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Video gaming is currently changing due to the increased number of people who want to purchase video games. The change is witnessed as the number of gamers rising with the current statistics indicating that there are more than 400 million individuals around the world who are active in video gaming. This explains why OPSkins, the number one seller of video games around the world to develop a decentralized platform where individuals can sell and buy games with ease. World Wide Asset eXchange is a platform that has been designed and is owned by OPSkins.

Malcolm CasSelle, the president and the chief executive officer of WAX, is geared towards ensuring that the organization makes the selling and buying of games to online gamers through the use of blockchain technology. The industry is recording a turnover of around $50 billion a year, which means that gaming companies will be looking forward to establishing their authority in the industry to attract customers. To achieve this, OPSkins will be using blockchain technology to enable individuals to and sell virtual assets in a fraud-free platform. The platform has been decentralized to allow for individuals with their own game to sell them here quickly.

Malcolm CasSelle is looking forward to ensuring that the fragmentation, which is brought about by the use of different currencies. Malcolm has the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to push the organization to the levels where it can achieve these goals with ease. He is a graduate of MIT, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, which means that, despite having filed experience, he also understands the nitty gritty that happens in the digital industry. There is much hope that he will be in a position to help the organization accomplish this objective within the predetermined period.

Malcolm CasSelle has previously worked in start-up organizations such as Xfire, MediaPass, and Tencent all of these firms operating in or industries related to the digital sector. His previous functions at SeaChange gives him an upper hand as the best-suited individual to help WAX to sell video games through blockchain technology. Malcolm CasSelle has also purchased stocks in digital companies such as Facebook and Zynga among others.