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Keith Mann is becoming one of the best known individuals in his industry. Mann is so well known because of his talent in pairing executives with companies. He is especially gifted at finding a perfect fit between an executive and an investment firm. In 2001, Keith Mann began working for Dynamics Associates. Keith slowly worked his way up from manager to vice president. One of the reasons he was able to work his way up to the top is because of his idea to start concentrating on investment firms. Previously Dynamic Associates had been concentrating on matching executives with average businesses. Keith Mann saw a big gap that they had left in the financial and investment world. It was in 2002 that he decided to start matching executives with hedge funds. After a few years this started to also include private equity firms. They have now managed to match more than 2 thousand employees to companies and they have created close partnerships with firms that rely on DSP to find them who they are looking for.

Because of his success in his field of work, Keith Mann has become a very charitable person. He has also become a big advocate for education. Due to this, he recently gave a significant amount of money to start a college fund at a New York charter high school. The high school is one of the infamous Uncommon Charter Schools. These schools were created in order to make the achievement gap smaller by creating a high achieving institution for low income students. These schools are now all over New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

In a recent article by the Business Wire, Mann’s donation was noted. And the school’s excited was also noted. A college counselor at the school was thrilled that now another student will have the money to get a degree from a 4 year institution.


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