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Just like many successful entrepreneurs, Vijay Eswaran had a humble beginning to become later an owner of a multimillion business that has helped in shaping Asia’s economy. Having being born and raised in Malaysia, Vijay understood the importance of having a good education, and this led to him traveling to the United Kingdom and enrolling at London school Of Economics where he graduated with a degree in Economics.

According to QBuzz, after graduating from London school of Economics, Vijay Eswaran remained in Europe and worked odd jobs such as driving a cab, construction sites among others. After he had gained some cash, Vijay moved to the US with the aim of attaining his MBA.

While at the United States, Vijay was intrigued by the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing System). When he moved back to Malaysia, Cosway Group approached Eswaran, and from working in the company, Vijay’s interest in MLM system grew. From the beginning, Vijay wanted to become his own boss by opening his own business.

When still residing in Malaysia, Vijay partnered with some people to found a marketing firm that is now identified as QI Group. QI Group is a business enterprise that focuses on selling media systems, telecommunication, and luxury products, training, and corporate investments.

MLM System is known for working and functioning in states such as Thailand, Malaysia, and nations within the Pacific Rim. This explains why it was easy for QI Group to rapidly grow in Malaysia as the Multi-Level Marketing System supported it. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

The reason as to why this system is effective in these states due to lack of opportunities present for the lower class to rise and due to the significant difference between the upper class and lower class. With MLM, people are given a chance to express their ideas and concepts to the consumers and through this increase the social standing.

Vijay has played a significant role in growing the firm to the point of having offices in various countries such as Thailand, Singapore among others. The company’s headquarters are in Hong Kong.

Apart from spending most of his time in leading QI Group, Vijay can be found speaking in various forums to help motivate people to become better individuals in life. He has a life outside business as he is actively involved in philanthropic activities with the aim of giving back to the community.