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Brazil ranks the second best internationally after the United States in the legal profession field. According to media reports, in the year 2010, Brazil had an approximate of six hundred thousand professional lawyers based in its major cities. Presently, lawyers based in Brazil are prominent celebrities as a result of their profiled clients. Additionally, in recent times, a lot of young students have been observed flocking the legal institutions. Among the top Brazil lawyers is Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian attorney who particularises in Compliance law, Ethics law, Administrative Law, Urban Law, along with Regulatory Law.

Bruno has broad expertise and vast experience in the field of law. He dedicates himself to counseling entrepreneurs and clients through the command of the law. Bruno assists them by ensuring that the letter of the law is followed to the latter on each project. He also supports in decision making by advising on compliance rule of services. Currently, he is also recommended for his expertise in legal services that helps people start businesses or run them properly.

Presently, Bruno is among the most celebrated lawyers in Brazil. He started his professional education at the Pontifical Catholic University based in Sao Paulo. Bruno graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law. Later on, he advanced his studies to sharpen his skill by undertaking a master’s degree in Juris doctor at the University of Säo Paulo. As soon as Bruno Fagali graduated, he began working at Radi call and Associates advocacy. He served as a lawyer for two years. He later resigned from his position and moved to Nova/SB where he currently serves as the organisation integrity manager. Bruno also founded his law firm known as Fagali law firm.

The law firm particularises in compliance, ethics, administrative law, civil law, together with Regulatory Law. In addition to his expertise, Bruno also affiliates with the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics. He serves as a partner and coordinator of ethics and advertising agencies committee. Additionally, he is also an author; he has published several insights, research papers together with articles in journals. Bruno is also a part of the banking judgment community.

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