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With Bitcoin prices blowing up more than 1,500 percent over the past year, many financial experts believe that the cryptocurrency bubble is nearing its end. Ian King, however, believes that this is only the beginning. These days, everyone knows about Bitcoin, but very few people own any and far fewer understand the revolutionary technology behind it. King believes that this will change very soon. As, while Bitcoin has seen unparalleled growth, it’s still not too late for the average investor to get a slice of the crypto pie. Read more about Ian King for more info.

Crypto Has Gone Mainstream

In only a few short years, crypto assets have gone from a libertarian pipe-dream and cryptography oddity to a global force rising in value faster than almost any other asset. This kind of growth shows immense value for investors, but it’s only the beginning.

With the recent development of applications which truly open crypto up to anyone, it’s easier than ever for the average person to invest in this digital gold. With Apps such as Coinbase surpassing even YouTube in downloads, investors are now able to invest with only a few taps on their screen. The market is opened twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and doesn’t rely on a middleman to handle transactions. Accessible and powerful, it’s no wonder that crypto has become so large.

Wall Street Arrives Late to the Party

Most of the time, it’s the average investor that’s late to the party, but this time, it’s the rest of the financial world. With governments and corporations beginning to hire blockchain experts in order to integrate this intriguing technology into their operations, crypto is no longer simply something for cryptology enthusiasts.

Wall Street, usually quick to seize financial opportunities has finally arrived at the crypto party, bringing in a fresh influx of investment funds, and strengthening the market. Bubble or not, crypto assets are here to stay.

About Ian King

Ian King is an entrepreneur and a prominent figure in crypto asset trading. With decades of experience in investment and trading and unrivaled passion for the crypto market, he’s uniquely qualified to give insight into the market. Recently, he’s worked tirelessly to help the average investor make it big with crypto.

Currently, in the process of creating a course on crypto trading for Banyan Hill, the publication which he writes for, he aims to help bring crypto into the mainstream and to get it into the hands of the average investor. Visit:

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