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Flavio Maluf is the son of a famous Brazilian politician known as Paulo Maluf. His father is also a very prominent business person with a lot of experience in the industry. Flavio, 56 has lived his life supporting his family business to expand. He is the chief executive officer of Eucatex since 1998. He took over the leadership from his uncle who believed in his entrepreneurial knowledge as well as expertise. Read more about Flavio at

Maluf is an alumnus of Armando AlvaresPentendo Foundation where he earned a bachelors degree course in Mechanical Engineering. The course equipped him with necessary skills meant to improve his life as well as his future career. He also possesses a business administration degree from the New York University whereby he was equipped with necessary management skills. He has always applied the knowledge in his career and has been on the frontline working for success in his career. Flavio is also the president of Grand Food which is a big company based in Brazil and manufactures various types of brands like a premier pet and golden.

Flavio is a very innovative entrepreneur who has been able to bring a lot of changes in the businesses he leads. He has always worked towards helping his fellow Brazilians grow in business. He always seeks opportunities aimed at helping others grow in their career. He also seeks opportunities that are aimed at giving back to the society. He has a heart of sharing what he has including awesome business skills.

Flavio Maluf shares his skills through journals as well as prominent blogs that have a lot of readerships. The knowledge he shares has helped so many people become great business leaders. His passion is his career has made him a very successful person and he has been able to create an empire for himself despite coming from a wealthy family.

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Brazil is known for samba, football, and amazing beaches. It has great natural beauty, but it had failed to attract tourism for many years. It was the effort of Guilherme Paulus that has helped attract millions of tourists from around the world. One of the richest persons in Brazil, Guilherme Paulus is one of the prominent names in the Brazilian tourism industry. In the last couple of decades, the Brazilian tourism industry has been growing at a staggering pace.

More and more people from across the globe are flooding the country to enjoy its natural beauty and lively culture. Also, the nightlife of the country has been one of the pivotal reasons behind the growth of the tourism in the country. Guilherme Paulus has helped in the development and promotion of the tourism in the country, and the company that he founded when he was just 24, CVC has grown to become the third largest tour and travel operators globally. The reason behind the massive growth of his company is that he has been able to deliver products that are extraordinary and affordable at the same time. He has also helped get investors from foreign companies to invest in the tourism industry, and that has turned helped lift the standards of its hospitality provided to the guests. Find out more about Paulus at Exame.

Guilherme Paulus knows what the clients are looking for and has been able to device the travel packages that meet the requirements of an average traveler. Starting from luxury packages to affordable travel packages, his company CVC offers everything to suit the palate of different kinds of travelers with different requirements. Guilherme Paulus has the net worth of over $1.9 billion as per Forbes, and it has been growing steadily as well. CVC is a publicly traded travel firm and is listed in Brazil’s stock exchange. Recently, the company was taken over by the United States-based private equity firm named Carlyle Group, which took over the majority stake in the company for $420 million. Guilherme is also the co-owner of the GJP Hotels and Resorts, which is one of the leading hotels and resorts chains in the country with a total of fifteen properties located strategically. Learn more:


Flavio Maluf is a successful renowned businessman who is based in Brazil. He has manages and leads top business companies in Brazil. He is the president of international companies known as the Eucatex and GrandFoods. His long-term experience in the business industry has enabled him to significantly run both companies. He has enabled Eucatex to grow to greater heights and be recognized both in Brazil and internationally. Eucatex Company under the leadership and management of Flavio Maluf has managed to maintain its image and top position over the years of its existence. It has managed to operate in a friendly environment that has benefited the country and its citizens. It has also managed to offer employment opportunities for the Brazil people and raised the living standards of the people of Brazil through salaries and wages. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Eucatex Company that is under Mr. Flavio manufactures several items including tiles, paints, doors, wall partitions, among many other products. The company uses eucalyptus trees to make these products for the people of Brazil. Despite selling their products in Brazil, the company also exports their products to other countries. Their uniqueness and creativity in making their products have enabled the company to sell out and be recognized in other continents such as the Europe, Asia, and America markets. Following the great personality that Mr. Flavio holds in the business sector, he is considered as a business advisor for other organizations both in his country and in other countries as well.

In one of his articles, Mr. Flavio emphasized the importance of taxing companies. According to Flavio Maluf, taxing does not aim at bringing any business down but instead, it helps the business to grow and be able to keep up with the changing market trends. He also urges business corporations to partner with other organizations, look out for sponsorship so that they can be able to expand their businesses and be successful. The success of Mr. Flavio Maluf in managing the two firms is due to his achievements in academics. He graduated from one of the most highly known universities, FAAP in San Paulo. He is also a blogger and is considered an influential person in the corporate world. View:


Many young investors are not experienced enough to start investing heavily, especially when it comes to foreign commodities and exchanges. A proper expert is needed to stay on course and make the right investments. This is what Igor Cornelsen currently does from his company Bainbridge in Florida. Though he spends some time giving investment advice, Igor is mostly retired at this point in his life.

As a major investment banker over the past couple of decades, Igor Cornelsen is a huge name back in Brazil, having made huge investment all over the country, while also managing various financial companies around the globe. Through his company Bainbridge, Igor is able to give his professional advice and opinions on the current markets in the United States and internationally.

For the new investor, investing in the stock market can be quite risky, and there are many more people who fail that succeed in this business. A deep understanding is needed before investing money into anything as well as an acceptance of the risk involved. Igor Cornelsen has published various books and articles that can be found in stores and online which goes over various tips and strategies for getting started in the investing business.

Igor’s most important tip for new investors, do not wait. The longer someone waits to start investing, the less money they will make in the long term and for their retirements. Building experience early on is key to being successful later on. Another important tip for beginners is to diversify and invest in multiple different markets. This minimizes the risks while increasing the chances for more profits. After investing deeper into the markets, it is also a smart idea to get an adviser with a good understanding of investments to help manage finances.

According to some of the latest statistics, at least half of young investors do not set any money aside for their own retirements. Igor is always advising the newer generations to plan ahead and regularly put into their retirement funds for the future so they are secure. Igor pointed out that many investors without a good adviser just stop buying a stock at some point and forget they haven’t been putting in money for retirement over all their years investing.

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Brazil ranks the second best internationally after the United States in the legal profession field. According to media reports, in the year 2010, Brazil had an approximate of six hundred thousand professional lawyers based in its major cities. Presently, lawyers based in Brazil are prominent celebrities as a result of their profiled clients. Additionally, in recent times, a lot of young students have been observed flocking the legal institutions. Among the top Brazil lawyers is Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian attorney who particularises in Compliance law, Ethics law, Administrative Law, Urban Law, along with Regulatory Law.

Bruno has broad expertise and vast experience in the field of law. He dedicates himself to counseling entrepreneurs and clients through the command of the law. Bruno assists them by ensuring that the letter of the law is followed to the latter on each project. He also supports in decision making by advising on compliance rule of services. Currently, he is also recommended for his expertise in legal services that helps people start businesses or run them properly.

Presently, Bruno is among the most celebrated lawyers in Brazil. He started his professional education at the Pontifical Catholic University based in Sao Paulo. Bruno graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law. Later on, he advanced his studies to sharpen his skill by undertaking a master’s degree in Juris doctor at the University of Säo Paulo. As soon as Bruno Fagali graduated, he began working at Radi call and Associates advocacy. He served as a lawyer for two years. He later resigned from his position and moved to Nova/SB where he currently serves as the organisation integrity manager. Bruno also founded his law firm known as Fagali law firm.

The law firm particularises in compliance, ethics, administrative law, civil law, together with Regulatory Law. In addition to his expertise, Bruno also affiliates with the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics. He serves as a partner and coordinator of ethics and advertising agencies committee. Additionally, he is also an author; he has published several insights, research papers together with articles in journals. Bruno is also a part of the banking judgment community.

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One of the most important parts of any country is the legal system. The legal system plays a role in every area of any country. While many people think of the legal system as primarily a system that handles people who break laws, legal systems are structured and designed to handle a variety of purposes. At the core of the legal system structure is the attorney. There are many things that the attorney does regarding the legal system. The attorney is the bridge between the various parts of the legal system.

Depending on the role that an attorney plays in the legal system, an attorney either helps to defend people who have done something wrong or protect the people who have been wronged. In either situation, the attorney helps to communicate the rights and needs of their clients to the other areas of the legal system. Attorneys communicate with judges, opposing attorneys, courts, their clients, and other areas that relate to the work conducted by the attorney.

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Although attorneys provide legal services, there are different areas of law. Attorneys normally have certain types of law that they specialize in and attorneys have certain locations where they practice law. In Brazil, the legal system is different than other countries. Therefore, attorneys in Brazil must understand the particulars of the legal system in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali is an attorney who practices law in Brazil. Bruno Fagali is a successful attorney who is very talented. Bruno Fagali has outstanding communication skills, and Bruno Fagali is able to make people understand the specifics of the cases that he handles for his clients in a clear manner. Bruno Fagali has been able to help many clients during his legal career.

Bruno Fagali is known throughout Brazil as an excellence attorney who will go the extra mile for his clients. An outstanding legal mind who understands the law and the parameters of the legal system in Brazil, Bruno Fagali makes a great impression on legal professionals and people outside of the legal profession.

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