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Actress Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics. Fabletics is a relatively new company that is taking on the bigger competition like Amazon. Today, Fabletics is a 250 million dollar company. They are pushing the active-wear clothing with great success. Many in the industry think that the reason for their success is due to a simple winning formula. The company actively follows the reverse show room technique. This technique has improved their sales and profits. The Reverse Showroom Technique is not new. It’s actually been around a long time. The Internet, smartphones, and mobile devices have added an extra dimension to this technique.


Fabletics Revers Showroom Technique

It is no accident that online shopping has exploded over the last decade. Shoppers are able to surf the web via their smartphone, computer, or other mobile device to shop. Fabletics realized this fact. They also realized that many of the online shoppers would go to the Fabletics physical store to complete their purchases. At one time, most online shoppers would end up at Amazon, making their purchases. However, the introduction of physical stores has encouraged online shoppers to complete their purchases at Fabletics physical stores.


Kste Hudson

Kate Hudson’s ultimate goal was to provide shoppers with a high quality brand of active-wear that would allow women to live a more active lifestyle. Hudson always has a hand in every phase of the company’s production. Her goal is to keep the clothing line looking fresh and up to date. Hudson admits that she has to believe in the clothing line and that the clothing line has to be authentic. Certainly, it’s Hudson’s strong commitment to providing the public with quality clothing that has led the company to amazing success in a short span of time. Hudson relates that she is devoted to Fabletics. However, she is still an actress at heart. Her passion will always remain with the arts and entertainment.


The Lifestyle Quiz

If you would like to get your hands on a great deal each month, join Fabletics. However, it is important to take the lifestyle quiz first. It only takes a few minutes to complete the lifestyle quiz. The quiz will provide the Fabletics site with enough information to customize outfits especially for you. Now, every month you will be presented with the opportunity to purchase a new outfit based on your personal style. Take the quiz now and you’ll be on your way to receiving trendy and very high quality fashions.

Kate Hudson is playing up top with the big boys of business. Amazon, who once had a 20% grip on the fashion e-commerce market share is now losing to a business not even 1% its size. That company, of course, is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. How is it that a company that is only worth $250 million can take on a company that is worth over $400 billion? Kate Hudson found several ways to make it happen.


The first way Kate Hudson took on Amazon is by offering quality products. Let’s be honest; Amazon products are cheap both in price and in quality. No sooner have you put on those socks you bought through Prime, and you have to reorder because they are ripping. Not so with Fabletics. Fabletics makes clothes that fit your daily needs and encourage you to achieve all that you can dream.


The second way Kate Hudson took on Amazon with her brand Fabletics was by creating a subscription-based service. This allows her customers to receive excellent athleisure clothes every month in the mail.


The third way was by using a technique known as reverse showrooming. Showrooming has been an unfortunate reality for physical stores for some time now Showrooming occurs when a customer enters your store to examine a product in person. Then what they do is go online and buy it for a more affordable price somewhere else. Kate Hudson knew that if she wanted to beat this trend in her sixteen different stores than she would have to make sure that those who come in were already customers, and that is exactly what she did.


Kate Hudson organized several events surrounding her stores and invited the community to those activities. This allowed each store to build a reputation with local dealers and buyers. This relationship created loyalty for her company. It is estimated that somewhere between 30-50% of those walking through Fabletics’ doors are already customers. Also, Fabletics holds a 20% conversion rate for turning non-customers into customers.


Kate Hudson has a lot to say about these achievements. She says that her company is all about inspiring women and empowering them to be the best version of themselves. This allows women to be strong no matter their weight, shape, or size.


All those who are interested in being empowered and motivated are encouraged to take part in Fabletics’ six question lifestyle quiz.

Clothing companies have been trying for years to try and make up ground on Amazon in the competitive fashion e-commerce market. The reason the gap is so large is because there are thousands fighting for the same apparel dollar, and Amazon is simply raking in 20 percent of the total sales in this industry. With that being said however, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics appears to be closing the gap year to year, and making a play for the spot that Amazon has comfortably enjoyed for years. In a little under three years, we see that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has sold nearly $250 million in the same women’s clothing market Amazon is competing in.


Listening to Hudson talk about her athleisure brand, you might miss the secret to her success because it sounds so simple on the surface. She is not talking about high-quality or her celebrity status, Hudson is raving about how the reverse showrooming sales technique and her membership package works perfectly together. Take a look at the way customers are shopping at the Fabletics stores in the mall, they are not being pushed to buy anything from the sales associates. Shoppers are being encouraged to get their free membership, take the lifestyle quiz, and then try on everything they want inside the mall stores.


The competition is tough in this fashion e-commerce market, but it appears that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is on to something that is working to drive those incredible sales numbers. When you are free to try anything on inside the stores at the mall, what is really happening is they are being instantly uploaded to your Fabletics online account. This means these women will eventually wind up hitting the Fabletics online store, and all those pieces they fell in love with at the store are waiting for them to buy in their online shopping cart already. The larger online inventory means these women can also fill up the cart with the latest releases in leggings and yoga pants too.


It is clear to see here that Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics is definitely marching to their own beat, and it is resonating with their customers in a positive way. Loyal customers are being rewarded with free shipping for online orders, huge discounts on the workout apparel, and help from a Fabletics shopping assistant. Amazon may have to take a closer look fast because that huge gap they enjoyed is being chewed up by Hudson’s Fabletics.

Metallic shades are hitting the streets by becoming one of the latest trends in makeup. Lime Crime, being the one who sets the tone for trends, decided to chime in and become the trendsetter by soon releasing three new products in their lineup to support this trend. Lime Crime is known for their vibrant selection of lip colors and products, and they are taking it to a whole new level with their three new additional colors being added to their Diamond Crushers collection. The three shades include, “rose gold” Cleopatra, a holographic shade called Acid Fairy, and a shimmering shade called Black Unicorn.


Aside from the beauty of their new metallic shades, they are also coming out with some beautiful Unicorn Hair dye. They just announced that they are going to launch a new hair dye collection, and it’s going to be amazing because of the new colors they’re providing. As of March 28, 2017, there is no current release date on when the world will get a chance to use these new designs, but there is no doubt that Lime Crime is going to cause a splash because of this new update. The 100 percent vegan ingredients make it great on the hair.


These two new things they are providing and releasing to the public is very new and different, and they are excited to bring a new set of colors to what they provide their biggest fans and users. They wanted to bring something new to the stage provide something that more of their exotic users would love to try. They want to continue changing and improving their makeup while at the same time giving something different.


Lime Crime has been in business for years. Doe Deere has been a successful businesswoman who has been crafting only the best makeup that is completely vegan and cruelty-free. They strive to provide new ideas, new designs, and quality colors that take you to a whole new level. Lime Crime is going to get you going in the right direction and help you look your best with these brand new products that you’ll love.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Naomi Campbell studied the art of ballet as a child. At the age of seven, Campbell was featured in a Bob Marley music video, and she got her first big break in the modeling industry at the age of fifteen. Her walk has kept her fans mesmerized, since she first stepped foot on the catwalk in 1986.

During her career, Campbell’s graced the pages of 500 magazines with her striking beauty. She was the first black model featured on the front page of Time Magazine and French Vogue. However, her striking walk on the catwalk and her photos taken worldwide isn’t all this well-rounded model is known for.

Campbell’s beauty has kept us captivated for years, and she’s one of the five original models to appear in movies, tv shows and music videos. Campbell appeared in shows such as, Fox network’s Star, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and New York Undercover. In addition to films Campbell appeared in music videos along side Bob Marley, Madonna and Michael Jackson.

However, her striking beauty and appearance on tv isn’t what makes her special. Campbell has a generous heart and is know for her charity event: Fashion for Relief. This event raised funds for those affected by Hurricane Katrina, in 2005. However, Campbell is also known for the incredible amount that she contributes to other fundraisers and charities.

While her generous heart is what makes her beautiful inside and out, her fashion keeps fans mesmerized and wanting to look like her. Her ensemble for the Franca: Choas and Creation’ Screening makes the perfect go-to outfit for the holiday season. This all black outfit adds a touch of sophistication and fun.

While beauty and fashion is her career, Campbell still takes the time to help others. She’s an advocate for diversity on the catwalk, and after all this time she still touches the hearts of those around her.