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Dr. Dov Rand is an accomplished practitioner of rehabilitation and physical medicine. Physical medicine allows practitioners to help patients develop a sense of independence as well as improve functional abilities. As a practitioner, Dr. Dov Rand is experienced in developing techniques that benefit his patients most. He has founded and currently directs the Healthy Aging Medical Center. The goal of the medical center is to optimally assist patients in aging in a healthy manner. Current methods that are used by the center are ones that help fight disease and advance the health of patients. Dr. Dov Rand not only promotes a good and healthy lifestyle through the Medical Center, but he also incorporates healthy living in his personal life. Dr. Dov Rand is involved in martial arts, yoga, a healthy diet, and cardiovascular activities to maintain good heart and physical health. Patients are also encouraged by his Medical Center to practice these habits to extend and enjoy a healthier life. Dr. Dov Rand also offers cutting-edge medical treatments such as acupuncture and vitamin therapy to patients. Other physicians and medical professionals can learn about age management medicine through webinar classes taught by Dr. Dov Rand and his literature. A powerful breakthrough that Dr. Dov Rand is focusing on is the use of bioidentical hormone therapy. Traditionally, hormone therapies consist of using synthetic hormones that do not match natural occurring hormones in a patient’s body. Dr. Dov Rand focuses on utilizing bioidentical hormones to help patients fight health issues such as heart disease, breast cancer, and tooth decay. The use of bioidentical hormones not only helps patients, but it will also assist in restoring the body’s natural hormones. Patients can now explore a wider array of healthcare decisions by seeking providers such as Dr. Dov Rand who is trained in both physical medicine and rehabilitation.