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For the last 20 years, Sussex Healthcare has been offering care to seniors and adults who require specialized care. The company has homes in England’s southern coast. The organization has two chairmen who work together to see the company run its operations smoothly. Shafiq Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani have brought together their different backgrounds and experiences to Sussex Healthcare. Their experience brought together has helped the organization to achieve the success it currently has. Shiraz has a background of managing a group of hotels while Sachedina’s background is that of the dentist which he has been practicing in the United Kingdom. For the last two decades, the two chairmen have combined their knowledge to develop an award-winning and vibrant network of adult care.

Sussex Healthcare came up with its first facility in 1985. Currently, the organization has over 20 homes that operate under the company as well as a daycare facility, state-of-the-gym with the full-care residential homes. The organization offers more than just live-in homes for seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The organization provides accommodation to young people with cognitive and neurological disabilities. The company offers care to those who are in dire need of it and to those who have limited options when it comes to extensive care.

Sussex Healthcare has skilled staffs who are offering the care to the residents. The team is trained as well as devoted to taking care of the individuals who want the organization to manage the care needs. Continuous education, training including competitive compensation are the characteristics that Sussex Healthcare operates on.

The organization has a philosophy that all the people who are calling Sussex Healthcare home are entitled to continued access to recreational, social and leisure activities. In addition to this, the organization understands that physical health is not enough for the general wellbeing of an individual. Hence, the organization ensures that the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental needs of its residents are well attended to. Sussex Healthcare residents are free to go to the swimming pool and refresh themselves or taking part in the gardening. In addition to this, they are free to use the gym or form social groups.

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