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In the world of the global economy, an increasing number of investors are looking for ways to make a positive impact in society with their choices, not just their profits. Netpicks can provide the adequate guidance to help those investors make better choices. Since their mission is to help the average, everyday individual make better informed investment decisions; advice for the socially conscious investing was a natural fit. Additional reading on

First and foremost, one must make informed decisions with the head, not the heart. A common mistake among many starting investors is to waste all their capital supporting causes that are close to their heart, without taking a good look at the actual chances of success for the endeavor. It is a good idea to remember that if we are to help people, we need to have the resources to make our contribution count. Once we have mastered the nuances of trading in general, thru one of Netpicks simple training programs, its time to take a closer look at the target companies we want to invest in.   Click and watch informative videos on

A general rule for the socially conscious investor is to focus on companies with a good humanitarian track record. The ones that avoid slave labor, and have a corporate culture that promotes worker safety are good candidates. One may also look into their environmental policies as well. Making informed decisions is not as tricky when the data is readily available at one’s fingertips. Another great example is the microloan industry, which provides easy access to investment capital for entreprenurs in developing nations. Whatever route you choose, make sure your conscience guides your actions.  Learn from informative trading details here.

Netpicks is a trading and investment training company that was founded in 1996. Its mission is to teach average people the skills needed to become successful at trading in several trading platforms. Using practical advice from actual traders, their training provides insight and clarity to the confusing world of options, forex, futures and other stocks in the market.  More investing tips provided here.

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