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For the last week, Raj Fernando shared an article by the Harvard Business Review at Scoutahead. The successful companies find, simply stated, and take their time to gather valuable insight and information from their employees. However this is done on a regular basis. Not just intermittently.

For this reason, check in with your business can be moralizing. However, this is good for business. In this case, you must decide which is important. According to a piece produced at the HBR, “When John Measures Employee Morale on a Weekly Basis.” This was a study conducted by Globoforce to ascertain the fact that nature would be engaged by true differentiators to attract employees. According to the study, high-end cultures were predicated on appreciation and recognition.

For this reason, companies that want to retain and recruit the best employees promote an outward and inward appreciation and respect culture. For the companies, they are looking for the people that deliver the best results.

By tracking the metrics such as quality and speed, the elements of motivation, most teams achieve between three to nine-fold increases in productivity-related development work delivered within few weeks. For this reason, the employees can reduce the time taken to bring new features and products to the market.

During the summer period, Scoutahead will be prepared for its official launch. They want to change its agreement-phase. However, this is going to take the company one mile ahead of the rest. With the principles of privacy and anonymity at the core, that’s why Scoutahead was built. Users are confident that the information given suits them perfect.

For this reason, Scouahead has been developed as a tool people can use without the knowledge of their workplace or company. This is the latest technology that makes it fun to engage with their choice of communities. There are numerous features that are about to make Scoutahead a one-of-a-kind company’s informational engine. Students, individuals, and employees will greatly benefit from the enterprise.

Raj Fernando is the current Chief Executive Officer of Scoutahead. He is also the former president and founder of Chopper Trading Company. Raj is a serial entrepreneur based in Chicago, United States.


Even Keith Mann has his role models, and he wants to be sure that people can tell that they have their own role models. There are many people who have role models and never reveal them because no one ever asks when they get very far up the food chain. That is why people need to be sure that they have looked into the people they admire, and they will find out that the people they love also have their role models. Keith Mann runs Dynamic Search Partners in New York, and his role model is Michael Bloomberg.

His work in New York City is very serious because Michael Bloomberg has been the mayor and built his own business empire. He has been able to make a career for himself that anyone would be envious of. In all of that, he has put the focus on people. He wants to make sure that people are the focus of his work, and the same is true with Keith Mann. He runs a search firm that has to focus on people in order to get its work done. That is why people need to start searching for their own role models. They might even use Michael Bloomberg as an example.

Someone who wants to be sure that they are planning their future should read up on how those like Keith Mann have become successful. His work in the search industry has been noted by many, and he shows that even the most successful people have to start somewhere. He wants to be sure that they can get the information they need to become better at their jobs, and they can find something that is like a guiding light that will help them learn where they want to go. That is why everyone including Keith Mann has a role model.

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Mr. Adam Milstein is an influential entrepreneur in the Jewish Community. As co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, Adam Milstein has provided numerous benevolent services to Israel and Jewish citizens. His charitable activities include fundraising to support programs, Pro-Israel advocacy, partnership development and consultancy.

Mr. Milstein’s altruistic activities are based on three basic principles:
i. Philanthropic Synergy-this principle is founded on the provision of guidance and funding to aid charitable firms in the achievement of common goals.

ii. Life Path Impact- through this principle, Milstein aims at developing organizations that engage their audiences through various stages of life. Furthermore, it advocates for the creation of programs tailor-made to meet the needs of adolescents and children. This ensures that companies can strengthen relations with their target population.

iii. Active philanthropy- this principle entails the investment of adequate time and expertise in every program and institution his Foundation supports.

The Milstein Foundation

Formed in 2000, the Milstein Foundation strives at uplifting the living standards of the Jewish society and fostering relations with the U.S. Furthermore, they also aim at providing more opportunities for Jewish Generations. Through the philanthropic philosophy, the institution trains young scholars to recognize their roots and ignite their pride.

Milstein has diversified his portfolio by offering professional services to numerous clients. Furthermore, he is an active board member of several organizations such as Hasbara Fellowships, AIPAC National Council, Jewish Funders Network and StandWithUs.

Adam Milstein’s Background

Milstein is a native of Haifa, Israel from a humble background. His father, Milstein senior, is a real estate developer while his mother, Eva, is a homemaker. Adam is the first child in a family of three kids. Before gaining widespread recognition, Milstein served as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces and participated in the Yom Kippur War. Afterward, he was a member of Sharon’s infantry that defeated the Third Egyptian Battalion.

Adam enrolled for higher education once the war was over. He is an economics and business graduate from the Israeli Institute of Technology. Afterward, he pursued an MBA from the University of Southern California. For more information about Milstein, visit:

If there is anything that could take someone far, it is love. Sanjay Shah Denmark has a lot of love for his family. This gave him the motivation to go very far in his life. When he was working for banks, he used the ability to provide for his family to be motivation for success. While working long hours at the bank and commuting could be enough for anyone to be content, Sanjay Shah wanted more for his family. Therefore, he has started his own business with the skills and education he had gained in the financial industry. His venture, Solo Capital has turned out to be a success.

As a result of his success, Sanjay was able to go on to other ventures which eventually allowed him to put together events that his family can enjoy. This is one of the greatest dreams that one could experience. Sanjay has the ability to earn a huge income while being able to support his family. Sanjay’s motivation has paid off for him. He has not only proven himself to be successful in his field, but he has also shown himself to be able to provide fun entertainment for many other people besides his family.

One thing that Sanjay Shah has is a sense of what others want. He is willing to provide events that feature artists that many people have come to love. Among the artists that have played at his Autism Rocks platform are Snoop Dogg, the late Prince, Flo-Rida, Lenny Kravitz, and plenty of others. He will continue to run the concerts with the intention of offering people the best entertainment and encouraging to make donations to autism research. He himself will continue to fund the universities that are looking for ways to improve on the treatment of autism research.


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Brazil is going through one of the hardest times in its history. The economy was destroyed by a series of events that no one saw coming. No one expected the China meltdown to translate into a massive slowdown in exports for Brazil. The Portuguese country was left holding an enormous amount of debt. Businesses began to close because China was Brazil’s largest trading partner. The export slowdown started more than two years ago, but the political turmoil as well as inflation, and weak currency kept Brazil’s economy in a state of contraction. The economy is expected to contract by more than 3 percent in 2016, and the outlook for 2017 isn’t much better. But there are a few bright spots. President Dilma Rousseff is in trouble, and if she is forced out that will translate into a more stable government, according to some business executives like Flavio Maluf, the CEO of Eucatex.

Maluf is an influential figure in the predominantly Portuguese nation. His family-owned company, Eucatex, has been in business since 1951 in Sao Paulo. Eucatex has been exported eucalyptus ceiling tiles around the world for the last five decades. When Maluf heard the news that Britain was leaving the EU, he got excited. Britain has been a difficult country to do business with because of the red tape involved with importing goods from Brazil. Maluf believes Britain might want to sign a bilateral agreement with Brazil to offset some of the imports that will be cut off by the exit from the European Union. It’s a little too early to tell, but there is a chance that Britain might want to take advantage of the attractive currency exchange that exists between Brazil and the UK.

Britain is still negotiating with the European Union. Some type of agreement will be reached in September, according to Maluf. Eucatex offices in Europe are planning for a positive outcome in Brazil when all the paperwork is completed. Maluf has been talking with British companies, and the reception he is getting is promising. But Maluf always says, “when the politicians get involved anything can happen.”  Read a further breakdown from Flavio on his blog, as well as his Twitter account.

Sam Tabar is one of the most influential people in the energy industry today. There are a lot of people who are interested in hearing his thoughts on a variety of subjects. He was recently named COO of a massive energy fund. With his responsibilities, he must be willing to take risks in order to make a profit. With crude oil prices where they are today, a lot of people in the energy sector are worried about the future. There are a lot of small companies that are going out of business. In order to survive the low cost of crude, companies must be willing to innovate in a variety of ways.

Sam Tabar

From an early age, Sam Tabar had a firm grasp on the markets. This has served him well as he has had to learn about various energy strategies. Anyone who is interested in working with the energy funds that Sam Tabar has must be willing to put in work. In addition, managing a massive energy fund takes a lot of pressure that few people are willing to bear. On days where the oil industry goes down dramatically, he must be able to deal with all of the pressure from clients. This is not an easy task.

In the future, he wants to continue to develop his influence in the field. The energy sector is one of the most important in the overall economy. There are millions of people who are employed in this industry, and it is vital that people start to pay attention to it. There are many people who are worried about their future career as the price of oil keeps falling.

Final Thoughts

Sam Tabar is a great story of massive success. Even at a relatively young age, he has had a massive amount of career success. Anyone who wants to achieve something on a massive scale should look to him for guidance. There are few people who have been able to achieve things in their career like he has. He is a great example of the power of persistence.

Autism is an unusual issue in some ways. On one hand, people tend to instantly recognize the term. But on the other, they tend to bring a lot of misconceptions to the table when discussing it. This is one of the reasons why autism awareness is so important. It’s not just about bringing attention to autism. It’s also about helping to show people exactly what autism is, and what it isn’t. This is especially important given how much more common a diagnosis of autism has become over the years. This is one of the reasons why Dubai has an entire month dedicated to autism awareness.

But some of the events held within that month deserve some special attention. The most notable is the Autism Rocks festival. It’s a chance for people to enjoy performances by some of the most talented musicians in the world. The performances are intended to serve multiple important functions. Obviously one of them is to simply have fun. But the fun is also a way to help really cement the overall message. Autism isn’t a topic that’s far away from everyone. It involves real people, with real feelings and real needs. And they often love the exact same things as oneself. They too like to jump out of their seats in joy when a great song starts. But the other important factor with the festival is helping raise money for autism research.

This ties in with Autism Rock’s founder, Sanjay Shah Denmark. Shah become involved with autism awareness due to the fact that his son, Nikhil, is autistic. This prompted Shah to ask a lot of questions about the condition. And he found himself surprised by the lack of concrete answers. It was clear that autism research was still in a very early state. At first glance Shah didn’t seem to be in a position to do much about it. Someone involved in the financial sector was seldom the goto for cutting edge medical research. But Shah brought a couple important things to the table. He had great ideas for ways to get people together under a shared banner, and he had some great celebrity contacts.

This prompted Sanjay Shah to bring the two things together. He’s been able to get superstars like Prince and Drake to help out. And this has meant more than £600,000 that go to autism research. Shah hopes that this will help people understand autism and those with autism. And most of all he hopes to bring everyone together through the power of great music.


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Throughout a person’s life they will likely develop a passion and want to pursue it. During this pursuit the individual will likely set goals that are quite high. While there may be support for this goal, a lot of other people may discourage them. They discourage them because they believe that the goals are too lofty and unrealistic. Some people give in to the discouragement and therefore give up on their dreams. Instead of giving up on their dreams people need to focus on reaching their goals and set a cohesive plan in achieving them. What they will want to do is think positively, come up with quality business ideas and provide services and products that meet the demand of many consumers. With products offered by VTA Publications, individuals will learn to benefit themselves by not just achieving goals but also investing their money so that they can establish financial security.

When looking to invest money one of the products you can take advantage of is WealthWave. This product was made by investment expert Jim Hunt and gives people with some very valuable information that pertains to investing. With this program people will learn how to invest in stocks and profit from ones that are failing. This may look like a strategy that won’t work but with the knowledge this program provides, investors will learn how to profit from this scenario. Investors will learn how to find stocks that are doing poorly which creates and opportunity to make high profits in the near future. The course will teach them how to evaluate stocks purchase them and then sell them for the high profits at the right time.

WealthWave also provides investors with strategies on how to make profits by making only one trade per day. By evaluating stocks and finding one that will significantly increase in value, investors will be able to benefit from this program. Making one trade per day can result in very high profits which will help them not only get rich but also establish financial security. Therefore WealthWave is a great product to buy when looking to get the most out of your investing activities.  Check out MoreMoneyReview for more on what Jim Hunt and VTA are doing next.

Cambridge Who’s Who is known for helping its members become a better version of their self. What Cambridge Who’s Who does for its members is remarkable. The organization develops a platform that enhances the careers of their members.

That platform includes networking opportunities, image development enhancement and career tips that help members move to the next level in their chosen fields. There are more than 400,000 members of Cambridge Who’s Who and most of those members are located in the United States, England, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Members hold a wide variety of positions in the top industries in the world. Education, law, healthcare and finance professionals make up a large portion of the membership.
Each year, Cambridge Who’s Who honors two women and two men from every industry for their professional accomplishments. Receiving that honor is not taken lightly by the members. Once members become a Cambridge Who’s Who honoree new doors open thanks to the tools that the organization provides with the honor.

One of the 2016 recipients of the Cambridge Who’s Who professional recognition award is Brian Bonar. Brian Bonar is a San Diego-based financial expert. He is the current CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation.
According to PR News Wire and Equilar, Bonar is proud of the success that businesses enjoy thanks to Dalrada’s human resource packages. Dalrada executives offer their services to businesses that need help organizing their internal structure. Bonar acts as the spearhead that guides the Dalrada team through the complexities that exist in the human resource industry.

Government regulations and the constant changes that occur in business make it difficult for businesses to keep up when it comes to offering employees incentives that keep them productive and happy. Dalrada offers those companies the tools they need to achieve their internal goals –

Being the head of a financial company is just one of the things listed on Bonar’s extensive resume. Bonar is a successful San Diego entrepreneur. His interests include real estate development, restaurant ownership, and other successful business ventures.

His current project is a 144-acre entertainment venue just outside of the city of San Diego. Bonar’s other project is Bellamy’s, the new upscale French bistro that is creating an upbeat buzz in town.

But Mr. Bonar is especially proud of being a 2016 Cambridge Who’s Who honoree. Brian’s attitude is to pay honors like the Cambridge Who’s Who honor forward by helping other business people achieve the kind of success he has enjoyed the past 30 years. Brian is considered a team player that has special talents and he uses those talents to help people and businesses around the world.

In an interview billionaire, Charles Koch suggested he could support Hillary Clinton for president. He said that it was also possible she would be a better president. Koch has for many years donate money to many political candidates. This time, however, he surprised many when he suggested that he could support a Democrat. Mr. Charles Koch has always championed candidates from conservative and Republicans side, therefore, is assumed by many Democrats to be a rival.

Charles G. Koch born on November 1st, 1935 is an American businessman, political donor, and philanthropist. Together with his brother David, owns the Koch Industries and is the chairman of the board. They inherited the business from their father and later expanded it. Koch Industries was reported by a Forbs Survey to be the second biggest privately held company by revenue in U.S. Charles was educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has a Bachelor of Science in general engineering, Masters of Science in mechanical engineering and a second M.S. in chemical engineering. After school, Koch worked for Arthur D. Little, Inc. In 1961, Koch joined his father’s business (Rock Island & Refining Company). Koch then in 1967, became the president of the company and in the same year, he renamed the business Koch Industries in honor of his father. Charles Koch is a liberal and has formerly identified with libertarian.

Charles Koch saying that supporting Hillary was possible would indeed surprise Donald Trump. Reason being that both Trump and Koch are conservatives. Charles Koch grounds of not backing Trump seems to be because of the challenges he will face in the general election.

The Republican party seems to be in problem, that runs down to the donors. The party faces the risk of being financially drained. Donald Trump will need more funds than he already has. Charles Koch issues are not about money but reasons behind that cash. Ted Cruz had been chosen as a candidate to lead the party and funded to be the candidate in an unconventional means that some would consider a coup.

Mr. Koch must have noticed the crony elements of capitalists and his particular dislike for them. The reason by some to support Cruz was to oppose Trump, who some assumed lacked presidency credibility. Koch and many other donors from his generation have been in the movement along Republican party since Ronald Reagan.

Donald Trump should try and talk more politics based on regulations, taxes, public pension, commercial liability, welfare, education policing. Reagan and many others won with the help of Koch and others of his time.

Charles Koch might just support Trump if he changed the way he does politics.

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