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In the month of May 2017, the Educational Fund Charity in London and the Chairman Andrew Rolfe helped realize in an event £603,000. The meeting of London’s 300 well-known socialist and philanthropists was chaired by Andrew Rolfe. These dignitaries helped to raise these funds in a dinner after a moving and soul touching speech of SinesiphoRabidyani, a beneficially of the foundation.

This event’s objective was to raise funds to aid the disadvantaged children in Africa. The projection for this event was £600,000. In an equation, this is over South African‘s R10million. These funds were raised to meet the overwhelming needs of Ubuntu Education Fund’s Port Elizabeth Campus institution. The remaining amount was to help in funding in improving the pediatric clinic that closely associated with the campus.

The Ubuntu Foundation Fund was founded in 1999 with the main aim of providing and availing educational tools. The proponents realized that apart from education there were other urgent needs that had to be met as well; hunger and HIV. Hunger and HIV barred many from attaining the desired standards of education. The foundation furthered their objectives to providing nutrition, home charity, and health.

The CEO and the Founder of Ubuntu Educational Fund Jacob Lief have seen over 20 years the Foundation help over 400,000 disadvantaged homes Africa. The foundation helps meet the health and educational needs. This help runs through the start of schooling to the time of career choice.

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairperson of Ubuntu Education Fund from the 2007 March, to date. He is the Managing Director, Head of U.S Private Equity TowerBrook Capital Partners from 2006 to date.

He served as a President of Gap Inc. from Jan 2004 through Feb 2006. As well, he served as Chairman & Chief executive in Pret A Manger from the year 1998 July to June 2003.

In his education, Andrew Rolfe attended Harvard Business School between 1990 and 1992 where he got his MBA, Field of Study/ Managerial Economics. In the years 1985 through 1988, Mr. Andrew Rolfe attended the University of Oxford where he got his Bachelor of Art (B.A). He also attended at Eton College and St Andres College and graduated in 1984 and 1983.