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With Bitcoin prices blowing up more than 1,500 percent over the past year, many financial experts believe that the cryptocurrency bubble is nearing its end. Ian King, however, believes that this is only the beginning. These days, everyone knows about Bitcoin, but very few people own any and far fewer understand the revolutionary technology behind it. King believes that this will change very soon. As, while Bitcoin has seen unparalleled growth, it’s still not too late for the average investor to get a slice of the crypto pie. Read more about Ian King for more info.

Crypto Has Gone Mainstream

In only a few short years, crypto assets have gone from a libertarian pipe-dream and cryptography oddity to a global force rising in value faster than almost any other asset. This kind of growth shows immense value for investors, but it’s only the beginning.

With the recent development of applications which truly open crypto up to anyone, it’s easier than ever for the average person to invest in this digital gold. With Apps such as Coinbase surpassing even YouTube in downloads, investors are now able to invest with only a few taps on their screen. The market is opened twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and doesn’t rely on a middleman to handle transactions. Accessible and powerful, it’s no wonder that crypto has become so large.

Wall Street Arrives Late to the Party

Most of the time, it’s the average investor that’s late to the party, but this time, it’s the rest of the financial world. With governments and corporations beginning to hire blockchain experts in order to integrate this intriguing technology into their operations, crypto is no longer simply something for cryptology enthusiasts.

Wall Street, usually quick to seize financial opportunities has finally arrived at the crypto party, bringing in a fresh influx of investment funds, and strengthening the market. Bubble or not, crypto assets are here to stay.

About Ian King

Ian King is an entrepreneur and a prominent figure in crypto asset trading. With decades of experience in investment and trading and unrivaled passion for the crypto market, he’s uniquely qualified to give insight into the market. Recently, he’s worked tirelessly to help the average investor make it big with crypto.

Currently, in the process of creating a course on crypto trading for Banyan Hill, the publication which he writes for, he aims to help bring crypto into the mainstream and to get it into the hands of the average investor. Visit:

Daniel Mark Harrison has made headlines in a wide range of industries. His compelling career profile is summed up in a 2015 article, which was written by Isabella Kamiska, in the Financial Times. Isabella described Daniel Mark Harrison as a journalist, serial entrepreneur, author, Bitcoin 2.0 enthusiast, Editor-in-chief, publisher, factory banking inventor and Blockchain evangelist. He is a direct descendant of The House of Harrison, the bloodline behind money-printing business, Harrison & Sons, which is FTSE-listed. De La Rue acquired the company in 1997. Isabella’s description of Harrison reflects an outstanding career of a man who is committed to duty and excellence. Harrison is the chairperson and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison Co. (DMH&CO), a company that he fully owns. DMH&CO manages family assets in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Daniel Mark Harrison has been able to achieve much success in his career due to his strong educational background. He holds a BA and an MBA from the esteemed University of Oxford and the renowned BI Norwegian Business School respectively. Harrison is also an alumnus of the prestigious New York University where he earned his master’s degree in journalism. Through education and working experience, he was equipped with adequate skills and knowledge to navigate and achieve success in diverse industries.

The shrewd entrepreneur works as a managing partner for Monkey Capital, a block chain and fin-tech venture capital with high quality operations. In addition, Harrison co-founded Stanley Court Ltd, Thailand, an investment and asset brokerage company. The executive held a managerial position at Minisuco Ltd, Shanghai, a leather and furniture manufacturer. Daniel Mark Harrison worked as head of private clients at St. Helen’s Capital Plc. He has great authorship skills. To this end, he has contributed to various mediums, including CoinsSpeaker, where he is in charge of the editorial team. Harrison is credited for growing its readership.

The executive is the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Marx Rand. The executive was a columnist at the Motley fool. The renowned publisher is responsible for great pieces like Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World and The Millenial Reincarnation. Over the years, he has delivered excellent results, thus building a solid and admirable profile. He has been featured on various business news channels, including CNN and Bloomberg.


Podcasts are nothing new, but they’ve recently gained an enormous following. Since the rise in listeners, PodcastOne, the largest podcast network in the world, began developing new features for their app. Recently, they announced some of the features that their new app will have.

Many of the features allow listeners to interact with their favorite hosts. The new app also offers videos along with traditional audio recordings. Fans will be able to contribute to discussions via the app, instead of using other apps to communicate over social media. The app also offers exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes videos of programs.

PodcastOne was excited to announce the virtual reality feature. They’ve been working on bringing listeners high-quality VR videos for a few years. They even teamed up with Mandt VR to ensure that their virtual reality was of the highest quality. So, the two companies have shot over 1,000 videos.

Mandt VR installed the latest virtual reality equipment in every major PodcastOne recording studio. Most of those studios are housed in the company’s New York, Beverly Hills, and Burbank buildings. Mandt VR also taught PodcastOne staff members how to use their mobile equipment so that hosts can film VR footage while traveling.

The head executive of Mandt VR, Neil Mandt, talked about what it was like working Norman Pattiz, founder and CEO of PodcastOne. Norman Pattiz is a big name in the media industry. Many think of him as a pioneer and a legend. Mandt was honored to work with a man who embraces advanced technology.

Thanks to Pattiz’s expertise, PodcastOne is the largest podcast provider in the world. Though podcasts are fairly new, running a media conglomerate is nothing new to Pattiz. He created a network library with over 200 shows, many of which are the most popular on the internet. Learn more:

Norman Pattiz’s career is one of the most historical in the entire world. He’s done so much that people don’t think one man could do. He built several hugely successful media empires that provide TV, radio, and podcast shows to numerous countries around the world.

Last year, Forbes honored him in the Global Change Makers issue. He’s most recognized as the founder of Westwood One and PodcastOne. Both companies have shows hosted by some of the world’s most celebrated celebrities and experts. Learn more:


Gregory James Aziz, a businessman, is the President, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Chairman of National Steel Car. The company is leading the way in rail freight car manufacturing and engineering companies in the world. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car has more than 100 years of excellence in the industry and is committed to quality.

Aziz’s education includes attending Ridley College and he was an economics major at the University of Western Ontario. He joined the family business after college and took on the family operated company, Affiliated Foods in 1971. The company expanded over the next 16 years and became a leading importer of fresh foods. After the food business, he took on several investment banking opportunities from the late 1980’s through the early 1990’s. Greg Aziz organized the National Steel Car purchase from Dofasco in 1994 and the goal was take the once great, but foundering company to greatness once again.

Under Greg Aziz’s leadership, the company invested in the staff through team building measures. The company was able to expand its capabilities from 3,500 freight cars per year to more than 12,000 freight cars per year. The staff also grew from 600 employees to almost 3,000. The company is the only freight car engineering and manufacturing company that is certified and has maintained the designation for more than 18 years.


Another part of the success of the company, according to Gregory Aziz is to also raise the bar to make sure the company focus stays strong. It is important to always have an efficient system in place and remain true to the core values that have brought success. It is also essential to maintain a high level of trust with the customers and provide on time delivery every time without fail.


Greg Aziz is committed to his community and he has inspired such commitment within the National Steel Car team and their families. It is important to support programs that offer a way to strengthen neighborhoods and communities and help others find a better way of life and enhance quality of life.


The company and Aziz works with the Salvation Army, United Way and the Theatre Aquarius. The company also supports food drives for local food banks and members serve as board members for several local organizations. Gregory J. Aziz and his wife Irene sponsor and participate in the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair each year. It is one of Canada’s most prominent and popular agricultural fair. Visit This Web Page for more information.

Why do some businesses fail in other succeed? Actually, a better question might be this, what actually does it take to make sure that a business has longevity? One such business that has defied all odds is the National Steel Car company, which has been in business for more than one century. What did it take for this company to get there? What kind of things can you do to replicate such success? My recommendation would be to look at the chief executive officer, Gregory James Aziz, and copy what he did.


Greg Aziz began by learning the theory of Economics during his time studying at Western University. It was from the wisdom that he gained from those professors that he was able to model successful business at the national steel car company.



One of those methods that he modeled was to always encourage the people in his company to push the line. In other words, he always wanted them to see advancements. A company that is no longer as good as the competitor is a company that will soon go out of business. However, on the other side of that coin, a company that is able to produce a better product than their competitor will be a company that will flourish. Gregory J Aziz made sure that his company was the latter.


The next method that he used was to model for them the process of efficiency. James Aziz knew that time was money. The more products that you could put out as a company, the more money would show up in your bank account. To combine both quality and quantity, was a sure recipe of success. Read More about Aziz Here.


The last method was to enforce the pillars that made his business successful. The first pillar was to empower and thank his faithful workers. Greg Aziz spent time mentoring them and by doing this, they found themselves loyal to him. The second pillar was to instill into the hearts of everyone there a vision that they can and that they will succeed. The last pillar he focused on was the customer who kept them in business. Greg Aziz took time to hear from them what they desired for the Railcar Industry. They he would fill that desire with his product. By doing this, he was able to put National steel car on top of the Railway Industry in all of North America.

Louis R. Chenevert is one of the most successful CEOs and production managers in the world. He set his eyes on the role of product management early in life when he chose to study product management in HEC Montréal an affiliate of the world renown university of Montreal.
He began his career in product management when he joined General motors where he worked for fourteen years.He rose through the ranks during his tenure here and by the time he left he was production general manager.
In 1993 he moved to an American aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney which has its headquarters in East Hartford, Connecticut but also has a subsidiary in Canada he worked here for six years in the engine department before he was elected president. At this time he was in charge of all the operations within the country and it is during his reign that saw a steady growth in production and revenue.
This success at the Canadian subsidy saw him get a call up to become the CEO and president of united technologies corporation in March of 2006 this was at a time when manufacturing was being hit hard by the recession and it was a time when many others in manufacturing were closing shop and outsourcing manufacturing to other countries. This trend led to an era where a lot of engineers lost their jobs but contrary to the trend Louis chose not to follow suit but instead concentrate on investing in the latest technology as well as human skills placing UTC a cut above the rest in the industry.He was even able to move hundreds of aerospace engineers from a lower-cost locale back to Connecticut marking a different way of doing things.
His major achievements at United were many but some of the most notable were the acquisition of Goodrich for a jaw dropping eighteen billion dollars this marked the birth of a merger that would shake the entire aerospace industry. They were now able to achieve single stop shops status for big aircraft manufacturers of both commercial and military use.
Louis also successfully steered the company towards lower green house emissions achieving a 26% overall drop as well as reducing the overall water consumption by the corporation.

In Jan 2016, Securus Technologies announced they had appointed a highly experienced sales executive to join the leadership team at the company. John Bell was appointed to serve as Senior Vice President of Sales, effective December 30, 2015. Mr. Bell was responsible for developing tech-based sales team to aggressively market the over 800 products and services offered to corrections and law enforcement institutions. This announcement was made by Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith, who has served at the company since mid-2008.According to Rick Smith, Securus had invested about $600 million in the development and acquisition of a range of products meant to enhance safety and security at corrections facilities. Therefore, it was necessary to add a key sales executive to bring new techniques to the company’s sales team and enable them present effectively the expanded range of products. John Bell has amassed an experience of over 30 years throughout his professional career, making him the perfect person to lead Securus’ sales team to success. He had previously worked for IBM, NNT Verio, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and AT&T. John Bell received his undergraduate degree from Holy Cross, and later joined Wharton School of Business for his postgraduate studies.

Rick Smith’s Career Life

Securus Technologies has emerged as a leader in providing tech-based services to the corrections industry in United States since Rick Smith joined the company as the CEO. Rick has a wealth of experience in operations, finance, information technology and other key business areas which have him the expertise to lead Securus. Through his excellent leadership, Rick has played critical role of transforming several organizations including Global Crossing, Eschelon Telecom and now Securus Technologies.From 1972 to 1998, Rick worked for Global Crossing, where he held several positions in the IT department. He held executive positions such as Frontier Information Technologies’ President and VP Midwest Telephone Operations. In 1998, Rick Smith left Global Crossing and joined Eschelon Telecom, where he served until 2008. Initially, he was hired as the company’s Chief Financial Officer, but later became the President and CEO. He guided the company through a successful IPO in 2005 as well as growing its revenue from $30 million to $350 million.

Rick’s Comments about Positive Emails and Letters

According to CEO Rick Smith of Securus, they receive thousands of emails and letters from clients appreciating the services provided by the company. They appreciate how Securus has continued to provide exceptional services with the aim to ensure adequate security for inmates, their families and the society in general. Reporters have used these emails to produce blogs. According to Rick Smith, the emails explain the positive steps made by Securus in ensuring incarcerations are safer and secure place to live.

The World CEO Awards are one of the highest honors in all of business, and they honor those who are making a difference from the CEO’s seat around the world. There are many people who would be honored to have such an award, and this article shows how Troy McQuagge earned an award for his work with USHealth Group. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the business world must study Troy and the amazing work that he has done to bring the USHealth Group into prominence in the modern day.

#1: What Does Troy Do?

Troy is the CEO of USHealth Group, and it is a large insurance provider that works with businesses and private buyers who need health insurance. They are willing to create policies for anyone, and they will do so with the full force of their large network of providers. This is an important business that protects millions of people a year, and they make it possible for businesses to serve their employees with their own insurance plans.

#2: Partnering With Businesses

Everyone who wishes to partner with USHealth Group has spoken with Troy at some point, and they know that he is an honorable man who will stand behind his word. He wants to bring in more partners to his firm that will use their services, and he knows how to help new partners understand the basics of group insurance plans. The partnership may last for many years, and they will protect those who simply needed benefits from their employers.

#3: How Does Troy Keep His Company Growing?

Troy is a man of ideas who wants his company to grow on the basis of the ideas of the people around him. He is willing to reach out to those who are most in need of help, and he knows that there are quite a few people who will bring ideas to his attention that will make the company a better place. He will open-minded about all that he hears, and he is showing the world that a CEO may collaborate at the same time that he is making decisions that impact the future of his company.

#4: The Honor Makes USHealth Group That Much Better

The honor for Troy is one that makes his company better as more people are now aware of it. They are attempting to build a business that will partner with anyone, and he knows that there are many different ways that he will succeed simply because he is willing to take the long road to improvement.The honor for Troy McQuagge is only the beginning of a journey for USHealth Group. The company is growing every day because of how powerful he is as a leader.

You can also visit: to learn more.

John Goullet is a forward-thinking businessman who has been able to use his knowledge and experience to make a major impact on the IT industry. John began his career as a consultant and quickly developed and instinct for servicing the needs of various companies. He realized that staffing is a very important element of business and looked to develop a business model to address this issue. John founded Info Technologies. Info Technologies is a staffing company that is specifically designed to meet the needs of IT organizations. John’s company rapidly grew into a million-dollar enterprise and became highly sought-after for its staffing services.

Info Technologies was able to thrive because John understood the unique needs of companies within the IT industry. Businesses are not able to grow without adequate manpower to perform the services that they exist to offer. IT companies have job positions that require specific skills and certifications. John and his staff were able to recruit the kind of personnel needed to fill these job openings. As the capabilities of Info Technologies grew, so did the request for their business. Companies within the industry were able to grow themselves due to having a good source of qualified personnel to add to their business teams.

John Goullet had even higher aspirations. He believed that working with other organizations was the most efficient way to grow his own company in the manner he perceived. John merged Info Technologies with Diversant Inc, which later became Diversant LLC. John was given the title of Principle at the new organization and immediately began to impose his influence on the day-to-day operations. Diversant LLC picked up where Info Technologies left off and became a force in the IT industry. The company provides consultation and staffing. Diversant’s own workforce is a window into the type of service that the company provides. It was awarded the title of “Largest African American company in the United States.” It is a result of the diversity that exist at Diversant LLC. The company takes pride in knowing that it exists to provide equal opportunity to those who aspire to reach their fullest potential.