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Arthur Becker is known for putting his money behind some of the biggest developers of the city. He has put in his money for Michael Stern, besides Kevin Maloney as well as Robert Gladstone. This time, he is planning to put his name as well as money on a condominium project.

He has already submitted his offering plan at the office of the New York State Attorney General. Hence this investor has turned into a developer now.

Arthur Becker is planning a building having eight units. The location will be 465 Washington Street. This is in Tribeca. The sellout being projected is $52.5 million. This will be an exclusive building. It will be a boutique building having interiors that have been designed by Paris Forino. In fact, it appears that Arthur Becker is just starting out in real estate this way. He has started with a smaller building with a lesser number of units as he believes that this is something that he can manage easily. It may also mean that he is preparing a base before he steps into something that is bigger and greater!

According to, he started his career as a homebuilder. Then he moved to Hawaii where he was looking after a macadamia orchard. Post that; he moved into tech as well as finance. Once completed, this project will comprise of seven simplex apartments along with a penthouse duplex. The sizes will range from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet. The prices will range in accordance from $2,200 to $3,200 per square foot. Each unit will cost around $5 million while the penthouse will be in the range of $14 million.

Arthur Becker had bought 465 Washington in 2012. At that time, he had paid $6.1 million for it, reports Page Six. He had bought it from developer Peter Moore.

This is a five story building. Now it is to be expanded to 10 stories. For this, he has bought the development rights from those who own the adjacent building which is at 471 Washington. He has also paid over $1 million to the Ponte family whose building is on the back of Becker’s property. This is for a 30-feet easement.

Stem Cells are a controversial topic in the world today. Stem cells have an amazing ability to help many people with rare or deadly diseases.

The Lung Institute is a company working to help people with these diseases. First, you need to know what stem cells are. Stem cells are the building blocks of life–essential to every organism. Adult stems cells can be taken from one part of the body and put into another part, because they can transform into any cell they are put with.

The Lung institute has a certain way they can use these cells to help the patient, First, the lung institute takes either a blood or bone marrow sample from the donor. Then, the stem cells are separated from the rest of the blood. Finally, once separated the stem cells are returned to the body to start healing.

Once the stem cells are in the bloodstream they pass through the heart. After the heart the cells continue on to the lungs where they are caught by the pulmonary trap. Because they are caught at the trap, they begin to promote healing in the lungs.

They are several diseases the company can cure through this treatment. The stem cells help cure COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Emphysema, Pneumoconiosis, Interstitial Lung Disease, and Bronchiectasis. All these diseases make the patient’s life very difficult, because they restrict the patient’s ability to breathe normally. They have had a success rate in over three-thousand patients of over seventy percent in improving the patient’s quality of life.

In conclusion, The Lung Institute is helping many people with their stem cell therapy. The people they are helping normally couldn’t have gotten help years ago. According to Hawaii News Now, this is improving their quality of life and allows them to do things that they couldn’t have without the treatment.

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Just like many successful entrepreneurs, Vijay Eswaran had a humble beginning to become later an owner of a multimillion business that has helped in shaping Asia’s economy. Having being born and raised in Malaysia, Vijay understood the importance of having a good education, and this led to him traveling to the United Kingdom and enrolling at London school Of Economics where he graduated with a degree in Economics.

According to QBuzz, after graduating from London school of Economics, Vijay Eswaran remained in Europe and worked odd jobs such as driving a cab, construction sites among others. After he had gained some cash, Vijay moved to the US with the aim of attaining his MBA.

While at the United States, Vijay was intrigued by the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing System). When he moved back to Malaysia, Cosway Group approached Eswaran, and from working in the company, Vijay’s interest in MLM system grew. From the beginning, Vijay wanted to become his own boss by opening his own business.

When still residing in Malaysia, Vijay partnered with some people to found a marketing firm that is now identified as QI Group. QI Group is a business enterprise that focuses on selling media systems, telecommunication, and luxury products, training, and corporate investments.

MLM System is known for working and functioning in states such as Thailand, Malaysia, and nations within the Pacific Rim. This explains why it was easy for QI Group to rapidly grow in Malaysia as the Multi-Level Marketing System supported it. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

The reason as to why this system is effective in these states due to lack of opportunities present for the lower class to rise and due to the significant difference between the upper class and lower class. With MLM, people are given a chance to express their ideas and concepts to the consumers and through this increase the social standing.

Vijay has played a significant role in growing the firm to the point of having offices in various countries such as Thailand, Singapore among others. The company’s headquarters are in Hong Kong.

Apart from spending most of his time in leading QI Group, Vijay can be found speaking in various forums to help motivate people to become better individuals in life. He has a life outside business as he is actively involved in philanthropic activities with the aim of giving back to the community.

The top communication business for prison facilities across the United States input a lot of effort in addressing customer concerns and innovating new products and services. As a result, review websites noted an increase in positive remarks about the firm and their services. Securus also received a couple of emails and traditional letters that contained positive comments and feedback. A lot of the writers are prison employees who used Securus’ products such as the LBS software to monitor illegal activities. They ceased crime among inmates, arrested corrupt officials enabling the offenses and closed criminal cases by gathering information between detainees and their former outside connections. In 2017, Securus has opened its doors to customers and competitors seeking to learn more about their operation.



One report stated by monitoring phone call conversations, prison staff confiscated alcohol, drugs, and illegally owned mobile devices. They also addressed alleged threats by inmates to civilians, the sale of narcotics by civilian accomplices of a charged dealer and arrested civilians who admitted to underpricing pharmacy drugs. Using the LBS software, the correctional law enforcement arm secured narcotic drugs and millions of cash from both civilians and inmates. The commenter stated that without the program, they would not have managed to conduct such a successful search. In another statement, an impressed client said that Securus’ has the perfect vision that will improve security in the federal system. The CEO of Securus said the firm consistently develops products and services for use in prisons across North America. Securus innovates on at least a weekly basis. Rick A. Smith added to say the protecting the people of the United States were a top priority for him and his company. The CEO revealed that the positive feedback from families, prison staff and inmates was a high motivation in helping them up their game for continued service to the American people.

In fashion, there are some stores that manage to climb to the top. One of the top stores in fashion is H&M. One of the reasons that the company is so popular is because it offers some trendy items. Almost every item that is sold through that store is not found in other stores. This is one factor to the popularity. Also Adam and Don have took note of those stores and have seen the value of offering something that is unique to the customers. Therefore, they have looked at ways to make fashion very fun for the customers.


One thing that has inspired a change from offering shoes exclusively was that the capsule items that they have offered customers have sold out completely. Therefore, they have realized that there is a desire for styles that cover the whole body. This has also increased their confidence in offering something that is very unique. As a result, they have looked at different ways that they can satisfy different markets. This included offering new types of athletic clothing that women can enjoy. Their offers have definitely secured their status as pioneers in the athletic clothing market. They will continue to find new innovations.


Perhaps as they continue to grow as a company, they may take the time to look at the men’s section and revamp fashion for men in ways that may get them to look at what they offering. This is similar to what H&M has done for men. The only thing is that Adam and Don has a chance to outdo them. They can put together clothing that can last longer. They can also make sure that they stay current with the customers so that they will be able to enjoy the clothes that are created by this online retailer.

Metallic shades are hitting the streets by becoming one of the latest trends in makeup. Lime Crime, being the one who sets the tone for trends, decided to chime in and become the trendsetter by soon releasing three new products in their lineup to support this trend. Lime Crime is known for their vibrant selection of lip colors and products, and they are taking it to a whole new level with their three new additional colors being added to their Diamond Crushers collection. The three shades include, “rose gold” Cleopatra, a holographic shade called Acid Fairy, and a shimmering shade called Black Unicorn.


Aside from the beauty of their new metallic shades, they are also coming out with some beautiful Unicorn Hair dye. They just announced that they are going to launch a new hair dye collection, and it’s going to be amazing because of the new colors they’re providing. As of March 28, 2017, there is no current release date on when the world will get a chance to use these new designs, but there is no doubt that Lime Crime is going to cause a splash because of this new update. The 100 percent vegan ingredients make it great on the hair.


These two new things they are providing and releasing to the public is very new and different, and they are excited to bring a new set of colors to what they provide their biggest fans and users. They wanted to bring something new to the stage provide something that more of their exotic users would love to try. They want to continue changing and improving their makeup while at the same time giving something different.


Lime Crime has been in business for years. Doe Deere has been a successful businesswoman who has been crafting only the best makeup that is completely vegan and cruelty-free. They strive to provide new ideas, new designs, and quality colors that take you to a whole new level. Lime Crime is going to get you going in the right direction and help you look your best with these brand new products that you’ll love.

The World CEO Awards are one of the highest honors in all of business, and they honor those who are making a difference from the CEO’s seat around the world. There are many people who would be honored to have such an award, and this article shows how Troy McQuagge earned an award for his work with USHealth Group. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the business world must study Troy and the amazing work that he has done to bring the USHealth Group into prominence in the modern day.

#1: What Does Troy Do?

Troy is the CEO of USHealth Group, and it is a large insurance provider that works with businesses and private buyers who need health insurance. They are willing to create policies for anyone, and they will do so with the full force of their large network of providers. This is an important business that protects millions of people a year, and they make it possible for businesses to serve their employees with their own insurance plans.

#2: Partnering With Businesses

Everyone who wishes to partner with USHealth Group has spoken with Troy at some point, and they know that he is an honorable man who will stand behind his word. He wants to bring in more partners to his firm that will use their services, and he knows how to help new partners understand the basics of group insurance plans. The partnership may last for many years, and they will protect those who simply needed benefits from their employers.

#3: How Does Troy Keep His Company Growing?

Troy is a man of ideas who wants his company to grow on the basis of the ideas of the people around him. He is willing to reach out to those who are most in need of help, and he knows that there are quite a few people who will bring ideas to his attention that will make the company a better place. He will open-minded about all that he hears, and he is showing the world that a CEO may collaborate at the same time that he is making decisions that impact the future of his company.

#4: The Honor Makes USHealth Group That Much Better

The honor for Troy is one that makes his company better as more people are now aware of it. They are attempting to build a business that will partner with anyone, and he knows that there are many different ways that he will succeed simply because he is willing to take the long road to improvement.The honor for Troy McQuagge is only the beginning of a journey for USHealth Group. The company is growing every day because of how powerful he is as a leader.

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Igor Cornelsen is a retired accomplished Brazilian senior executive. He has extensive experience and knowledge in the stock markets. He currently partners with Bainbridge Investments as a proprietor. Bainbridge is a private equity firm that deals with real estate and liquid assets. Igor Cornelsen was an investment banker in Brazil, having worked for several banks until his retirement in 2011. He has featured in various journals and investment sites as an accomplished financial leader with in-depth knowledge in business matters according to Yolasite. Cornelsen runs a consultancy service company offering financial advice to individuals as well as corporate companies.

Igor’s Investment Advice

Igor Cornelsen’s investment strategy is simple. Serious investors should focus on long-term investments. He is very firm on sticking to stable ventures that fetch sufficient income over a stretched period. Igor also emphasizes on taking a shot at damaged stocks. These stocks come cheap and even out with time, bringing significant returns overall. Cornelsen also believes in the diversification of investments on An investment that has been spread out increases the investor’s odds of collecting impressive gains from the diversified stocks portfolio. Cornelsen also advises clients to read extensively about potential companies they want to invest in to protect their interests. Damaged companies present a huge risk if not carefully scrutinized. He advises against investing in such untrustworthy businesses that pose a high risk of loss of invested capital.

Cornelsen’s Main Responsibility at Bainbridge

Igor Cornelsen majorly invests in foreign trade. Here, one must read on comparative commercial laws dealing with overseas investments. Some banks offer lucrative interest rates over others, a little bit of research would be helpful to maximize on available lucrative deals in the market. Igor says that it’s paramount for young people to start building an investment portfolio and learn the ropes as they advance and make enough money for their future. At Bainbridge Investments, he acts as a guide for young investors on market trends. He coaches individuals on investments and how to draw in investors for long-term business partnerships. Bainbridge is a hub for reaching out to folks interested in investing in stock markets. His banking background places him in a high position as a senior financial analyst.

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The CTRMA is an authority in the development of transport infrastructures in Williamson and Travis counties. Many residents of Central Texas are only aware of the agency’s role in the construction of toll roads, including U.S. 290 East and 183-A. However, they do not know the agency’s functions beyond building of modern transport system.


An autonomous government agency


The CTRMA was started back in 2002, following the implementation of state law back in 2001. While the agency does not have taxing authority, it has condemnation power. As at 2015, the mobile authority had operative revenue of $55, 814,033 and expenditures totaling to $38,135,309. Since its establishment, the mobile authority’s assets have increased from zero to over $1.8 billion. The agency finances development projects by trading its investment debts on the stock market. It utilizes income generated from tolls to repay the debt. Other minor sources of funds include the Texas Department of Transportation and other public sources.


Male-dominated governing council


CTRMA’s governing board comprises of seven members: the Travis County Commissioners Court elects three members, the Williamson County Commissioners Court names three members, and the governor elects the chair. The board consists of one woman and six men.


Traveling apps and roadside help


The mobile authority is in charge of managing Highland Emergency Response Operator (HERO) for stuck motorists along United States Interstate 35, which aids in easing the traffic. In 2015, HERO helped 14,480 stuck motorists by relocating disabled cars and taking debris away from the travel paths.


What you should know about Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein boasts a remarkable professional career in infrastructure upgrade in Central Texas. Today, he supervises the operations of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA). The CTRMA is a distinguished independent government organization instituted in 2002 to build a cutting-edge, local transportation network for Texas. The organization began its operation after Mike took up the executive director post, following his appointment by the Board.


Mike Heiligenstein has addressed issues affecting the resident of Central Texas region for up to 23 years during his tenure as the Williamson County’s representative. As an elected representative, Mike was a member of the local MPO and chairperson of the Texas-headquartered Clean Air Force of Texas. He also participated in several other community infrastructure projects. Under Mike’s leadership, CTRMA is implementing a program, which will results in assets amounting to $4 billion by 2020 and rapidly increasing revenue stream that is targeted at $136.5 million come 2020.

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When Lori Senecal enters a business, people can expect a lot of changes to the company. Among the changes that a company is faced with is a change from it being a local company to a global company. While it is not necessary for a company to be a global company in order to survive, globalizing a company can increase the profits that it gets as well as the effect it has on the world. Lori Senecal has shown that not only she has plans, but she has thought a lot about her plans in order to bring them to life.

According to the Wall Street, one of the factors that go towards Lori Senecal’s success is her strength. She is a very strong person with a strong character. She is very organized and knows when she has to back off so that she can recharge. Given that she is an introvert, she is going to need some time to herself in order to recharge from all of the interaction with the different personalities. For one thing, a lot of people can be draining even to extroverts. Lori is also a strong independent woman that other women can look up to as an example of how to move towards their life.

Lori Senecal has gained her strength in knowing her strengths early on in life. She has realized that she is not going to be one of the people that are going to win all of the attention. Therefore, she has worked on other talents which have built her confidence. Even with her confidence, she has had to learn how to deal with uncomfortable situations. She has also come to appreciate them as opportunities for growth.

Lori Senecal has taken an interest in marketing because it is one of the most important aspects of business success. Therefore, she has developed a desire to learn all of these different skills that are associated with marketing. Among the skills that she has learned is public speaking which is a tough thing for introverts to figure out because of the different types of people they have to deal with on stage. They also learn to get over their fear of making a fool of themselves.

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