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NewsWatch TV is a go-to source for news about technology, having broadcasted their content through the AMC Network and ION Television since 1990. Many of us have either cut the cable cord or rely more on the internet for our media diet, I watch Newswatch TV through their website: While NewsWatch is an award-winning magazine-style television show it is also a website that also features blogs and podcasts.

NewsWatch is a media leader in reporting on upcoming technology and I have come to rely on their reporting around the latest apps in their AppWatch feature. What makes the site irresistibly clickable is the celebrity guests and entertainment value present. Not just leaders in tech appear but stars such as Chris Pratt and Julianne Moore have been interviewed for the show. Many of us will keep coming back to NewsWatch TV because it is such a valuable resource that always seems to be two or three steps ahead of industry and technological trends.

NewsWatch has a history of partnering with and elevating the products and companies that are leaders in the world of technology. Whether it is the app that seemingly came out of nowhere or an established industry leader like Intel, Newswatch is there ahead of the curve with the latest news. Checking out some of the testimonials from their industry partners, I found the story of Saygus to be typical of the experience companies have when they partner with NewsWatch. In a video testimonial, Tim Rush of Saygus gushes about the positive experience he had working on the marketing and promotions of their indiegogo campaign. The partnership yielded great returns, helping the smartphone manufacture raise and exceed the funding goal of their campaign. NewsWatch is a wise choice for partnering to market your app, technology or brand.