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Diversant offers information technology staffing solutions using transformative ideas. In a day of continuously evolving technology, staffing resources are essential for ensuring a competitive advantage. At the core of these services is the application of diversity, which can bring innovation and problem-solving through a variety of viewpoints.

As a principal executive, Mr. Goullet works on overcoming challenges by bringing experience in IT consulting and IT staffing. After completing his education at Ursinus College, Mr. Goullet worked as a consultant in the IT field. Using that experience, Goullet saw a place for his own company in the market and he founded his own IT staffing company.

From 1994 to 2010, Mr. Goullet was the Owner and CEO of Info Technologies. In five years, Info Technologies grew to become a $30 million business. Info Technologies focused on a broad perspective of IT staffing solutions, understanding market trends and the corporate climate to help meet clients’ needs. Mr. Goullet took his company to the eighth spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing private companies.

The two firms merged in 2010, making the largest IT staffing firm owned by an African-American. Offering services in retail, investment banking, financial, insurance, biopharmaceutical, and telecommunications sectors, Diversant continues to grow under the leadership of Goullet and others. Offices have been opened in Dallas, Texas, bringing Diversant’s total to 10 locations around the country.

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  1. Info Technologies worked closely with Diversant since the latter was founded in 2005. John Goullet has been offering his leadership to Diversant since 2010. It is because some of the academic writers online did not actually means what was said on that date.

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