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Anil Chaturvedi is a seasoned and well-known banker with decades of experience. He has worked in commercial banking, investment banking and private banking. In 2011, Chaturvedi joined the Hinduja Bank as the managing director. As the director, he was tasked to oversee all business dealings with the corporate advisory board. His role in the department also gave him the responsibility of helping the bank merge globally. Additionally, he helped by bringing in new investors and restructured the bank’s policies.

Academic History Of Anil Chaturvedi

From 1970 until 1973, Anil was attending Meerut University in India. During this time, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in economics. He graduated from the university with honors before enrolling next in the Delhi University of Economics to get an MBA in the area of Financial Management.

Professional Background

Currently, Anil Chaturvedi is working at the Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. His current role at the bank is as Managing Director for the Private Banking section. However, he started his professional banking career back home in India for the State Bank. He was the manager for the bank from 1987 until 1991. While there, he was responsible for creating the bank’s marketing strategies. He was very successful in this task and ended up growing the bank by millions in a short time. The bank named him “Man of the Year” because of his great work in growing the business.

From 1991 until 1993, Anil then worked for the ANZ Gindlays Bank as their VP of operations. Before leaving, he created a very lucrative profit model for them. Most of his success over the years has come from working at various banks around New York. One bank he had a lot of success with was Merrill Lynch. He became their marketing director during his time there in 2011.

Anil Chaturvedi is mostly known for leading many big banks into acquisitions and mergers throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. He is a genius when it comes to creating very lucrative marketing strategies. He has personally seen a lot of success in his many business ventures and is highly desired by many big banks around the world.