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Christopher Burch who is commonly known as Chris Burch is a renowned billionaire. He recently acquired a small resort in Sumba Island and invested in it generously. In just three years, the resort was at the top of the industry talk and was now a five-star resort known as Nihi Sumba Island Resort. In 2017 and the previous year, the resort was the voted the first globally. It has earned other awards like the one from the Telegraph among others. Chris has had a hand in various businesses that are very successful including C. Wonder, NextJump, and Little Duck Organics among others.  More to read on this.

Before investing in Nihi, Chris had various success stories in the hospitality industry. Almost a decade ago, he had previously overseen the transition of Faena Hotel, which is now a five-star hotel. Petra Graves and Claude were the owners of Nihiwatu, now Nihi. The resort had undergone a couple of hardships before they opened up their options to letting investors in. James McBride went to assess the situation of the resort and whether it was a viable investment for Chris. With the beautiful atmosphere of the island spotted by McBride, Burch could not resist investing into the resort. McBride was also part of this development as a managing partner. He was in charge of marketing the brand and developing concepts to grow the resort into an outstanding international resort for surfers, since it was by the water mass, and other people.  More to read on thenewsversion.com.

The resort still religiously supports the Sumba Foundation which supports the local community in various capacities. The jungle that surrounds it is a major tourist attraction. The type of accommodation offered at Nihi ranges from treehouses to villas. All the rooms are encompassed with some local designs and decorations to keep up with the traditions. The luxurious resort offers other amenities like swimming pools, outdoor activities, the spa and a library among others.  Additional article on forbes.com.

Based on bjtonline.com, Christopher Burch studied at the New York-based Ithaca College for his undergraduate degree. While he was there he started selling colorful sweaters that were made from wool with his brother and sold them on their campus and other campuses as well. Chris makes investments across different industries from financial, technology, hospitality and consumer products among others.  Learn from his shared insights, click interview.net.

Chris the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is also a co-founder at Tory Burch, a fashion brand. He is a strong believer in marketing brands and that is one of the reasons his businesses are successful. The renowned businessman has spearheaded over 50 companies into their success through his research in the behavior of consumers and innovative practices.

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