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Betsy DeVos is lives with her husband in Michigan. Together, they have given over $1 billion. In 2013, she gave $90 million to educational services, health causes, and community services. A percentage also went to faith organizations, and some to the others.


She has long been a proponent of various kinds of education development for teacher training. This reduced the amount of kids that missed class, which are typically lower income children, and minorities. The number it was reduced was 30%. Betsy DeVos believes that making these children feel wanted and included is better for the community at large.


Working with a number of churches, she helped people access driver licenses, get jobs, and have access to healthcare, housing, and other kinds of social programs. Often times, it was just a simple shower that they needed. Other times, meals were provided through ministries and faith organizations. One woman, Mel Trotter, received the aid and was able to get an apartment and a job within 40 days of getting help.


Since 1993, DeVos has chaired the Education Freedom Fund. It gives scholarships to kids with little means in Michigan. That way, they can choose the school they’ve always wanted to attend. By paying for $7 million of the donations with her own money, she actually matched what the Children’s Scholarship Fund donated.


DeVos was the chair of “Kids First” which helps parents have better education opportunities for their kids by getting vouchers from their taxes. Other charities she is involved with are Children First America and Choices for Children. She is on the board of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which assists the above issues and even hospitals, higher education, and economic groups.


With Betsy DeVos’ help, many kids in Michigan have received their college degrees in a variety of business subjects. Many even go on to graduate school, getting their MBA. She hands out awards for kids who show an entrepreneurial spirit, offering a scholarship for such performance. Of course, it isn’t just education initiatives that DeVos is involved in. She also believes in Grand Action. This is something that seeks to get business leaders together with government officials to work together and solve Detroit’s tough problems. Thanks to this action, the downtown area of Detroit has been changed and it is safer to walk down the street than it ever was before.


Long gone are the days when states had the money for schools and social services simply handed to them. Today, those in business must work hard with those in the government and everyday community to create real, lasting change. That is just what Betsy DeVos has done and continues to do. Her husband and she continue to support society in new ways.


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