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An athlete or professional sports individual is always under the close watch of a couple hundred dozen eyes. Social media has a big influence on how sport celebrities are seen in the light of the public. There is much talk about the public having less access to sensitive information about social media, because it poses risks to the athlete.

Athletes are no different from the rest of us and they deserve to have peace of mind and fell secure like the rest of us as well. The current social media trends suggest that an athlete or sports teams’ actions are often misinterpreted and situations move toward unpleasant directions. Social media has the ability to turn something that is supposed to be private into something that is viewed, and brought up for public debate.

Collegiate athletes have much to consider when it comes to getting involved in posting pictures on social media. Posting rants or allowing any negative behavior to be posted about them on social media can have an embarrassing effect on their careers after they graduate. We recommend reviewing online reputation management companies just so they’re ready if disaster strikes.

Some athletes and coaches talk about social media reputation in a very positive light. One athlete stated that social media can either produce positive or negative results. It all depends on how social media is being used to communicate and connect with one another. Nebraska men’s basketball Tim Miles understands the positive influence of social media, and how real and sincere the connections through social media are.