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It is not uncommon for people to make the decision to move to New Zealand. They often want to move there because of the many benefits that come with living there or many of the benefits that they think will be there once they move there. It turns out, though, that some of those benefits may not actually be a reality.

People who want to move to New Zealand think that they don’t have to pay taxes there. They think that the country is low-tax or no-tax and that it is one of the many tax-free countries that are listed as tax havens. People who live in New Zealand and who have studied the tax laws there know that none of this is true and that they will not be able to benefit from any of the tax-free options once they make a move to the country.

The confusion probably came from the fact that New Zealand is a tax transparent country. It is somewhere that has a lot to offer people but it does not have free taxes. New Zealand’s tax transparency means only that they are required to list all of the taxes that the country has. They publish annual lists on what the taxes that people paid were and this allows them the chance to show off what they have for taxes. It only gives people a guide to go by when they are making the decision to move to New Zealand and should not be a reason for living there.

Since Geoff Cone is from New Zealand, he knew a lot about tax transparency before he even had a chance to become a global attorney. He wanted to make sure that other people knew about it. He often educated them on the different options that New Zealand had and many of these options included a great economy and beautiful backyards, but none of them included people being able to live without having to pay taxes on the money that they make when they are residents and live in the country that they are in.

When it comes to tax-free living, Geoff Cone knows how to do it. He made sure to always find the best tax options for himself. This gave him a chance to save money and also allowed him the opportunity to make more without being burdened by high taxes. Geoff Cone knew that tax-free living was possible. He used the tax haven list and found a home for himself in one of the countries that offered tax-free living. He was able to do this for himself and he is also able to do it for all of the clients who come to him and want to live tax-free.