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Cancer Treatment Centers of America(CTCA) and WebMD have come together to inform cancer patients about the treatment options available to them at CTCA. CTCA uses an integrative approach to fighting the disease. This approach addresses the patient as a whole and involves not only treating the disease but, also supports the patient’s quality of life.

The ways the patient is affected physically and emotionally are taken into account. The goal of integrative care is to minimize delays in treatment and to maximize the quality of life for the patient. Integrative care is a two-part approach. First of all, conventional treatments that fight cancer such as chemotherapy are considered. Secondly, supportive therapies such as acupuncture that address the side effects are looked into. These combine to make up the integrative care patients receive at CTCA. This is done by a group of clinicians who deliver care in four main areas. These include nutrition, pain management, oncology rehabilitation, and spiritual support.

CTCA clinicians are experts in what they do and it is all done in one facility. Every patient has a team working with them in all areas of expertise. The treatment is designed with the individual and their needs in mind. In addition, a care manager is assigned to each patient’s case in order to coordinate the care team that is treating the patient.

There are five Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals in the U.S. They are located in Philadelphia, Tulsa, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Chicago. They all provide leading-edge cancer treatment and utilize the integrative approach. If a patient were to choose the Atlanta hospital, which is called the Southeastern Region Medical Center, they would find that it is located 30 minutes from the Atlanta airport. It treats breast, lung, gynecologic, prostate, and colorectal cancer. It is located in Newnan, Georgia and is accredited by several top healthcare institutions.

Not only does the patient receive quality care at any CTCA hospital, support is offered through other means. CTCA has a blog that addresses issues important to patients, family, and healthcare providers. They also offer an e-newsletter called “Cancer Fighters Thrive” which features inspirational stories, healthy recipes and more. Their “Cancer Center Newsletter” also provides supportive information.

Whatever the type of support CTCA offers, its vision remains the same. They want to be known for the best care for people who have cancer that focuses on healing and hope. As described above, their integrative approach encompasses this vision.

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