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The Oxford Club recently held a Private Wealth Seminar at the Four Seasons Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico and they’ve developed an answer as to how much of one’s portfolio should be in stocks at the time of retirement. Several factors come into play such as one’s age, state of health, monthly expenses, and the size of the portfolio.

Americans are living longer during retirement than ever before and this must be part of the equation. If you have two or three decades to invest while you’re working then a portfolio that’s heavily invested in stocks is a good thing. However, retirees are faced with the prospect of having too much money invested in stocks. A bear market can present great buying opportunities for younger folks still saving for the golden years. Retirees, on the other hand, when faced with a bear market and the need to liquidate stock holdings are faced with a serious decline in their portfolios. This is where retirement rebalancing comes in to provide a framework for this crucial consideration.

Retirement rebalancing takes an alternative approach and considers stock holdings last. First, retirees should determine how much they need in low-risk vehicles like bonds and cash to meet their monthly expenses. After this determination is made then it is recommended by the Oxford Club that five years worth of living expenses be set aside. This is a conservative figure designed to outlast any bear market which helps retirees avoid selling stocks at market lows. The next step is to live off the reserve funds and replenish them from stock holdings when the market recovers and reaches new highs again.

The Oxford Club is a private international organization of investors and entrepreneurs. Their goal is to help their members achieve financial independence with investment opportunities that the mainstream ignores.

The Investment U arm of the Oxford Club is an excellent purveyor of financial education materials which help their members thrive. They offer courses, conferences, and videos by the Oxford Club to help them on their path to financial freedom.

Podcasts are nothing new, but they’ve recently gained an enormous following. Since the rise in listeners, PodcastOne, the largest podcast network in the world, began developing new features for their app. Recently, they announced some of the features that their new app will have.

Many of the features allow listeners to interact with their favorite hosts. The new app also offers videos along with traditional audio recordings. Fans will be able to contribute to discussions via the app, instead of using other apps to communicate over social media. The app also offers exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes videos of programs.

PodcastOne was excited to announce the virtual reality feature. They’ve been working on bringing listeners high-quality VR videos for a few years. They even teamed up with Mandt VR to ensure that their virtual reality was of the highest quality. So, the two companies have shot over 1,000 videos.

Mandt VR installed the latest virtual reality equipment in every major PodcastOne recording studio. Most of those studios are housed in the company’s New York, Beverly Hills, and Burbank buildings. Mandt VR also taught PodcastOne staff members how to use their mobile equipment so that hosts can film VR footage while traveling.

The head executive of Mandt VR, Neil Mandt, talked about what it was like working Norman Pattiz, founder and CEO of PodcastOne. Norman Pattiz is a big name in the media industry. Many think of him as a pioneer and a legend. Mandt was honored to work with a man who embraces advanced technology.

Thanks to Pattiz’s expertise, PodcastOne is the largest podcast provider in the world. Though podcasts are fairly new, running a media conglomerate is nothing new to Pattiz. He created a network library with over 200 shows, many of which are the most popular on the internet. Learn more:

Norman Pattiz’s career is one of the most historical in the entire world. He’s done so much that people don’t think one man could do. He built several hugely successful media empires that provide TV, radio, and podcast shows to numerous countries around the world.

Last year, Forbes honored him in the Global Change Makers issue. He’s most recognized as the founder of Westwood One and PodcastOne. Both companies have shows hosted by some of the world’s most celebrated celebrities and experts. Learn more:


Why do some businesses fail in other succeed? Actually, a better question might be this, what actually does it take to make sure that a business has longevity? One such business that has defied all odds is the National Steel Car company, which has been in business for more than one century. What did it take for this company to get there? What kind of things can you do to replicate such success? My recommendation would be to look at the chief executive officer, Gregory James Aziz, and copy what he did.


Greg Aziz began by learning the theory of Economics during his time studying at Western University. It was from the wisdom that he gained from those professors that he was able to model successful business at the national steel car company.



One of those methods that he modeled was to always encourage the people in his company to push the line. In other words, he always wanted them to see advancements. A company that is no longer as good as the competitor is a company that will soon go out of business. However, on the other side of that coin, a company that is able to produce a better product than their competitor will be a company that will flourish. Gregory J Aziz made sure that his company was the latter.


The next method that he used was to model for them the process of efficiency. James Aziz knew that time was money. The more products that you could put out as a company, the more money would show up in your bank account. To combine both quality and quantity, was a sure recipe of success. Read More about Aziz Here.


The last method was to enforce the pillars that made his business successful. The first pillar was to empower and thank his faithful workers. Greg Aziz spent time mentoring them and by doing this, they found themselves loyal to him. The second pillar was to instill into the hearts of everyone there a vision that they can and that they will succeed. The last pillar he focused on was the customer who kept them in business. Greg Aziz took time to hear from them what they desired for the Railcar Industry. They he would fill that desire with his product. By doing this, he was able to put National steel car on top of the Railway Industry in all of North America.