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Doing kinds acts of generosity and morality just may benefit our brains more than what we have previously known. Research studies have been conducted by scientists over the relationship the brain has with generous actions. Surprisingly to some, the brain is fed a pleasurable happiness when a person does something kind for others.


Jorge Moll has dedicated his life to creating research studies around the brain. He is a member of several neuroscience organizations including D’Or Institute Research and Education, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and a workgroup that focuses on neuroscience cognitive skills. He is a winner of many awards recognizing his success. As a neurologist and scientist that actively studies the brain, he has came across the connection of morality and the human brain.


The research study the scientist participated in involved a number or participants. These people had their brains scanned. Their brains were scanned to watch certain portions of the brain during a scenario. The scenario was set to test how the brain reacts when a person is giving to others verses when a person is giving to themselves. When the participants chose to give to charity rather than themselves a certain portion of the brain was activated. This activation proved that moral values like giving to others goes beyond the long believed notion that giving is simply higher thinking. This brain activation proved morality is connected to the brain.


The part of the brain that was activated was the portion associated with baser functions like food and sex. With this activation, the study proved that giving is hardwired into our brains. We were created to be generous to others. We actually are more satisfied when helping others. By being generous, morally we can get more out of life and mentally our brains are pleasured.


Jorge Moll plans on continuing to do studies like these. He wants to learn more and further the understanding of how morality is connected to the brain. Therefore, it is sure with time more information will be available on how the brain functions and how it relates to our human mortality.

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