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Nihi Resort is the talk of the town and rightly so. In fact, when Travel & Leisure included the five-star resort in the magazine’s revered list of 100 best hotels in the world, the resort received rave reviews from the magazine’s audience who voted overwhelmingly for the hotel as the number hotel in the world both this year and last year.  For related article, hit on

Nihi Resort (formerly Nihiwatu) has a rich history and modern tourists associate with facilities with an inspirational past. J. Christopher Burch and James McBride are the current owners of the resort, but it was not always so as the two bought the facility just five years ago from Claude and Petra Graves. The former owners arrived on the island in 1988, and after several years, they built a beach hotel. Although the Graves’ business initially picked up well, in the mid-90’s business on the island declined; the then Asian financial crisis and social problems afflicting the Sumbanese people were cited for the downturn. The Graves had to do something or else their business would collapse. In 2001, they founded the Sumba Foundation which would solicit for funds from visitors, businesses, and humanitarian aid efforts; the funds would then be channeled to uplift the locals. The Graves settled on disposing the property alongside hundreds of acres of unprotected land to Burch in 2012. Additional article to read here

Burch and McBride envisioned a unique resort that would appeal to adventurous tourists. When the hotel changed hands, the duo closed it for three years during which renovations worth over $30 million were implemented. Apparently, the hotel benefited from McBride’s expertise as a renowned hotelier as the revamped resort is breathtaking.

Nihi Resort consists of 27 private villas, tree houses with individual plunge pools, and Raja Mendaka (Chris Burch’s private home) to boot. Burch’s private home which costs $14,175 per night is an embodiment of luxury; it consists of a master villa and four other villas all tastefully designed with auxiliary facilities such as private pools.

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The island of Sumba is considered a surfers paradise. Nihi Resort exists to make surfing even better in the island. The hotel offers surfing lessons for $250, and surfers get to enjoy the famous “Occy’s Left” wave for $125. What’s more, only ten surfers are allowed at a time to minimized crowding.  More about the resort on

Burch’s business interests range from fashion, technology, and recently hospitality. He is an avid investor who never misses an opportunity to invest. Hop over to this.  For an overview of his diverse investment,  His investment firm, Burch Creative Capital, funds promising businesses in diverse industries. He is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital.

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