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The co-founder of the Tony Burch retail empire, Chris Burch has now set his eyes on the hospitality industry and launched a whole island resort. Chris Burch collaborated with James McBride, a South African-born hotelier and they purchased a beach hostel on the Eastern Indonesian island of Sumba. Close to $30 million was spent for renovations to make the beach hostel into a full blown resort. The partners then decided to reopen it to the public in 2015 with the name, Nihiwatu. The luxurious five-star resort was an instant success, they were honored as being one of the best hotels in the world just a year after their launch. Burch says that the island resort was for his children and something that his family could preserve for the community. The Nihiwatu resort staff is mostly made up of the welcoming Sumba natives. The resort has twenty-seven private villas, one of these villas is Chris Burch’s private home.  For more about the resort, click on

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Christopher J. Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a venture capital firm he founded in 2008. He was born on March 28, 1953 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Burch grew up in a middle-class family in Wayne, PA and both of his parents shared the same upbringing. His father was the son of a major mining equipment and supply distributor. He was an undergraduate at the Ithaca College in New York when he began his first experience in the fashion retail. Check

Chris, along with his brother, Robert would buy preppy style sweaters for $10 each and resell them for $15. They named their brand Eagle’s Eye apparel, their target customers were fellow campus dwellers. Chris Burch partnered with his first wife, Susan Cole and launched the popular Tony Burch fashion label in 2004. Their company was reportedly worth $3.5 billion in 2012.  For further reading visit  And to know his latest innovative product in the market, head over to

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