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NexBank is spearheaded by John Holt and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. However, internet magazines like PRN Newswire has named them one of the largest growing online financial institutions in the industry. Holt currently serves as CEO and president. He recently served as a guest speaker a local area Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference with a focus on organic growth and expansion. Leaders and consultants are encouraged to engage in perspectives concerning reinventing neighborhood banking. Holt is concerned with opportunities and challenges that are associated with their executive leadership team. Their high level of customer service has caused them to be awarded the prestigious BBB Accreditation award.

NexBank Services & Features

NexBank is proudly FDIC insured under the SSB. You have the option of commercial, industrial, and mortgage services to ensure the financial prosperity of over 340,000+ customers nationwide. Holt would also like to explore strategic opportunities through the M&A activity program. They offer a first time homeowners program offered through a merger with Dallas based Habitat For Humanity. Their customers are glad to be a part of an award winning financial institution that is dedicated to putting their customers first.

NexBank Features

– Free direct deposit

– Free online bill pay

– Free checks

– IRA accounts

– Mortgage accounts

and more…

You can save more money than ever before with an interest bearing savings account that will allow you to see earnings in as little as, 90 days. You can speak to a friendly and knowledgeable customer service specialist 24/7 for more details on programs and promotional offers. Their online banking services also provides online support through video chat options. Take bank your financial freedom with a proven financial system provider by the premier NexBank services financial institution. Maximize your money today.

Aloha Construction is a leading company that is headquartered in Lake Zurich. The firm came to the market not long ago, and it has managed to secure many contracts in different parts of the country. The company prides itself for having the best engineers and specialists who understand everything about the construction industry. These individuals are doing their best to offer all customers a great home that is free from any health hazards. Aloha Construction believes that mold is dangerous in any home. Just recently, the company gave some tips about mold so that people can avoid getting sick.

When you realize that mold is getting into your home, it is paramount to take action as fast as possible so that the situation can be contained. According to Aloha Construction, mold can cause so many problems when it is inhaled even for a short time. There are several ways to detect and also prevent the growth of mold in a house. When detected in the early stages, it is so easy to manage the situation and ensure that the family members do not end up with problems. There are so many health problems that have been associated with mold, and homeowners should never ignore when a loved one shows the signs of any of the diseases.

First of all, it is paramount to know how to locate mold in the house. Most people believe that mold appears in gray and black colors. However, it can be seen in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes. Mold is mostly found in areas that are moist and with little sunlight. In most cases, these places are not cleaned well. Black mold is the most dangerous when in the house. It might not be easy to find mold if you are not experienced enough, so you might need the help of an expert such as Aloha Construction employees. Once you are sure that you are dealing with this health hazard, it is time to get tools of getting rid of it.

Krishen Iyer is a highly successful entrepreneur who currently serves in the role of Chief Executive Officer with Managed Benefit Services, a firm that he founded. Managed Benefit Services is based in the city of Carlsbad. Its business focuses on consulting services and marketing services. These services are in the realm of the health and dental insurance industries. Krishen Iyer had a successful academic career at San Diego State University. He graduated with his degree in the area of public administration as well as urban development. His drive to form a successful business led him to found Managed Benefits Services. Krishen Iyer is also known as an individual who loves to give back to the community. He is known for donating to philanthropic causes that deal with global crisis issues.

Krishen Iyer came up with the idea for Managed Benefit Services due to his desire to come up with a way to connect firms that need specific solutions to their marketing needs. Krishen recognized that this was a niche looking to be filled and took the leap. In order to keep the company running smoothly, he is involved on a daily basis with marketing and direct involvement with clients. He usually spends the first half of each day just working directly with clients.

Marketing analytics have been becoming more readily accessible to companies like Managed Benefit Services and this is something the Krishen has become very excited about. The company has been working hard to utilize this data in a way that allows it to come up with a refined approach to consultation. The more advanced that data collection techniques become, the quicker a business like Managed Benefits Services is able to grow and this is the formula that Krishen has used successfully so far. He has also stuck to a gameplan of perseverance and so whenever something doesn’t work just right, he chalks it up to experience.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the former President of Bradesco Bank (Trabuco Bradesco), which, as it stands, is currently the second largest private bank in Brazil in terms of equity and assets. Over the course of his career, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has risen from a clerk position, which he attained at the age of 15, to the position of president. While he still sits on the on the Board of Directors at Bradesco Bank, where he holds the position of Chairman, he recently relinquished his former position, and after a lengthy search, has been replaced by Lazari Junior. The entire process began in October of 2017 when Lazaro de Mello Brandao resigned from his position on Bradesco Bank’s Board of Directors and was replaced by Luiz Carlos Trabuco for an interim period. Despite being 91 years old, Lazaro Brandao’s exit from Bradesco Bank was a surprise to many, as he was just the second president in the history of the bank. Throughout the search for a new President of Bradesco Bank, it was stated that the new president would be hired from within the ranks, and out of the seven vice presidents considered, Lazari Junior seemed to be the prime candidate.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco began the Trabuco Bradesco connection in 1969, and throughout his tenure, has played a significant role in the growth and development of the private bank. He attended the University of Sao Paulo, and after completing his undergraduate studies, enrolled in the School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo. Mr. Trabuco’s postgraduate studies played a considerable role in his forty-year rise within the ranks of Bradesco Bank, helping to spark the Trabuco Bradesco partnership. Prior to becoming the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Trabuco sat at the helm of Bradesco Bank’s insurance division, Bradesco Seguros. During his time as with Bradesco Seguros, his role was substantial, as he took the organization’s market share from 23 percent to a full 25 percent, which is increasingly significant considering that Brazil is one of the top ten most highly populated countries in the world. Mr. Trabuco was also responsible for making Bradesco Seguros one of the most profitable divisions under the Trabuco Bradesco umbrella.

Tourism is a newly established industry in Brazil, and they have registered more than six million visitors from overseas last year. The tourism department of Brazil noted that visitors are coming in because of their fair weather, unique culture, and beautiful landmarks. The 2014 World Cup, as well as the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, helped the country in attracting more visitors, and the local tourism economy experienced a boost. Guilherme Paulus is one of those entrepreneurs who felt the change in the tourism industry, as his businesses catered to hundreds of thousands of tourists in the past few years. He owns a tour operator services and a chain of hotels and resorts, and he stated that the influx of tourists in his country would open new opportunities for people like him. He shared that Brazil hosting two major sporting events helped the tourism industry, and it will bring significant benefits to the economy.

Guilherme Paulus is the founder of the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. and the GJP Hotels and Resorts. The CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. is a tour operator services founded in 1972, while the GJP Hotels and Resorts specialize in the hospitality industry and it was founded in 2005. As a young man, Guilherme Paulus knew that he would become an entrepreneur someday. He worked with a few partners in the past, most notably a Brazilian politician, but he was left to manage his businesses alone as his partners broke away. However, it did not stop him from transforming his company into one of the best firms in the whole continent.

As the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. became widely known in the Latin American region, multinational private firms started to express their interest in becoming one of his partners. The Carlyle Group is an excellent example of a multinational private firm which forged a partnership with the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. Guilherme Paulus sold 63.6% of the company to the Carlyle Group, promising that they would be helping him promote his business to the world. The transaction took place in 2009, and a few years after the partnership, the company experienced tremendous growth, and it also helped him get more tourists as the Carlyle Group promoted his company for the coming 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. This transformed his companies and made him a billionaire, and he was even featured on the Forbes billionaires list.

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When the American Institute of Architects (AIA) chose Robert Ivy as its CEO in 2011, it did so not just because of his qualifications but more so because of the contributions he has made in the profession of architecture. Ivy has a lot of credits under his sleeve. Perhaps the AIA thought at that time that no other man could further the goals and mission of the organization better than Ivy.

The AIA is the premiere organization of licensed architects in the United States. It has continuously benefited the nation more than it benefited the members of its ranks. This organization is dedicated to serving the citizens of the land by conducting community development initiatives, providing public outreach programs, and offering public education so that the general public will have a better understanding and appreciation of their profession.

Before being appointed as Executive VP/CEO of AIA, Ivy has been active in the profession’s print media. He has been working as the Chief Editor of Architectural Record and has steered its editorial policy since 1966. Being a fellow of the AIA, he is in the forefront of the organization’s advocacies and uses the AR to promote its objectives and announce its activities. As a result, it is not just the AIA that profits from his initiatives, but the profession of architecture as well.

Part of the working time of Ivy is spent in the offices of McGraw-Hill Construction. He is the Vice President and Editorial Director of this large family publication. Ivy’s hands are full in guiding the editorial policies of this journal considering its large editorial staff. McGraw-Hill is composed of several family publications and one of Ivy’s important tasks is to see to it that the architectural contents that they come up with are of high quality and of great value to the profession and the public.

As can be gleaned from the above, Ivy’s talent is not just confined in designing houses and structures, but also in the field of writing and editing. He got his training in these areas at the University of the South, in Sewanee, Tennessee where he earned his English B.A. degree. After graduation, he further developed his talents and skills in these areas sufficient enough to be appointed as the VP of McGraw-Hill Construction. He is also the editor of RECORD, another journal. Ivy was instrumental in increasing the readership and circulation of this journal all over the world.

Upon his appointment as Exec VP/CEO of AIA, his colleagues were glad that he will now be more committed to the goals and objectives of the organization and will focus his talents and skills in reaching them. Its president in 2010, George Miller, revealed that the Board of the AIA was unanimous in the selection of Ivy as its new man on the helm.


Shiraz Boghani is a successful entrepreneur who lives in the United Kindom. He is a founding partner of Sojourn Hotels LLP which owns and operates 19 hotels in the UK. He serves as the company’s chairman of the board. He is also a co-founder of a healthcare company called Sussex Health Care Limited and is a partner of the firm. He co-founded Sojourn Hotels over 30 years ago and during his career he has won several awards.

One of Sojourn Hotels most recently built hotels Hilton London Bankside with cost £121 to construct. Among the other hotels that Shiraz Boghani operates are the New Ellington in Leeds and the Holiday Inn London-Wembley. He is considered one of the pioneers of the hospitality industry when it comes to hotels that offer limited services in the United Kingdom.

Shiraz Boghani was named in 2016 as the Hotelier of the Year. This award was presented by the Asian Business Awards. This was presented to him due to his excellent leadership skills as well as his considerable success in the hospitality industry. The judges were comprised of experts in the hospitality industry including among others Jitesh Gadhia who is an investment banker and AMG’s Executive Director Shailesh R Solanki. When he won this award Shiraz Boghani thanked the management and employees of Sojourn Hotels who he said made this win possible for him.

Born in Kenya, Shiraz Boghani first emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1969. When he arrived in the UK his first job was at Chartered Accountants. They trained him to be an accountant and he used this experience to advance his career by joining a larger accounting firm, Thomson McLintock & Co. The first business he founded was Sussex Health Care in 1985. Under his leadership, this firm now operates 18 assisted living homes and can support up to 500 people.

Shiraz Boghani is also a philanthropist. Among the nonprofits he is involved with are the Aga Khan Foundation, Aga Kahn University, and other Aga Kahn nonprofits. He assists these organizations both with his business expertise and leadership abilities as well as financially.

Ted Bauman was born in Washington, D.C. to Robert Bauman and Carol Dawson. Raised on Maryland’s eastern shore with three other siblings, Bauman sought to expand his vocational horizons by relocating to South Africa to attend college. This proved to be a great move for the young Bauman, as he quickly took an interest in his local community. Throughout his life, Bauman would work a variety of positions but they all would have one thing in common, they were designed to help people. Bauman saw a need in his community created by poverty, famine, and disease. Since his early days as a student transplant in South Africa, Bauman has looked to his field as a way of contributing to the betterment of society. He wanted to help in the effort to bring relief. He earned two postgraduate degrees in both Economics and History from the University of Cape Town and worked as a South African executive for 25 years to meet this goal. His roles were primarily with non-profit organizations and he quickly cultivated a passion for developing low-cost housing solutions.

Because of his work, Bauman was instrumental in the founding of Slum Dwellers International, or SDI. This international connection between populations was borne out of the need to address the very real problems facing the urban poor. SDI is still active today and spreads across more than 30 countries. This is just one of the legacies created by Bauman as he advanced through his career. He also spent his time working for various domestic and international organizations to answer the need for low-cost housing solutions. Bauman continued to honor the responsibilities given to him and consistently pushed himself harder to complete his goals as a valued executive. In 2013 Baum began to feel that his talent would be of better use in another sector of his field and chose to develop his writing.

As a current Executive Director of Banyan Hill Publishing, Bauman has found a way to reach people on a completely different level. He offers free advice and writes for a weekly newsletter to help his readers become more financially savvy. His areas of expertise are asset protection, privacy, international migration, and low-risk investment strategies. Bauman has even taken the time to successfully co-author the book, Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally). It appears that during a time where many people would be slowing down in their careers, Bauman is conquering another sector of his field.

Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur and one of the first hoteliers to deliver services branded in London and has been involved in more than 25 projects; he has been in the industry for more than two decades. Being the current chairman of Splendid hospitality group, he is in charge of the growth strategy of the team. Splendid covers the 292 bedroom Hilton London Bankside,256 bedroom Conrad London St James, the grand hotel and spar York and 336 building Inn, Webley. Mr. Shiraz came from Kenya and arrived in the United Kingdom in 1969, where he trained as a chartered accountant and after that moved to KPMG. He has a right eye for business opportunities, and in 1985 he was the co-founder of Sussex health care which currently consists of 18 care homes with more than 500 beds.

The Splendid hospitality group owned by Mr. Shiraz established itself in the United Kingdom economy through design, construction and quality services operating all over the country. The team receives support from other brands such as IHG, Choice, Accor, and Hilton. The organization recently added to its wings the Ibis York Center, Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel, and The New Ellington in Leeds. The group received an award for the hotelier of the year from the Asian Business Awards.

Mr. Shiraz is one of the co-founders of Sussex health care, which is an independent regulator of health and adult social care in the UK. The services provided are safe, effective, compassionate, and high quality. The organization’s team has a board supported by an executive team. The board ensures the club is run successfully and sustainably while the executive team oversees the business objectives. The group registers care providers, monitor, and inspect rate services and protect the people using their services. The organization values excellence in nurturing with care, working with integrity and working together as a team. The group recently started offering new services for people with autism and young people leaving school with problematic learning due to physical disabilities. The services provided are ensuite services, kitchen and dining area, game rooms and large sitting rooms. These services will be on the new multi-purpose built units which are enabled by modern technology. The facility location is outside Horsham in West Sussex.

Shiraz recognizes the need to give back to the community and its thus he takes part in the cities charitable organizations .he hold a position in the National Council, the moderator of the national conciliation and arbitration board and source convener.

Paul Mampilly is a well-established American investor who has appeared on various news channels to advice on matters of investment. Mampilly also established an investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited, which was a success. His newsletter has an extensive reach with over 90,000 subscribers. Through his newsletter, Paul has assisted some individuals to gain the confidence and knowledge that they need to make well-informed investment decisions.

Mr. Mampilly was born in India but moved to the United States while he was a young man. He gained an interest in investment, finances as well as Wall Street in general. In 1991, Paul started working as a portfolio manager at Banker’s Trust. Since then, he occupied various prominent positions for financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland as well as ING. Although he is successful, his success had a humble beginning.

Mr. Mampilly has a remarkable record of personal investments that he has made for himself. In 2012, he had a 2,500 percent profit by investing in a drug treatment which was developed by Sarepta Therapeutics. He made a wise decision to invest in the product while it was in its early stages and earned a big profit as a result. Paul makes his decisions based on the current market trends as well as research and is therefore in a position to offer the necessary investment advice needed.

Peter Thiel believes that entrepreneurs provide the path of progress where they discover the needs of the people in the market. For instance, if the people become tired of high energy costs and pollution, entrepreneurs will try and find alternative energy sources. The act of replacing old products with new methods is called creative destruction. Joseph Schumpeter acknowledged that real economic development came from innovation. If the entrepreneur’s business is successful, he earns a profit while the investor earns claims.

Paul Mampilly is a financial mastermind. Over time, he has used capital markets to create an enormous amount of wealth for himself. He can foretell the successful innovations of the future. Paul understands that industries can rise and fall due to human behavior.

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