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The heavy rain that we experienced last October has caused problems with the drinking water at the High Camp and Gold Coast Camp in Squaw Valley. The contamination has been limited to the new water system, and no public drinking water has been effected. Squaw Valley Public Service District and the Placer County Environmental Health were notified after routine testing showed that E. coli and coliform bacteria had been found in the water. At present, there have been no health problems reported. All the restaurants at upper mountain will remain closed till the issue is resolved. Likewise, skiers are not allowed to drink the water. However, top-to-bottom skiing is being allowed.


The water has been treated and continuously tested and is showing some improvement. At present three of the four well show low levels of coliform bacteria, but no E. coli.

In a statement released by Squaw Valley’s upper mountain management team they said,

“The safety of our customers is paramount to us. We take this issue very seriously, as we do all safety issues at our resort. While this is being resolved, our guests at High Camp and Gold Coast Camp will have normal and full access to our facilities, including free bottled water for drinking.”


Officials are continuing to monitor the water quality and while the levels are going down they are not at present safe for drinking and cooking. Regular use of water should return soon. Till then, it should be safe to use for limited bathing.

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