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This year cabinet trends are having customized or personalized cabinets made for your kitchen. Many companies have so many styles and wood grains that they have something to fit every budget and taste. This means you can have them custom designed the way you want it. We have all type of woods, and laminates to choose from.

Many kitchen cabinets are using clean and simple designs. It makes a small space larger and streamlines larger areas. This is the basis of modern design and it is a good idea for anyone that wants to modernized their kitchen or bathroom with cabinets.

White cabinets are still a top choice that consumers choose for kitchen cabinets. Many people pair the white cabinets with high gloss white appliances or stainless steel in the kitchen. Another color that is popular and blends well in the kitchen is gray. You can match gray cabinets with colorful wall paper and bright colored stools, chairs, or tables.

Cabinets should have a functional design and now they do. They are beautiful but inside designed to organize and hold food items and pots and pans in your kitchen. Many are designed to save space in small areas and still be functional.

Horizontal cabinets are popular and some wide cabinets look good in larger kitchens. High tech options are becoming more popular with consumers adding charging stations and tablet holders. Black and white shaker style cabinets have added more designs causing a rise in popularity

At Siteline Cabinetry every concept starts out as a simple design. We have no warehouse of prefabricated cabinets. That means that your design can become a reality. We offer a variety of materials and styles so your cabinets reflect your kitchen design.

Our custom Siteline cabinets are build by master craftsmen so the quality is guaranteed. We have cherry wood, mahogany veneer, maple, elder, knotty pine, and other woods. Your cabinets are just one step in remodeling your kitchen. We build them from scratch so you will get a custom designed product.

The craftsmen do not start working on the cabinets until your order is placed at the factory. We work quickly and have great results. Contact us to learn more about kitchen and bathroom cabinets.