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A recent poll conducted by Political Action Committee, End Citizens United, discovered the heated race for California’s 45th District nearly tied, showing Democratic challenger Katie Porter leading by one point over Republican Rep. Mimi Walters.

A law professor, Porter has shown support for End Citizens United by rejecting corporate political action money. The group, End Citizens United, calls for campaign finance overhaul, thus pulling the plug on large donations from wealthy corporations to political candidates.

Tiffany Mueller, President of End Citizens United, suggests that politicians should reject finance support from large companies as a means to gain political election momentum. Thus, politics can return to a grass roots approach with candidates running on merit and knowledge, pushing aside big money from PAC’s. Learn more about End Citizens United at Bloomberg.

The organization has shown support and endorsed Democratic candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Jon Ossoff, pushing for financial support from direct donations. With this notion of honest and direct funding, politicians are more for the people rather than mere puppets of a corporation.

The group has shown aggressive actions against corporate financing in the past, with consideration to spending nearly $11 million in the election cycle of 2016 to overturn the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United.

The movement is clandestine in their approach; they are working against corporations as well as labor unions who send huge amounts of money to their choice of politician, respectively. Such action shows that End Citizens United is bi-partisan, working for political finance reform on both sides of the aisle.

The group also provides a plethora of information on how political action money is spent. The overall trend of political money donated is showing as small donations from private donors to politicians running to take over Republican seats in Congress and ultimately, the Oval Office.

The drive to overturn the Citizens United decision includes groups who are pushing for campaign finance reform, favoring the work and political endorsement on behalf of the people rather than the shoulders of a large, wealthy corporation. Their work is a true testament to the people choosing their representative.

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