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Class Dojo, a popular educational app, has raised 21 million in funding in the second round of capital raising. This app is free and so are its features, so the start up company needs to raise funds to help keep it that way. This communication platform connects teacher and student’s parents constantly through messages, reports, and shared classroom moments.

This communication gives parents the empowerment to know how their children are doing. This continuous communication allows parents to know how their student is doing without surprises at the quarterly or semester meetings. The co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are hoping to find features that parents can use at home, not just for when their child is at school. For example, a way to help parents ave conversations at home with their children.

ClassDojo has allowed for a ground up change in schools and is very popular, being used 2 in 3 schools. This app lets teachers send schedules almost daily, and it allows the teachers to send moments in the classroom or examples of work to keep parents connected. These features give the classroom a community feel.

This 25 person start up has kept its focused on the teachers and parents, not even generating revenue yet. They are hoping to grow ClassDojo from the early version to something similar to social media. They eventually foresee making money, like having parents pay for features, such as video yearbooks or guides. Also, they may be able to have features in the future, like paying school fees or lunches online.

Class Dojo is a mobile app/website that allows teachers to sign up their classes and customize behaviors. This easy to use program eases the burden of paperwork, allowing teachers easy sign up, pre-made templates, and automatic reports. They are allowed to instantly send parents precious moments within the classroom to create a community like feel within the class.

This app became popular quickly, and it has managed to stay free. The price and the features make it an attractive choice for teachers to make parent contact, giving them a connection to help their child at school. ClassDojo continuously looks for ways to update their app and make changes, like integrating videos about Growth Mindset.


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