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In a recent change in paradigm, the University of Sydney is using Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia to teach students. Instead of the same essays and exams that are expected at the end of their course, they are instead being tasked to create and edit a Wiki page for their ‘testing.’ This is a new concept that has the teachers and the students embracing the notion of a community of intelligent feedback as opposed to the review and grade method. A senior lecturer, Rebecca Johinke, said that the sight of uncollected essays going unread by students, showed a general lack of interest in academic’s feedback. 

This is what sparked their interest to create a Wikipedia page as a way of putting a fresh perspective on old subjects. The added assurance that the life of their work will be reviewed and critiqued by countless students and staff is a huge advantage. Dr Johinke was also quoted as stating “It was clearly rewarding for students to see their work circulating out in the world and contributing to the knowledge, construction and dissemination.” 

This has far better results than that of the of one member’s critique on the subject. Which bring us to the value of a properly written and edited Wikipedia page. The very fact that you have a page of your own gives the image of dedication to your cause or business. If you don’t have a Wiki page in business today, you aren’t taken that seriously. It has quickly become the internet community’s way of legitimizing a business or individual’s claims. The added benefit of having professional Wiki experts for hire to write and update a Wikipedia page saves you massive amounts of time and effort. 

If you add to this the fact that when you use an outside writer, there is no concern of a bias towards you business or professional references. The AI involved in the Wiki screening and (anti-trolling) measures are just another bonus to having a pro Wikipedia editing company or writing service do the work for you. Get Your Wiki is a great place to go for taking the load off of your shoulders. When you hire Wikipedia editors you can rest easy knowing that your page will be handled with the proper care it deserves. It really is the best route for your online image.