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The top communication business for prison facilities across the United States input a lot of effort in addressing customer concerns and innovating new products and services. As a result, review websites noted an increase in positive remarks about the firm and their services. Securus also received a couple of emails and traditional letters that contained positive comments and feedback. A lot of the writers are prison employees who used Securus’ products such as the LBS software to monitor illegal activities. They ceased crime among inmates, arrested corrupt officials enabling the offenses and closed criminal cases by gathering information between detainees and their former outside connections. In 2017, Securus has opened its doors to customers and competitors seeking to learn more about their operation.



One report stated by monitoring phone call conversations, prison staff confiscated alcohol, drugs, and illegally owned mobile devices. They also addressed alleged threats by inmates to civilians, the sale of narcotics by civilian accomplices of a charged dealer and arrested civilians who admitted to underpricing pharmacy drugs. Using the LBS software, the correctional law enforcement arm secured narcotic drugs and millions of cash from both civilians and inmates. The commenter stated that without the program, they would not have managed to conduct such a successful search. In another statement, an impressed client said that Securus’ has the perfect vision that will improve security in the federal system. The CEO of Securus said the firm consistently develops products and services for use in prisons across North America. Securus innovates on at least a weekly basis. Rick A. Smith added to say the protecting the people of the United States were a top priority for him and his company. The CEO revealed that the positive feedback from families, prison staff and inmates was a high motivation in helping them up their game for continued service to the American people.

Securus Technologies has made life a lot easier for inmates who had found it difficult to stay in touch with their loved ones. Unfortunately, as many inmates have experienced, keeping in touch with loved ones can be quite difficult while in jail. Many have found that it is difficult to go even a few days without talking to their loved ones. Securus Technologies offers an opportunity in which people can keep in touch with their loved ones via video conferencing regardless of the situation that they are in, which in this case, is being jailed in a correctional facility.


If you are unsure about whether or not utilizing the video conferencing program that is available from Securus Technologies is a viable option for you, then please do not hesitate to go to their website to look at pricing and correctional facilities that program is offered at. Many are not aware of whether the correctional facility their loved one may be jailed in offers the program or not. Thus, the company has gather a list of correctional facilities for its website for potential users to sort through to see if they can indeed keep in touch with their loved one via video conferencing.


BBB, which is an acronym for Better Business Bureau, has accredited Securus Technologies as being a viable option for anyone who wants to utilize its program for keeping in touch with jailed friends or family members. Thus, it has received the certification that it needs to be considered as being a good option for optimal qualities of communications. One should not have any worries about whether or not their video conferencing will be hacked into or not because the communication protocols are conducted safely and securely. No other forms of video conferencing exist for inmates in which they can keep in touch at such competitive prices. Sign up for an account today!


Securus is a popular name in many households today. The reason is that the company has facilitated communication between relatives with a loved one in correction facilities. No one wants ever to think of the possibility of a loved one behind bars. However, this is usually a reality among many families. Communication becomes difficult especially during the holiday season. It is a tough time since one expected to celebrate the time as a family. Another problem is the difficulty to take long trips to the prison facility. Correction facilities are never located close to homes. They are mostly on the outskirts of towns making it difficult to travel.


When a friend was dealing with a loved one in a correction facility, I looked for the different kinds of communication services. I wanted to find a company that could help families keep in touch through the video visitation program. I knew that if I could find such a program, it will take away the need of making long trips to the correction facilities. One of the best prison communication services I found was Securus Technologies. The company has been around for a long time. Thousands of users enjoy the services provided by the firm to visit their families. Communication has been made possible through the company’s video visitation program. The program allows you to be connected with your loved one without having to go and meet them face to face.


I find the video visitation program beneficial in many ways. First, it provides a safer and secure method to make the visitation. Traditional visitation placed a significant burden to wardens who would monitor the visitation system keenly. The visitation system allows one to schedule several visits and have a lot of time in one visit. In most times, actual visitations have resulted in contraband in correction facilities. The virtual visitation program makes no room for the availability or exchange of such contrabands. Families too have enjoyed the convenience that comes with the visitation program. Family members no longer have to be searched and wait in the stressful lobbies. Family members can interact comfortably with inmates without the stressful prison environment. Bringing prisoners and their families together has been the most advantageous ting about the program.


Securus Technologies is a leader in providing communication services to correction facilities. The company has always strived to improve the kind of technology used in technology. The result is that it has seen the development of communication equipment. The video visitation program is just one example.



Securus Technologies has been a leader in providing criminal justice and technology solutions for inmates. Their primary goal has been to improve the experience of prisoners during the time they spend in the correction facilities. Their services range from public information, conducting investigation, monitoring products and services, biometric services, verification and incident management services. The Dallas-based company have availed their service to close to 3,000 correction facilities where 1.2 million inmates have benefited from their services.



GTL made another allegation claim for damages and injunctions against Securus Technologies. The claims were made regarding the patent 7,256,816. However, the right position with the patent has not been clearly validate; it is there not possible for GTL to make any claims of such injunctions. GTL went ahead to insist that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board had preserved patents used by the company. However, Securus Technologies defended itself stating that the claims were unfounded and that the latter ruling can only be made in the court of law.


GTL further made an inaccurate claim when they decided to contend with innovations made patentable as indicated by the PTBA. Securus Technologies corrected this stating that they were only allowed to protect any innovations by going to court. GTL’s plan to go to court is an indication of how serious they are to convict Securus on infringing patents. They can, however, be rest assured that the jury may not be ready to listen to such claims and any such evidences anytime soon.


Concerning GTL’s press release, Securus Technologies CEO stated that he is willing to take on a challenge with GTL. He has offered such a challenge multiple times, but GTL has not responded yet. Securus Technologies beats GTL regarding its patents, the kind of technology and the number of engineers and technical personnel.

I never knew this kind of technology was available to families with inmates. I know people can find themselves incarcerated for a number of different reasons, but I do not believe it should mean they are limited to seeing family when they are able to come for an in-person visit. With Securus Tech, the family can visit right from home using the web camera on their computer. This allows the inmate to see and speak with family in ways that have not been available in the past and at times that are more convenient for the family.


Contact with our loved ones through Securus means we can keep in touch more often and give the inmates the feeling of being at home with family. I think this can lead to better attitudes and behavior when we have a good support team on the outside and various ways of communicating with them. One look at the videos on this website about Securus visitation made me realize just how important it is to keep in touch with family. Inmates now have the opportunity to partake in different holiday parties, birthday’s, family outings and so much more. A child whose parent found themselves incarcerated can now still get to know them, and that same parent now has the opportunity to watch them grow and learn without having to wait for an in-person visit. I think this also leads to less tension when a prisoner is released and reunited with family. It may even help them stay positive about the world we live in and function better on the outside.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.