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Glen Wakeman has an excellent record in all areas of his professionalism. He is a renowned mentor, writer, investor, inventor and business person. After working for two decades in business and finance, Glen has gained high levels of knowledge and skills. Glen utilizes these resources to mentor upcoming business people and others who look up to him.

As Glen was working to achieve his success, he worked for various companies. One of them of was GE Capital. He appreciated working for this company because it also exposed him to diverse cultures. Most of the places Glen has worked have been outside the country. Working abroad taught him how to embrace the dynamic business environments.

Since 2015, he has been the CEO of LaunchPad Holding LLC. Most of his work entails helping upcoming generations. He desires seeing them develop their full potential and maximize it ( By doing so, these young business people will help their companies grow. In addition to mentorship, Glen assists those with business plans. Since he is a writer, Glen knows how to customize strategies and business plans.

An important lesson from Glen is optimism. He is not discouraged by his challenges. Glen perceives challenges as an opportunity to become better. This lesson is mainly important for his mentored. Young people are easily discouraged when they meet challenges often. Glen is where he is now because of mentorship and his resilience to continue pursuing despite the challenges.

Glen Wakeman shows a great deal of generosity and will to help others (ChronicleWeek). Not all successful people take time to mentor and help budding entrepreneurs or professionals. When people pull through, they get busy trying to remain at the top and achieving other new goals. Passing on skills and knowledge ensures that future generations will maintain a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

Glen Wakeman should inspire his peers in business to create time for mentoring and helping upcoming professionals in their field. It enhances performance and quality in delivery. Mentoring others is not a loss to the one mentoring, especially if they are already good at it. Young people should also be ready to receive and learn from mentors.