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In an interview billionaire, Charles Koch suggested he could support Hillary Clinton for president. He said that it was also possible she would be a better president. Koch has for many years donate money to many political candidates. This time, however, he surprised many when he suggested that he could support a Democrat. Mr. Charles Koch has always championed candidates from conservative and Republicans side, therefore, is assumed by many Democrats to be a rival.

Charles G. Koch born on November 1st, 1935 is an American businessman, political donor, and philanthropist. Together with his brother David, owns the Koch Industries and is the chairman of the board. They inherited the business from their father and later expanded it. Koch Industries was reported by a Forbs Survey to be the second biggest privately held company by revenue in U.S. Charles was educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has a Bachelor of Science in general engineering, Masters of Science in mechanical engineering and a second M.S. in chemical engineering. After school, Koch worked for Arthur D. Little, Inc. In 1961, Koch joined his father’s business (Rock Island & Refining Company). Koch then in 1967, became the president of the company and in the same year, he renamed the business Koch Industries in honor of his father. Charles Koch is a liberal and has formerly identified with libertarian.

Charles Koch saying that supporting Hillary was possible would indeed surprise Donald Trump. Reason being that both Trump and Koch are conservatives. Charles Koch grounds of not backing Trump seems to be because of the challenges he will face in the general election.

The Republican party seems to be in problem, that runs down to the donors. The party faces the risk of being financially drained. Donald Trump will need more funds than he already has. Charles Koch issues are not about money but reasons behind that cash. Ted Cruz had been chosen as a candidate to lead the party and funded to be the candidate in an unconventional means that some would consider a coup.

Mr. Koch must have noticed the crony elements of capitalists and his particular dislike for them. The reason by some to support Cruz was to oppose Trump, who some assumed lacked presidency credibility. Koch and many other donors from his generation have been in the movement along Republican party since Ronald Reagan.

Donald Trump should try and talk more politics based on regulations, taxes, public pension, commercial liability, welfare, education policing. Reagan and many others won with the help of Koch and others of his time.

Charles Koch might just support Trump if he changed the way he does politics.

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  1. Koch appears to be disappointed with where the conservative stands at the moment. His views, however, could be of many conservatives too. That is why the best essay could have reasoned that with them and still allow these things to happen swiftly.

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