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Autism is an unusual issue in some ways. On one hand, people tend to instantly recognize the term. But on the other, they tend to bring a lot of misconceptions to the table when discussing it. This is one of the reasons why autism awareness is so important. It’s not just about bringing attention to autism. It’s also about helping to show people exactly what autism is, and what it isn’t. This is especially important given how much more common a diagnosis of autism has become over the years. This is one of the reasons why Dubai has an entire month dedicated to autism awareness.

But some of the events held within that month deserve some special attention. The most notable is the Autism Rocks festival. It’s a chance for people to enjoy performances by some of the most talented musicians in the world. The performances are intended to serve multiple important functions. Obviously one of them is to simply have fun. But the fun is also a way to help really cement the overall message. Autism isn’t a topic that’s far away from everyone. It involves real people, with real feelings and real needs. And they often love the exact same things as oneself. They too like to jump out of their seats in joy when a great song starts. But the other important factor with the festival is helping raise money for autism research.

This ties in with Autism Rock’s founder, Sanjay Shah Denmark. Shah become involved with autism awareness due to the fact that his son, Nikhil, is autistic. This prompted Shah to ask a lot of questions about the condition. And he found himself surprised by the lack of concrete answers. It was clear that autism research was still in a very early state. At first glance Shah didn’t seem to be in a position to do much about it. Someone involved in the financial sector was seldom the goto for cutting edge medical research. But Shah brought a couple important things to the table. He had great ideas for ways to get people together under a shared banner, and he had some great celebrity contacts.

This prompted Sanjay Shah to bring the two things together. He’s been able to get superstars like Prince and Drake to help out. And this has meant more than £600,000 that go to autism research. Shah hopes that this will help people understand autism and those with autism. And most of all he hopes to bring everyone together through the power of great music.


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