read this article about Ian King at Banyan Hill.

From having more than two decades of experience as an investment analyst and a trader, Mr. Ian King has been styled a cryptocurrency genius. Working as a hedge fund manager was okay for Ian because he provided his sound wisdom in ways that allowed for clients to generate profits. While not settling there, Ian, had a desire to stand aside and travel a path that few have before him. That is the path of cryptocurrency. As being a new asset class, cryptocurrency has captured mainstream investors and Wall Street alike. It would make sense that with such ingenuity and expertise Ian stood out even within this industry. From developing the first crypto multimedia product, Mr. King has made his mark on the cryptocurrency world and his advice, information, and foresight are heeded the world over.

From his beginning as a desk clerk within Salomon Brothers, Mr. King soon became the head options trader at Peahi Capital. Mr. Ian’s team had massive returns. With all of the above-mentioned success, in 2008 Mr. Ian King decided to venture away from Wall Street. This was a step that would prove advantageous although at the time it may not have seen as such. Seeing that Mr. Ian King was leaving behind the traditional Wall Street set up in pursuit of venture investing. This was something that truly defines what it means to be a visionary and an entrepreneur at the same time. This is what sets Mr. King apart and that persistence and dedication are the motivating factors that move him to not give up on his ambitions.

In conclusion, there are many ways that wisdom is given out in the world today, but when you look at Banyan Hill Publishing, you will receive wisdom given forth from strong leaders with strategic thoughts on financial topics the world over. Ian is such a figure that is here to provide insight to investors and non-investors today.



How would you like to invest in the market but never have to face adverse consequences of its volatility. Matt Badiali, the founder of Freedom Checks has many advice in this area. Freedom checks is Matt’s version of MLPs or Master Limited Partnerships that has many tax benefits to shareholders and investors.

Many people today have stocks, bonds and mutual funds in their investment portfolio and are unaware of freedom checks that is one of the preferred way of investing for retirement. Since freedom checks are a combination of different commodities that have a potential for success in the future, they are relatively safe, according to Matt Badiali. They are the tool that is attracting many investors – novice and experienced – toward commodity investment. Matt’s official website has a support system that will be happy to provide any information on these checks or type of investment that you want. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

What Matt is trying to inform through his website and informational videos is that using these checks as a part of diversifying retirement funds in the future is a wise move. He says, eventually, the investor community will be able to catch on to the potential benefits and limitless opportunities to make money. However, note that this is not a overnight get rich scheme. And Matt cautions investors not to fall for such gimmicks.

Finding good advisors in the field of alternate type of investments like this is difficult. Many so called financial experts tend to steer you away from some types of opportunities simply because they don’t understand them. Many of the tax strategies that are available through these checks are unknown to conventional advisors. Matt Badiali’s company is recommended because of its knowledge and experience in handling these checks and its related strategies.

In a nutshell, more and more people are choosing different forms of investment in place of traditional stock market. For the first time, Matt Badiali offers solutions to their dilemma that can help them not only invest wisely, but defer taxes or take advantage of the exclusive partnership opportunity. Through his website, he discusses various elements of freedom checks that should be considered as well as introduces techniques that even the most experienced investor may not know. Filled with a wide range of resources, the website offers an insight into these checks and is a useful guide for both first time investors as well as seasoned financial experts.

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Matt Badiali is the real face of hard work and discipline in the American corporate world. The businessman is known and at the same time highly respected because of the great role he has been playing the finance department. Although many people admire his courage to advice consumers and change the society, many do not know that he has a great story. This American investor is a qualified scientist who has all the right qualifications. Despite having a great career in science, Badiali took a different turn and decided that he was going to venture into finance so that he could see the success of other people in the market. Several years later, Badiali is getting the reward of his hard work and his investments are doing so well. View to learn more.

When anything is shared in the media, it is subjected to a lot of talks by the consumers before they can finally decide that they are going to settle for the business opportunity or look for something new. When investment issues are being discussed, people do not like to joke around. Most individuals like to take their time to understand what is happening so that they do not have to deal with serious losses. When an ad showing Matt Badiali holding a check started making headlines in various media platforms, people had various opinions. The ad is promoting freedom checks and the impact they have on the society. Matt Badiali has been used in the ad because he is the force behind this investment.

Many people do not know about freedom checks and they keep wondering how they operate so that a customer can end up with the profits they need. The check-in Matt Badiali’s hand when showing the advert is a government check. This check is offered when the American government is giving an individual a tax refund. For the people who know about the process of getting a tax refund, freedom checks might seem to be an investment opportunity that will only bring loses. Consumers are currently getting scared of making investment opportunities because of the high chances of getting scammed. There is a big number of investors who have been losing money because they invested without getting the expert opinion of people like Matt Badiali. In a recent interview that has been shared in Banyan Hill, investing in freedom checks is not a scam, and you will not be getting losses because your investment is safe. Read more:


Paul Mampilly is the most celebrated person who makes predictions in the world of finance. He attended Fordham University where he graduated in 1991. Upon graduation, he secured a job at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He gained a lot of experience after working for several legal firms.

Within a few years he had mastered investment skills whereby in 2006, he hedged fund for Kinetics Asset Management. The fund grew up to $12 billion from its initial $6 billion giving an annual yield of 26%. Additionally, he managed funds for various firms including Royal Bank of Scotland before moving to Kinetics Asset Management. When the Templeton Foundation held a competition, he won in spite of financial quagmire between 2008 and 2009. Read more reviews about Mampilly’s at

Many investors follow Paul Mampilly researches and predictions because they believe that they partly accurate. Also, he appears on several programs on television and news articles. On his newsletters such as Profits Unlimited which has over 100,000 subscribers, he advises on critical financial tips. His newsletter also aims at educating an average person in America on a stock market. Today, he attends to everyday people as their advocate, and he puts his clients’ interests first. Recently, he launched True Momentum, a research service startup.

Early this year, Rob Macknsey published an article that featured Paul Mampilly recommending people not to invest in marijuana stocks. However, many investors encouraged people to invest in marijuana stock because it is expected to grow by 350 percent. At the end of the eight-year period, cannabis industry worth is likely to rise to $24 billion compared to its today’s worth $7 billion. On the other hand, Paul Mampilly reported that there is more profitable opportunity which is less known for making more cash. According to him, his readers should invest in his industry because he predicts in the next four years, the industry’s worth will increase from $235 billion to $4 trillion. The industry’s growth rate will be 8,000 percent.

Besides, he pointed out a decline in marijuana stock after a significant increase which he terms as very risky to invest. He further reported that his industry would make more investors millionaires as well as more profits in future compared to other industries. According to him, his industry’s profits will exceed gains made by marijuana and bitcoin combined. Due to his inspiring investment records, his clients may take the advice. See more: