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When the American Institute of Architects (AIA) chose Robert Ivy as its CEO in 2011, it did so not just because of his qualifications but more so because of the contributions he has made in the profession of architecture. Ivy has a lot of credits under his sleeve. Perhaps the AIA thought at that time that no other man could further the goals and mission of the organization better than Ivy.

The AIA is the premiere organization of licensed architects in the United States. It has continuously benefited the nation more than it benefited the members of its ranks. This organization is dedicated to serving the citizens of the land by conducting community development initiatives, providing public outreach programs, and offering public education so that the general public will have a better understanding and appreciation of their profession.

Before being appointed as Executive VP/CEO of AIA, Ivy has been active in the profession’s print media. He has been working as the Chief Editor of Architectural Record and has steered its editorial policy since 1966. Being a fellow of the AIA, he is in the forefront of the organization’s advocacies and uses the AR to promote its objectives and announce its activities. As a result, it is not just the AIA that profits from his initiatives, but the profession of architecture as well.

Part of the working time of Ivy is spent in the offices of McGraw-Hill Construction. He is the Vice President and Editorial Director of this large family publication. Ivy’s hands are full in guiding the editorial policies of this journal considering its large editorial staff. McGraw-Hill is composed of several family publications and one of Ivy’s important tasks is to see to it that the architectural contents that they come up with are of high quality and of great value to the profession and the public.

As can be gleaned from the above, Ivy’s talent is not just confined in designing houses and structures, but also in the field of writing and editing. He got his training in these areas at the University of the South, in Sewanee, Tennessee where he earned his English B.A. degree. After graduation, he further developed his talents and skills in these areas sufficient enough to be appointed as the VP of McGraw-Hill Construction. He is also the editor of RECORD, another journal. Ivy was instrumental in increasing the readership and circulation of this journal all over the world.

Upon his appointment as Exec VP/CEO of AIA, his colleagues were glad that he will now be more committed to the goals and objectives of the organization and will focus his talents and skills in reaching them. Its president in 2010, George Miller, revealed that the Board of the AIA was unanimous in the selection of Ivy as its new man on the helm.


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