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Richard Mishaan, a famous entrepreneur and interior designer, has made a name for himself in the ever, revolutionizing, industry. Mishaan owns the Richard Mishaan Design, a company that deals with interior and exterior décor. His works vastly extend to creating comfortable, peaceful homes for families. From luxury homes, restaurants, hotels, offices and commercial settings, Richard Mishaan Design is often working on high-quality designs that can barely be fathomed by commoners. For Richard, unique is a synonym that better fits into his commitment to offer the best. His works continue to trickle across different sectors, always paving the way for creativity in homes.

Background information

To many people, Richard Mishaan cuts across as a creative mixer. His elements of creativity cannot be matched. He harbors skills in various themes. What is more, Richard is well versed with different styles and themes. Depending on a client’s preference, he is always available to offer the best there is. Mishaan has been in the industry far too long to understand that quality comes at a price. The price, is however, not as cheap but affordable to clients who have high demands. Richard Mishaan Design is always ready to offer you iconic, contemporary styles featuring harmonious juxtaposition. The aim is to concentrate on getting clients homely touches.


Richard’s designs feature in his home. He is a lover of personalized themes. He has always advocated for better designs through customization. His projects are linked to individualism as he ensures that his design have a direct reflection on the client’s style, preferences and cultural orientation. Richard Mishaan Design upholds personal values that have a direct link to a person’s profile. Richard Mishaan Design is qualified to transform any type of space into the dream an individual wants to achieve. It is amazing how he achieves every look a client may desire.