A Capsulization of one of the Most Influential Individuals in the Corporate World, Flavio Maluf

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Flavio Maluf is a successful renowned businessman who is based in Brazil. He has manages and leads top business companies in Brazil. He is the president of international companies known as the Eucatex and GrandFoods. His long-term experience in the business industry has enabled him to significantly run both companies. He has enabled Eucatex to grow to greater heights and be recognized both in Brazil and internationally. Eucatex Company under the leadership and management of Flavio Maluf has managed to maintain its image and top position over the years of its existence. It has managed to operate in a friendly environment that has benefited the country and its citizens. It has also managed to offer employment opportunities for the Brazil people and raised the living standards of the people of Brazil through salaries and wages. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Eucatex Company that is under Mr. Flavio manufactures several items including tiles, paints, doors, wall partitions, among many other products. The company uses eucalyptus trees to make these products for the people of Brazil. Despite selling their products in Brazil, the company also exports their products to other countries. Their uniqueness and creativity in making their products have enabled the company to sell out and be recognized in other continents such as the Europe, Asia, and America markets. Following the great personality that Mr. Flavio holds in the business sector, he is considered as a business advisor for other organizations both in his country and in other countries as well.

In one of his articles, Mr. Flavio emphasized the importance of taxing companies. According to Flavio Maluf, taxing does not aim at bringing any business down but instead, it helps the business to grow and be able to keep up with the changing market trends. He also urges business corporations to partner with other organizations, look out for sponsorship so that they can be able to expand their businesses and be successful. The success of Mr. Flavio Maluf in managing the two firms is due to his achievements in academics. He graduated from one of the most highly known universities, FAAP in San Paulo. He is also a blogger and is considered an influential person in the corporate world. View: https://ideamensch.com/flavio-maluf/


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