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As the president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf has become one of the most important businessmen in the country of Brazil. After having inherited the company from his father, he was able to grow it from a small paper manufacturing firm into one of the most important multi-industry manufacturing conglomerates in the country. Today, Eucatex is involved in everything from the production of automotive parts to the fabrication of fine furniture and interior finishing.

But spending decades at the helm of one of the most important manufacturing companies in the country has given Flavio Maluf a front row seat to witness the horrors of confiscatory taxation policies. Maluf says that over taxation is almost never meant to achieve the goals that are attributed to it by politicians. He says that this is easy to see because over taxation almost always has the effect of driving the most vulnerable small businesses into the ground while giving the largest corporations huge competitive advantages. Visit to learn more about Maluf.

One way in which this occurs is by requiring companies to spend massive amounts of money on expensive accounting firms and law firms in order to devise ways to successfully offshore their operations in order to evade taxes. While the largest companies in the country can often afford to make these moves, many of their smaller competitors are simply unable to afford to spend the money necessary to complete the offshoring of operations. This has a doubly positive benefit over the long term for the large corporations that are able to complete the offshoring process. The first is that they ultimately end up paying far less taxes over the long term. The second is that their competition is often driven completely out of business, leaving them with a far stronger grip over the market in which they are participating.

Maluf says that driving small businesses out of the marketplace is one of the worst moves that one could possibly make for a national economy. Small businesses not only provide a great number of jobs, they also are able to compete and keep prices low for the consumer. Maluf advocates major tax breaks for small business in order to keep Brazil’s economy thriving.



JHSF Participacoes SA is the biggest real estate development company in Brazil. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jose Auriemo Neto manages the company. In his position as the leader of this company, he has enhanced growth in this company by making sure that the company remains top of the real industry in Brazil. He has been in the management of JHSF for the past two decades. He has experience that cannot be matched by any other person in the industry. In just a matter of two decades, the company has created some of the biggest real estate projects in the country. In Sao Paulo, the biggest real estate projects have been done by this company. Some of the projects that the company engages in include construction of business airports, shopping complexes and high-end hotels and restaurants.

JHSF started in 1972 by the father of Jose Auriemo Neto. After he grew old, he decided to leave the company to his son. Jose Auriemo has not disappointed in managing the business. In fact, since he took up the mantle of managing the company, he has done so, diligently. The company is now growing rapidly and is moving its business operation even to other countries. Already they have interests in Miami and Uruguay.

Jose Auriemo Neto has seen the company set up the first shopping mall, in the country. Since they developed tier first project, they have built others in quick succession. In the main cities in Brazil, there is a project that is owned by JHSF. The firm has also been moved into retail shopping where they have partnered with luxury brands in the world. JHSF under leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto has set itself apart from others by ensuring that it maintains a reputation in the industry and has the best innovations which will enable it to stay top of the industry.

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Paul Mampilly, having graduated with MBA from Fordham University, immediately ventured into finance industry where he became the assistant portfolio manager in 1991. He was able to earn top positions at legal firms such as Deutsche Bank and ING, and this was due to the knowledge and experiences he had acquired in the field while working for the different organization. At Kinetic asset Management, Paul led to its Asset growth rate to be named by Barron as one of the best world returns. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Having aided the ultra-rich individuals to acquire more wealth, Paul Mampilly desire to make the average Americans join the prosperity that was being enjoyed by these people increased. Consequently, he resigned from his job on Wall Street to create an opportunity for focusing on his entrepreneurial ventures, and he became a member of Banyan Hill Publishing. Where he was able to publish his Newsletter Profits Unlimited that revealed the thoughts, he had about his latest investment opportunities, and it also had more than 90000 subscribers.

That life experience drew Eric Dye’s attention to yearn for interviewing Paul Mampily for his podcast. In the interview, he was able to discuss the changes that have occurred in the current stock market and the main mistakes that people commit during their first trade. He also had the opportunity to reveal the people whom he admires in the business field.

Paul Mampilly exposed that the understanding he had of the Wall Street, none of the average investor could have it. For example, he has been doing some actions that the ordinary investors do not such as; serving as an analyst, the manager of the trading desk as well as managing money. He also spends 12 to 14 hours every day reading and following up which stocks that his clients have been purchasing. He never stops there, but he keeps on updating himself on what is happening in the stock market that could impact the stock prices and therefore, he was able to identify which company is worthy to invest in it.

Lastly, Paul Mampillyrevealed to Mr. Dye that while he was managing hedge funds, he was able to identify that people no longer practiced the actual trading, but instead computers did the selling. Therefore, substantial investment banks used the information that was obtained from average traders, and this was the most significant change that Mr. Paul Mampilly has ever witnessed in the stock market over the years.View:


Business owner Eric Lefkofsky has created and co-founded some businesses such as Groupon, Tempus, Uptake Technologies, Media Ocean, Echo Global Logistics, Inner Workings, and Light Bank. The serial entrepreneur works primarily in the industries of investments, technology, e-commerce, media, analysis, biotechnology, and transportation.

One of the main focuses for Eric Lefkofsky currently is the company Tempus, launched in 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. Working in the industry of biotechnology, the company collects and analyzes significant masses of clinical and molecular data. The corporation aims to further precision medicine and bring about a new time for medicine and the way patients are treated. So far, Tempus has collaborated with a handful of medical institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center, the Cleveland Clinic, Northwestern’s Lurie Cancer Center. The facilities include the University of Michigan, as well as the University of Chicago- School of Medicine, as well as several community hospitals from around the country.

Tempus is currently valued at more than $700 million. The company is funded primarily by fundraising and has had several significant corporations invest in it. Those include the New Enterprise Associates (NEA) which was established by several esteemed investors and people in business. In September 2017, Tempus managed to reach a lifetime funds of $130 million. While the corporation does something essential, the work done at Tempus is also highly expensive since one fo the procedures the company uses costs few thousand dollars.

Eric Lefkofsky is active in philanthropy. He created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation a few years ago in 2006 to help enhance the quality of life in Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky is dedicated to his community He funds some community events and local businesses and academic and medical institutions, as well as other charities. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation supports a vast amount of organizations and has collaborated with many to work on initiatives in medicine, education, art & culture, and human rights.

While Tempus is doing something unique, striving for a high goal, medical experts and investors have expressed their strong beliefs that what the company does will be worthwhile and bring about a much-needed change.

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Christmas is one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, and you may be scrambling to find the perfect present for the loved ones in your life. In addition to making your relative or friend happy this holiday season, you’ll also feel great when you give the gift, and science shows that this is actually good for your mind and body. You can also get the same health benefits when you give your time and resources to others in a charitable fashion.


Studies have shown that giving actually makes us happy. Michael Norton conducted a study concerning this with his colleagues at the Harvard Business School in 2008. The study revealed that when a person gave money to someone else instead of spending it on themselves, the giver felt happier. This also occurred with participants who thought they would be happier if they kept the money.


Jorge Moll and his colleagues conducted a study to confirm this as well. In 2006, Moll and his contemporaries at the National Institutes of Health discovered that when people donate to charities, the part of the brain that is associated with pleasure or social connection is activated. This is commonly referred to as “helper’s high” or the “warm glow” that people feel when they are charitable.


Additional evidence that giving is good for our health comes from Stephen Post, a professor of preventative medicine at Stony Brook University and author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People (Terra). Post also shares that people give to others, they can better manage chronic illnesses, including multiple sclerosis and HIV.


Dough Oman of the University of California Berkeley also conducted a study in 1999 that proves the health benefits of generosity. He found that when elderly people volunteered at two or more charitable organizations, they increased their lifespans by 44% over a span of five years as opposed to elderly people who did not volunteer. Elderly individuals who spent their time volunteering for the benefit of others were able to outlive non-volunteers, even if those who volunteered were smokers, had poor diets or didn’t exercise regularly.


As you can see, being more generous has the ability to help us live our best lives. Giving a gift or volunteering your time and money to a great cause could help your brain and body to function well, which has positive effects on you, your family and the community.

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Matt Badiali is a contributor for Banyan Hill Publishing. Badiali is considered a natural resources expert with years of experience in the mining and agricultural industries. Badiali has studied in many different places throughout the World; Iraq, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Mexico. Badiali believes in taking a hands on approach with your investments. Badiali meets with different company leaders and investors to learn about different trends and technologies. Badiali has met with executives at Exxon Mobil. He has also taught at Duke University, as well as the University of North Carolina. Badiali loves enlightening readers on different investment opportunities. Badiali takes pride in finding great investments throughout the natural resources industry.

Badiali supports Master Limited Partnerships. The majority of income generated from Master Limited Partnerships heads to the shareholders. Master Limited Partnerships are often based around massive infrastructure projects. Every barrel of oil is charged in a Master Limited Partnership. Badiali says that the key to a Master Limited Partnership is trying to receive large dividend yields. Investors have taken note of the decline in oil prices and increase in interest rates. As the oil prices continue to rise, more revenue should be available for Master Limited Partnerships. That will also lead to higher dividend yields. Read more on Stansberry’s Matt Badiali On The Companies That Could Thrive In A Cheap Oil And Gas World click here:

Badiali believes that next year will be a prosperous one for copper miners. Mining investors should keep a close eye on China. China is responsible for a large amount of the World’s thermal coal production, which includes zinc, nickel, copper, and aluminum. Copper imports are continuing to rise, which should lead to a price increase. Some companies have pulled back, which creates opportunities. Badiali predicts that companies that produce copper will become lucrative next year. Investors should look closely at the mining market. Follow Matt Badiali on twitter.

The US oil sector is also on the rise. Texas has lead growth in new exports. The oil refining process is easier, and the oil is put on a ship and sent overseas quickly. Refining is a place that could potentially yield great investments and income. Badiali also notes that corn is cold on the market right now, however there should be a change in 2018.

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Brazil ranks the second best internationally after the United States in the legal profession field. According to media reports, in the year 2010, Brazil had an approximate of six hundred thousand professional lawyers based in its major cities. Presently, lawyers based in Brazil are prominent celebrities as a result of their profiled clients. Additionally, in recent times, a lot of young students have been observed flocking the legal institutions. Among the top Brazil lawyers is Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian attorney who particularises in Compliance law, Ethics law, Administrative Law, Urban Law, along with Regulatory Law.

Bruno has broad expertise and vast experience in the field of law. He dedicates himself to counseling entrepreneurs and clients through the command of the law. Bruno assists them by ensuring that the letter of the law is followed to the latter on each project. He also supports in decision making by advising on compliance rule of services. Currently, he is also recommended for his expertise in legal services that helps people start businesses or run them properly.

Presently, Bruno is among the most celebrated lawyers in Brazil. He started his professional education at the Pontifical Catholic University based in Sao Paulo. Bruno graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law. Later on, he advanced his studies to sharpen his skill by undertaking a master’s degree in Juris doctor at the University of Säo Paulo. As soon as Bruno Fagali graduated, he began working at Radi call and Associates advocacy. He served as a lawyer for two years. He later resigned from his position and moved to Nova/SB where he currently serves as the organisation integrity manager. Bruno also founded his law firm known as Fagali law firm.

The law firm particularises in compliance, ethics, administrative law, civil law, together with Regulatory Law. In addition to his expertise, Bruno also affiliates with the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics. He serves as a partner and coordinator of ethics and advertising agencies committee. Additionally, he is also an author; he has published several insights, research papers together with articles in journals. Bruno is also a part of the banking judgment community.

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National Steel Car was found over 100 years ago. The company manufactures railroad freight cars and is the leading manufacturing company of rail tank cars in North America. Gregory James Aziz is the president and the CEO of the railcar manufacturer and his impact at the company is unmatched. He has worked hard to improve all operations at National Steel Car and that has made the company realize huge profits as well as grow its customer base.


Greg Aziz always wanted to own a company that is unique in manufacturing and service delivery. He always saw how National Steel Car performed and knew that the company can be transformed to become the number one manufacturer of railroad cars North America. He took his time and in 1994 he purchased the company from Dofasco. He had enough capital to make investments that were to make the company competitive in its operations.



Greg James Aziz invested heavily in the company’s technology and labor. Gregory J Aziz his leadership, National Steel Car adopted advanced technologies that increased production capacity of rail cars from 3500 to over 12000 cars annually. The production capacity also increased as a result of employment of highly trained and experienced engineers in railroad freight car manufacturing. He encouraged teamwork at the company and that also contributed to the sudden improvement.


Greg J. Aziz has worked hard to ensure the company gets contracts to provide tank cars for transportation of flammable fluids. They have developed strong and safer rail tanks cars that big companies like Canpotex use for transportation of potash. Greg Aziz has worked with Canpotex for a long time and made sure that they design rail cars that don’t disappoint. Most of these fluid companies are grateful that National Steel Car Makes customized rail tank cars for them making transportation easy and efficient. Click Here for Related Information.



Due to his excellence and good leadership, National steel Car has received certification making it the only company in manufacturing and engineering of rail cars in North America ISO Certified. National Steel Car has received many awards such as TTX SECO. The company has also supported Hamilton Community by sponsoring many charities such as Theater Aquarius and the United Way. Greg Aziz and his wife support the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Canada.



After graduating from the University of Ontario where he majored in economics, Greg Aziz started his career at Affiliated foods. He made the company become a worldwide importer of fresh foods from Central and South America as well as Europe. He left the business and went to New York where he worked on investment banking opportunities prior to buying National Steel Car.


Obsidian Energy is a mid-sized Canadian oil production company that is found in Calgary, Alberta. Obsidian Energy Ltd., initially known as Penn West Petroleum, has undergone significant restructuring and has transformed thus emerging stronger, leaner and ready with enough potential for substantial growth towards a brighter future with its president and CEO is David French.


At the Annual General Meeting of shareholders, several of the company’s executives admitted to being accountable for financial irregularities experienced, and this was deemed as a major blow to the stability of Obsidian Energy.


The Penn West Petroleum Ltd. decided to change its name after it suffered a serious debt crisis in the past three years. This scandal led to lawsuits from its investors which were settled last year although it foresaw the company selling many of its assets for it to be able to repay some of its debts to the various investors.


An overwhelming majority of its shareholders, about 90% voted in consent to the change in name to Obsidian Energy, and its major plans are to go after modest growth shortly. As the CEO declares, Obsidian is a naturally occurring glass that can easily be sharpened hence they decided that this name was the best as it related to their course. It is a young company that is set and ready to develop into a brighter future.


In 2014, July, Penn West declared that most of its resources had improperly classified thus this contributed majorly to the declaration of the company’s insolvency, but this has been changed over time and resources allocated majorly to the production of oil. It currently produces only 28,000 barrels of oil and has only about 407 employees thus it has reduced its scale of production.


All said and done; it is now crystal clear that the irregularities that the Penn West Cp. Ltd. experienced made the Obsidian’s production levels to drop significantly but after the change of its name to Obsidian Energy Ltd., all is set to be well with major advancement aims for 2018 under its new CEO and President, David French. It is set to gain back its market value. Go Here To Learn More.

Obsidian Energy can well be described as an intermediate oil and gas company. The oil and gas company is based in Canada. When it was established, the gas and oil organization was known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd and it has been carrying out their operation in Calgary, Alberta. In the early days, the firm was recognized as the sixty largest firms from Toronto Stock Exchange that is from 2005 to 2011. Obsidian Energy was Canada Royalty Trust. In 2014 crude oil prices fell significantly, and Obsidian Energy was in crisis, it was forced to sell some of its assets to reduce debt. The name Obsidian Energy was obtained on June 26th, 2017.


The gas and oil group did not only change its name, but the change of name also came with the change of the firm’s business operations. The management of the group took the change as an opportunity to define their organization, its expansion as well as future plans. The team has begun to experience changes in their growth as well as experiences. Obsidian Energy has created an environment that will enable them to deliver and produce quality services as well as products as they realize their goals to succeed in the oil and gas industry.


Obsidian Energy does not only think of how they can increase their profits and expand their portfolio, but the community responsibility is also part of them. Their mandate is to make a positive impact in the society in which they live and operate. Obsidian has a Community Matters program which is answerable for caring about the community in which their staff, as well as the contractors, operates. The oil and gas group take the accountability of communicating with the community about the impacts of oil and gas procedures. As they communicate openly with the residence, they also have another duty of making sure that the negative impact on the environment is reduced. Obsidian also has a safety program which protects the society, their staff, the environment as well as friends and families from the accidents that may occur. The management team of the organization continues to seek other safety measures. The oil and gas fields of Obsidian Company are located in one of the largest oil fields in Canada; Alberta.


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