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OSI Industries is famous for all the correct reasons. The institution has an international reputation for producing high quality food products that have been stocked in all supermarkets around the world. Most people have something to say about the products from OSI Industries because they have tasted the products at one time in their lives. Although international food companies face so many hardships while trying to establish themselves in both the local and international market, The company has been having a great time because it has the best leaders. These professionals have handled all the legal battles arising from various countries, and they have ensured that customer satisfaction is the most crucial thing.

OSI Industries has come from far. It started many decades ago, with the first branch in the United States. The Germany immigrant who brought the company into existence knew too well the benefits of serving customers with high quality meat products. Decades later, the firm has maintained the same values, and it has expanded and changed its profits for the better. It has many branches in almost all the parts of the world. The company employs a good number of people from all its branches all over. All of these individuals are offered great compensation so that they can improve their work each day.

This year, OSI Industries has continued to shine and impress its customers. The company Spain branch has announced to the world that it has to make some changes in its chicken production so that the high demand from the customers can be met. The company will now be producing double chicken products so that customers living in Spain and the neighboring areas can be happy. The company management has decided to put in place special measures to make the double chicken production successful.

According to the news shared by the official company website, OSI Industries will be forced to increase its employees, especially those working in the Spain Plant. The new production will require more space for production and storage, and this is why the international company has chosen to increase its space. The company has already started the huge project so that its customers do not get an opportunity to complain about missing the products whenever they visit the shopping stores. The company has great individuals in charge, and they have been making the expansion activities successful. Sheldon Lavin is in charge of the company expansion projects.


OSI Food Solutions is one of the world’s largest, privately held food processing companies. Founded in the Chicago area in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, OSI began as a family-operated meat market and butcher shop and in 1955 became the first ground beef supplier for the world-famous McDonald’s. The company is committed to the values of relationships, continuous improvement, innovation, teamwork and integrity and offers food processing services for some of the world’s leading brands in the restaurant and food service industries.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired two European food companies: Baho Food, a Dutch food manufacturer specializing in deli meats and other quick-service food options and Flagship Europe, part of the Flagship Food Group, a food supplier specializing in providing product to UK food retailers. Both Baho Food’s and Flagship Europe’s offerings complement OSI’s extensive product portfolio and enable the company to obtain new clients and extend its reach into the European market. The British Safety Council awarded OSI Food Solutions the 2016 Globe of Honour.

In August 2018, OSI Food Solutions won 12 medals at the fourth annual 2018 World Steak Challenge hosted at the Magic Roundabout in London, including the prestigious gold medal for OSI Germany’s grain fed dry aged Angus ribeye.

OSI Food Solutions is an equal opportunity employer with over 20,000 employees working from facilities located in 17 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States. The company seeks job applicants who will complement its diverse workforce and offers career opportunities to attract both recent graduates and seasoned professionals alike. OSI’s commitment to sustainable business practices is reflected in its concern for social, economic, and environmental frameworks and continuous efforts to improve its sustainability impact into the future.

David McDonald has dedicated his entire career to OSI Group. The decision has been a good investment for McDonald. He has risen from an intern to COO of the organization. OSI Group is one of the leading manufacturers in the food manufacturing industry. The company is an international brand with subsidiary companies around the world. There are 65 plants operating in 17 different countries. McDonald is charged with the continued expansion of a company that has been growing for 100 years.

David McDonald was raised in a small town in Iowa. He attended Iowa State University and joined OSI Group immediately after college. He began as an intern to Sheldon Lavin. McDonald’s learning experience began as soon as he arrived at OSI. The company was experiencing tremendous growth at the time. It had expanded its interest into the Pacific Rim. OSI was entering into a deal with K&K Foods, which eventually launched the OSI Asia Pacific branch.

David McDonald quickly absorbed the OSI business model. He understood that he must embrace change and look for opportunities to grow along with the company. McDonald has been a part of several key business transactions that have boosted OSI’s presence in the industry over the last few years. Merges with Baho Foods, Flagship Food Group, Turi Foods and Tyson Foods were all managed by McDonald and his team.

Tyson Foods was a local purchase made by OSI. It had been operating in the Chicago area for many years and was in jeopardy of going out of business. David McDonald and his team were able to purchase facilities at Tyson Foods and keep nearly 500 employees from falling into unemployment. McDonald even arranged for many of the Tyson Foods employees to make lateral moves over to the OSI team.

David McDonald secured the acquisitions of Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group. The two European based organizations have special niches in the industry. McDonald is expecting these two organizations to open up new markets within the industry, which will help OSI Group diversify is business model.